This product may end your natural deo woes!

Bye bye stinky, irritated pits. Ursa Major has got you covered.

As a moderator of a green beauty Facebook group and a blogger, I’ve heard it all when it comes to natural deodorants from “I was a stinky hot mess by the end of the day” to “my pits developed a nasty rash.” I’d say finding the perfect deo without aluminum and other nasties is as difficult as, oh, finding a favorite natural mascara.

For me, my search ended when I tried Ursa Major’s Hoppin’ Fresh Deodorant, $18, from Integrity Botanicals which is why it made it to this list of top eight clean product swaps. So when I heard that Ursa Major launched a brand new sensitive skin version with zero baking soda and fragrance—called No B.S., of course!—I jumped on the chance to try it (thanks to Integrity Botanicals) and let you know how it worked.

This formula is a great option for anyone who may be having issues with other natural deos.

Why do people react to natural deos?

For me, most natural deodorants do not cause underarm sensitivity, however some people report rashes, redness, irritation, or dark marks. Lots of people point a finger at baking soda as the culprit of irritation, but in this article by Stephanie Greenwood, you’ll see that it’s not so clearcut.

Yes, baking soda may cause a reaction known as contact dermatitis because “baking soda is alkaline, so if high amounts are left on skin for a long time it can irritate skin because it disrupts the skin’s acid mantle, leading to moisture loss.”  But there’s a whole lot more than that, including heat rash and allergic dermatitis. Stephanie delves into the reasons, and it’s worth reading, especially if this is an issue for you.

What Ursa Major No B.S. offers

Integrity Botanicals lists the new No B.S. Deodorant as containing these key ingredients:

* Hops – Fights odor (anti-microbial and anti-bacterial)

* Kaolin Clay – Absorbs moisture & helps neutralize odors

* Saccharomyces Ferment – Bacterial enzyme that neutralize odor

* Aloe – Soothes sensitive skin

* Matricaria (German Chamomile) – Soothes inflammation

* Shea Butter – Moisturizes and soothes skin

Full ingredients list: Aloe barbadensis leaf juice*, propanediol, sodium stearate, tapioca starch, saccharomyces ferment, silica, kaolin (clay), glyceryl caprylate, microcrystalline cellulose, glycerin, glyceryl undecylenate, butyrospermum parkii (shea) butter (community trade), tocopheryl acetate, cellulose gum, humulus lupulus (hops) extract, royal jelly extract, citrus medica limonum (lemon) peel extract, calendula officinalis (marigold) flower extract, chamomilla recutita (matricaria) flower extract, panax quinquefolium (ginseng) root extract.

*denotes organic ingredient

What I love about it

It works! There’s always this Hallelujah moment at the end of the day when trying out a new deo and not detecting a stench from my pits. This deo definitely lasted until the evening. It beat the high sweat test and the walk around the park test. I haven’t put it to the exercise test, so I’ll update when I do (if ever I make it to a gym in this decade).

One caveat: deodorants are highly personal and I’ve yet to discover THE ONE that works for everyone. Even some that have worked for me in the past suddenly stop working—including those that I’ve recommended, which is really disappointing! I can not figure out why that happens, but until I do, I’ll celebrate the ones that work for now.

The Ursa Major No B.S. deodorant also ticks off the most important features in a deo as far as I’m concerned, aside from reliable odor protection.

Easy glide-on application

While I don’t mind finger application, Ursa Major’s twist up stick is the best I’ve found. The smooth glide and easy slip are unrivaled in any other stick that I’ve tried.

Formula stays solid

Secondly, this stick stays solid and doesn’t, for lack of better word, mush up in the container. So many natch deos do, requiring a cleanup after each use before closing the container. It’s not such a big deal but it’s nice not having to swipe around the edges every time.

It’s unisex  

My husband and I can both use this deodorant. The packaging is unisex. Both the Hoppin’ Fresh minty scent and the unscented No B.S. can be used by everyone.

Special deal with Integrity Botanicals

As a new launch special, Integrity Botanicals is offering a free 1 oz deluxe Fantastic Face Wash with Ursa Major’s No BS deo purchases on the site using coupon code URSA (while supplies last. Not to be combined with other coupon codes and offers.)

And now for two more products to hit the shelves at Integrity Botanicals….

One whiff sends me soaring…

A whiff of this sends me soaring...


Who doesn't need a Digital Detox?

Amly Botanicals has worked its way into my absolutely never-run-out-of stash. Have you got products in your life like that too? I discovered this stunning floral mist after purchasing it on Integrity Botanicals and loved the description of the way this small company sources its silver-rich mineral spring water from their own property in East Sussex, UK. The original mist is an absolutely seductive, dream-inducing blend that I can not get enough of. (No wonder it’s sold out.)

Silver is a powerful antioxidant that regulates skin flora due to its antimicrobial properties and promotes tissue regeneration, according to the company website. Is it truly life-changing for my skin? I’d say that it revives, refreshes, and uplifts my senses in a highly therapeutic way.

Now Amly has launched another instant favorite: the Silver Rich Facial Mist: Digital Detox, $58, with the signature enchanting scent of an English meadow. It is slightly different than the original, though my nose isn’t so refined to figure out what’s different. It contains a blend that’s geared to combat the skin-stressing and energy-zapping effects of environmental and digital pollution. The aromas of Juniper, Cedarwood, Ginseng, Orange Blossom, and Ylang Ylang combine with a floral medley that smells like a freshly-gathered garden bouquet. I’d be hard-pressed to say I notice any skin-altering miracles, but still, if gorgeous scents and luxurious medicinal extractions are a priority for you, this is an absolute must.

Yes, dewy, youthful skin CAN come in a jar

Yes, dewy youthful skin CAN come in a jar!

Yes, glowing skin CAN come in a jar!

Integrity is now carrying One Love Organics Skin Dew, $58, which is another staple of mine and will absolutely be a repeat purchase.  If you’re on the hunt for the perfect hydration that will leave skin dewy and supple without an ounce of greasiness, this is it! I used it last night over my serum and woke up to such happy, hydrated skin. I think it’s the ideal moisturizer for just about anyone who wants the perfect lightweight, balancing cream. My full review is here, if you want to read more about what’s in it. It’s not your typical cream at all.

Check out Integrity’s other new releases by clicking the button below.


*This post isn’t sponsored though I received the products for evaluation from each of the featured brands. The affiliate links in the post are for products that I would recommend anyway. Decision to review is entirely my own. Decision to shop: always yours. Full disclosure