Six ways to *toss* your beauty products with zero waste

We’ve all been there at some point.

The lipstick looks gorgeous in the tube and even looks great on the lips while at the store. But then you come home, glance in the mirror, and are appalled at how awful the shade translates in real life. How did you even walk out like that? Feel free to replace lipstick with any other beauty product that loses its appeal, doesn’t meet expectations, or gets traded for the newest contender.

It is the age of coveting stuff, yet it is also the age of minimizing stuff. We amass hordes of potions thinking we found the Holy Grail, only to realize we were once again suckered into shiny packaging and empty promises. I think we are constantly faced with the conflicting desire for more and the inner argument as to whether we really need it and where to put it all anyway.

At least that’s me on the daily, given that there’s always some hot new golden ticket infused with rainbows and unicorns to purchase and not a spot left at home to store it.

Think that’s confusing? Try getting rid of the items you don’t want or need anymore. Evidently, I’m not the only one with this issue.

There have been recent discussions among bloggers and beauty buffs about what to do with our lightly used products. I discovered some amazing ideas that I wouldn’t have known about and wanted to share with you here. All of them come from this discussion in the Green Beauty Insiders Facebook group. So thanks to the green beauty community for being so awesome and gracious!

Not only are these inspired tips great for cleaning out our homes and for keeping more waste out of those landfills, they also help get products into the hands of people who may really need and appreciate them.


Donate to a Women’s Shelter

I was touched to learn that many of you donate your products to women’s shelters. While I tend to hoard bottles in case I need them for pics, you’ve been making a lot of women very happy! A simple Google search will show you where there’s a shelter near you, if they accept gently used product, and what condition it has to be in. Start doing this.


Donate to a Homeless Shelter

Like women’s shelters, homeless shelters, food banks, and clothing closets will also accept used goods. Dial up a location near you to find out the requirements. One woman commented in the Facebook group that she assembles “Blessing Bags” to give out. Just love that!


Online swaps

Join a Facebook group that hosts BST (Buy/Sell/Trade) swaps like:

Andrea at Organic Beauty Lover also started an auction page to purchase pre-loved products for less on her site:


Donate to organizations

Project Beauty Share accepts gently used makeup and skincare, sterilizes it, and gives it to people who can not afford it.

For the UK, check out Caroline Hirons Give and Make Up. With the exception of mascara, lip glosses, and really old products or used up lipsticks, this organization accepts all toiletries, feminine supplies, clothing, and toys too.


Give to friends and family

You obviously don’t need my go ahead for this, but friends and family definitely love receiving goodies from me and it’s something that lots of you do already. This is a great way to introduce clean beauty to people we love as well. Who knows what gorgeous serum will hook ’em. My housekeeper benefits from my giveaways and so do her friends. That makes me smile big.


Start your own initiative

Clearly there is a need here for additional ways to reuse stuff. Come up with some of your own ideas. One suggestion by Janny from Janny: Organically. is to start an Instagram account where people can offer goods and sell them. It’s not off the ground yet, but maybe it appeals to you or inspires you to launch something of your own.

What do you do with the products you don’t use? Let us know in the comments?

Six ways to *toss* your beauty products with zero waste

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