You know me. This is not my complete collection of discoveries and loves this summer. How could I fit them all into one post? I covered more here, here, and here. Plus, I picked up an old favorite again here. The products below are more like summer goodies that have been taking me through the muggy days and nights and will definitely become transitional items through fall and beyond. Look at me! The weather drops for a second, and I’m already moving on to the next season. I’m SO not ready.

But let’s not dwell…

Kahina Giving Beauty Eye Serum, $78

This popular eye serum just got a gorgeous reboot with the added wrinkle-releasing benefits of prickly pear seed oil. I love the gel-serum texture and weightless, highly absorbent formula that’s great under makeup because it’s not greasy like some oily serums can be. This is an eye serum that I buy over and over again because it works to smooth and lift the eye area (hello, Gravity, silent enemy of my eyes and boobs) and even help brighten dark circles. It’s a classic. Plus Kahina Giving Beauty supports women’s cooperatives in Morocco, so every purchase makes an impact.

Find it here: Kahina Giving Beauty, FollainBeauty Heroes, EcoDiva Beauty

Jordan Samuel Hydrate

Jordan Samuel Hydrate Serum, $44

Simply a year round staple that I covered in depth here. It layers perfectly under a serum and boosts hydration levels—something an oil can not do. (Read more about trans-epidermal water loss here and why skin is THIRSTY for this necessary skincare step, especially if you’re using oils and balms exclusively.) I love the minimalist appeal of this invisible gel that absorbs instantly, yet packs in hyaluronic acid, stabilized Vitmain C, and hexapeptides combined with cucumber, tamarind, and passion flower extracts to keep skin dewy. So, so good!

Find it here: Jordan Samuel Skin

Blissoma Amend Facial Solar Repair

Amend Solar Repair Serum, $56

Work, work, work, work, work. This lotion-like serum is a powerhouse that repairs summer ravaged skin and reverses sun damage. It harnesses the power of pomegranate oil which, according to Blissoma’s extensive research, has been “verified scientifically to reduce UV ray related cell death and free radicals generated in exposed skin. It also fights inflammation and contributes to reduced collagenase activity.”

You’ll also find wrinkle-reducing Coenzyme Q10 and antioxidant oils of açai and cranberry in a base of rooibos, club moss, comfrey, linden, and aloe to soothe irritations and fight environmental stress—as would be expected by this outstanding chemist-formulated brand. I have yet to find something that truly eliminates hyperpigmentation, but maybe I have not used this for long enough. The jury is out, but so far Amend has earned a spot on my preventive measures list.

Find it here: Blissoma, Integrity Botanicals

Maya Chia Supercritical Omega-3 Chia Facial Oil

Maya Chia Supercritical Omega-3 Chia Face Oil, $59

You may be seeing Maya Chia everywhere because it really is a fantastic young company. The brand uses a proprietary method of extracting the omega-rich oil from chia seeds that preserves the many beneficial properties. The proof of quality is clear. The serums sinks in so quickly that I recommend applying them with fingertips and not with your palm because they start to absorb in my hand before reaching my face. Woah. The Supercritical Omega-3 Face Oil smells so good too and its high-powered sister oil is another favorite. They’re one of the first oil-based serums that I can barely detect on skin once they’re on which makes them wear exceptionally well under makeup. I’ll definitely be sharing more about this line because it’s quickly climbing high on my must-have list.

Find it here: Maya Chia, BeauTeaBar

Graydon Face Glow Tinted Primer + Illuminator, $32

Face Glow is similar to the popular Elements [sun complex] with added mineral mica for extra glow. This sheer, slightly tinted cream offers sun and environmental protection with 12.5% non-nano coated zinc oxide, sea buckthorn oil, red raspberry seed oil, and pumpkin seed oil (minus Health Canada’s regulatory tests, so the label can’t say “SPF”). Still, this lovely glow-inducing product is perfect as a primer under foundation or mixed in with it. It can also combine well with other serums. I find products within the same brand are meant to work synergistically, so I love pairing it with Graydon’s Detox + Renew Serum for added skin benefits.

