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Transparency, honesty, and integrity are core values of mine and ones that I uphold in my business and work ethic.

After blogging for free for three years, I decided to monetize and wrote about why here. In short, blogging for free is not a sustainable option because, at a certain point, my sometimes escapist hobby turned into a full-time occupation.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires bloggers to disclose when affiliate links are used and when a blogger receives a product from a brand for endorsement. Of course, this makes perfect sense. It’s something I’d want to know for sure and something that I want you to know too. The regulations are designed to protect consumers from relying on someone’s recommendation of a product when they stand to benefit from mentioning the company.

Here’s what you need to know

No posts or recommendations on this blog or elsewhere are meant to diagnose, treat, or provide medical advice (though most moms I know offer better advice than a lot of doctors). Always seek your inner guidance and a trusted medical/holistic practitioner. I advocate discernment, wisdom, and personal empowerment.

I often purchase products that you see on The Hub of Clean Living and my husband thinks that I’ve single-handedly supported the green beauty community. While this may be a gross exaggeration—ahem—it is true that I am happy to shop from small, sustainable companies that make a positive impact on our world.

Companies also generously send me products for consideration. Regardless of how I received my products, the decision to review is entirely based on my experience with the product and my enthusiasm for it. If it has enhanced my life in some way, I share it and do so truthfully.

Neither affiliate links nor the free products reduce my objectivity when it comes to reviews, taking into consideration that I prefer to only post positive feedback and reviews are already entirely subjective and based on personal experience.

Would this product suit you?

Before you purchase a product that I recommend, there are some important things you may want to consider when evaluating whether or not a product would work for you: any differences in skin type (I’m normal to oily with a tendency to redness, broken capillaries, breakouts, and hyperpigmentation), scent or textural preferences, allergies to ingredients, weather conditions (is the product working for me in summer but it’s winter where you are?), location (altitude and hardness of water can change product performance), overall health, life stress, age or stage of life (I’m 46 with kids), and mood (generally positive but occasionally cloudy with a chance of meatballs).

What are affiliate links?

Often I add affiliate links to my posts. The link does not change your shopping experience at all, nor does it alter the product price. The link will take you directly to the merchant but goes through a totally secure channel first that tracks back to me as the referring party. These networks are selected by the brands, not the bloggers. A few companies that I’ve worked with that provide tracking are ShareASale Referral Marketing, Refersion, Rakuten Linkshare, and ReferralCandy.

It is one way that bloggers like myself receive a small compensation for our efforts. Essentially, it means that we enter a mutually beneficial partnership between a blogger and a brand that gives a small percentage (usually between 8-15 percent) of the total order to pay for spreading the word about them.

Whenever you read a review that you enjoy and then choose to purchase a product because of it, using the links in the post is one way to thank the blogger for helping you find a quality product. So thank you in advance for helping keep this blog sustainable and for purchasing from small businesses that are changing the face of clean living.

I assure you that you are not paying for my next cruise…or even for my monthly grocery bill. A portion of proceeds always benefits a charity of my choosing (children with cancer, group homes, orphanages, supporting small businesses through indiegogo or kickstarter, etc.).

What are dedicated or sponsored posts?

Sometimes a brand requests a full review. At those times, the brand and I may agree to a financial exchange for the write up because it entails a considerable amount of work. Here’s the breakdown to help you understand what goes into a typical blog post:

  • at least one month or more of testing out the product/s to see if they suit me and would be a good fit for my blog
  • stylized photography of the brand (entails props, set up, photo editing)
  • writing the post and editing (this can take me days at a time!)
  • adding appropriate links to the post (more time consuming than you’d think)
  • correspondences with the brand for questions
  • research on ingredients, background on the brand founder(s)
  • social media shares

I do not share products that I would not recommend or use myself. Selling out is unethical and I believe in karmic repercussions, so it is not worth it.

What questions do you have? Is there a brand you’d like to know more about?

Feel free to contact me with any inquiries and requests here.

What brands need to know prior to working with me

These standards will hold true throughout the process of reviewing a product or service:

—I will take my time to thoroughly evaluate every product for ingredients integrity, sourcing, performance, results, and an overall profile of scent, texture, usage, etc.

—I reserve the right to turn down a product line that may not be suitable for me or my blog.

—I reserve the right NOT to review a product that I’ve tested if it does not work for me or appeal to me, unless such a product could be harmful to others or the marketing of the brand is misleading. If the company adheres to integrity and quality, then my negative review may bring them harm and that is not my desire.

—I reserve the right to take as long as I need to test a product for efficacy and to monitor results, within a reasonable period of time as agreed upon between the brand and myself.

—If a brand tries to rush me into posting on their behalf or use any form of coercion, I have the right to terminate any agreements to post or promote their line.

—In my review, I may mention multiple brands to offer readers choices or when supporting a particular topic.

—If at any point the brand does not feel comfortable with any of the aforementioned, they may elect not to partner with me or may request amendments. I will do my best to rectify any mistakes.

—Even when I do not end up reviewing a brand, I familiarize myself with it and may still recommend it to others.

—All photos on my blog are mine, unless stated otherwise. Please request permission to use them with hashtags #saritacorenpics #thehubofcleanliving, and some form of compensation may be required.

Thank you for putting your faith in me. I will uphold your trust with integrity and authenticity.

**If you wish to contact me about partnership opportunities, head over here.

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