Brand NEW Innersense Haircare products amp up the volume + gloss while taming frizzies

That jaw-dropping moment when you open a Beauty Heroes box and look inside. C’mon. You know what I’m talking about if you’ve ever welcomed this monthly delivery. Quite a few times I’ve received either products that I already own and am happy to replenish or products that I’ve been coveting for a while. But opening the box to a brand new release before the rest of the world gets their hands on it…? There’s something positively Vogue about it!

Seriously, though. I feel like Anna Wintour stealing a peak at the latest trends—or rather setting the trends—before the rest of us plebeians even know about it.

What’s in the box?

Innersense—quite simply one of my favorite hair care companies—just rebranded, and they nailed the new look! I absolutely adore the white bottles with gold etching. Notably absent are the paper labels from most of the products. With a Beauty Heroes subscription, you will have in your hands not one, but four full-sized products from the HYDRATE collection valued at $106 for only $38 per month. And the timing could not have been better! My hair has been in dire straits.

If you’d like to find out why these products are fabulous, read on. In case you’re ready for your Vogue moment too, skip the rest and click the box below.

Why the timing is right on

Brand NEW Innersense Haircare products amp up the volume + gloss while taming frizzies

Here’s where the state of my hair has been lately. My tresses are straight with a slight wave when left to their own devices, but lately look a lot like Anna Wintour’s classic bob thanks to a recent haircut which requires a bit more maintenance. For the most part, my hair tends to be normal to oily, which is why I have to be very careful with applying too many oil-based products. Greasiness comes on way too easily.

However, my gray strands have a mind of their own. I’ve chosen not to dye my hair as long as I still feel good about it. So far, there has been an interesting color blend going on, and I dig it. Texture, though, is another story. My grays are wiry and unruly and make my mane look frizzy. More recently, I’ve been looking for ways to tame them, which is why this Beauty Heroes delivery has been a real treasure.

The hydrating and strengthening ingredients in the Innersense {Hydrate} line are plentiful in these blends and are ideal for anyone wishing to nourish their hair without weighing it down. In my opinion, it would work well for most hair types, including color treated. Even my oily scalp does well with it. Though typically hydrating products don’t keep my hair looking fresh beyond day one, these are the exception.

Click here for the description of how each ingredient enhances the formula.  What I find is that my hair is silky soft, balanced, voluminous, and shiny—exactly the way I want a shampoo and conditioner to perform. What Innersense promises, this small brand delivers.

I had no clue how to distinguish the scent which I found to be very appealing. It turns out that it’s sage and vanilla, which lends a soft fragrance to my hair that’s sophisticated and sexy. It’s also unisex and perfect for anyone in my household.

Sweet Spirit Leave-In Conditioner
Brand NEW Innersense Haircare products amp up the volume + gloss while taming frizzies

This leave-in treatment mist is all a frizzy, dry-haired, tangled up mane could want. I heat style after every shampoo, and this mist helps protect my tresses, though I don’t always feel like I need it because the HairBath and Conditioning Cream already leave my hair glossy and healthy. Lately, I’ve been spraying the hairbrush that I use while blow drying my hair, and this has been perfect.

I wish that I had this mist to detangle my kids’ hair when they were younger! It would be amazing for that.


Brand NEW Innersense Haircare products amp up the volume + gloss while taming frizzies

Ok, so I made up that name. This oil is really called the Harmonic Healing Oil, but it’s designed to be used on hair, skin, and nails. I’m already hooked on the UMA Hair Oil that came in September’s Discovery Box, so I haven’t really put this oil to the test as often as I should have before this review. However, the times that I’ve used it, I noticed that I needed precious little at the ends of my hair to relax those wiry grays. The oil also felt very good on my cuticles which are getting a beating this winter.

Get in touch with your Innersense

Brand NEW Innersense Haircare products amp up the volume + gloss while taming frizzies

Beyond performance, the ethos of this brand encourages creating a Hair Ceremony to bring greater presence and awareness to those precious moments of self-care.

Each of the bottles includes a mindful mantra that serves as a gentle reminder to coax me into the experience of nurturing my being and celebrating life. Aren’t they poetic?

Hydrating Cream Hairbath:
I am in harmony with the flow of life.
Hydrating Cream Conditioner:
I find inspiration in the natural beauty all around me.
Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner:
I allow my life to flow with ease.
Harmonic Healing Oil:
I am nourished with the healing power of self-love.

March’s Beauty Heroes Discovery has been one of my favorites so far.  How about you? What has been part of your Hair Ceremony? Did you have a Vogue moment while opening the box or after the first use too? Tell all in the comments!

To take advantage of this Beauty Heroes deal, head over before March 20th!

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