It evens out my reddish skin tone, even though I prefer it as an illuminating primer more than anything. Sometimes I can get away without using foundation—which is a big deal for me—and simply apply a light dusting of mineral powder and I’m done for the day.

Kypris Cleanser Concentrate, $64  + Heliotropic, $68

Though I’ve only tried sample sizes of these Kypris new releases, I could tell in a moment how much I wanted the full sizes! The cleanser works like a moisturizing cream that gently lifts dirt and makeup and rinses clean. I have not used it enough to know how well it removes all makeup (rare for a one-step cleanser), but if I end up buying the full size I’ll definitely let you know.

Heliotropic is Kypris’ successful venture into sun protection. Leave it to Kypris to pack both these products with loads of active nutrients to feed the skin. The sunscreen leaves out potentially irritating essential oils so sensitive skin types can do well with it. Its texture is like a hydrating cream, and it leaves my face looking radiant. I’d use this sun protection prior to using a matte foundation because it will prime my skin perfectly and will prevent flaking or dryness later in the day.

Find it here: Kypris Beauty, Integrity Botanicals, BeauTeaBar

Taylor Kenney Moonstone Ring, $120

The timeless moonstone four-pronged ring fuses the tangible beauty of natural stone with its sacred energy. Taylor Kenney is a yoga and meditation instructor who gleans inspiration for her designs from the gorgeous Colorado mountains where she lives. It is her dedication to using 100% recycled silver and responsibly sourced gems and metals, as well as sacred symbols and mantras that appeal to me as does her style. You can see more photos and info about her jewelry on my Instagram feed here and here.

Find it here: Taylor Kenney Jewelry


Gressa Lumiere Luminous Complexion Fluid, $28

Lumiere, like its name, imparts high pigment color with a glossy, luminous finish. Leave it to Svetlana Sanchez, the beauty behind Gressa, to create this one-of-a-kind fluid that’s a little like face polish. You need very little—never a full pump—to achieve a gorgeous blushing glow. The serum-like texture and ingredients—like broccoli seed oil, CoQ10, rosehip seed oil, and sea buckthorn oil—make this bold color good for skin too.

Find it here: Gressa , Integrity Botanicals



modern minerals lip glosses

Modern Minerals Emotive Lip Glosses, $25

My full review of these super special lip glosses is here. What you need to know is that even a dab of the Invigorating Lip Gloss plumps up my lips in a way that totally surprises me whenever I catch a glance in the mirror. Really. That just happened the other day. I carry about five of these jewel-toned glosses in my bag and reapply when my mood dictates. These are happiness-inducing, but also impart more of a color payoff than you’d expect from a feel-good gloss.

Find it here: Modern Minerals Makeup, Beauty Heroes

Henné Organics Rose Diamond Lip Scrub, $24

First this brand launches a state-of-the-art lip balm that’s on every beauty maven’s must-have list. Then Henné Organics matches it with a scrumptious rose-laced lip scrub made with sugar crystals to exfoliate and jojoba oil, coconut oil, and beeswax to seal in moisture. The brand marries minimalism with luxury; simplicity with elegance. It reminds us that we don’t need a lot for our lips, but we do need these. You might say founder Laura Xiao knows a thing or two about what makes our pout happy.

Our eyes reflect light. Better that the lips are more like a rose petal. ~ Olivier Theyskens Click To Tweet

Find it here: Henné Organics, EcoDiva BeautyCredo Beauty, Integrity BotanicalsSafe & Chic

Marie Veronique Everyday Coverage SPF 30, $48

Marie Veronique is definitely a line that’s high on my wishlist of brands I want to explore further. I’m absolutely intrigued by the Vitamin C + E + Ferulic Serum and loved the texture of the sample size which, sadly, was too small to determine whether or not this would be an effective ongoing treatment.

As expected, the Everyday Coverage protects skin with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients, but unlike other tinted SPFs, this one is not meant to be a moisturizer, but rather is designed to be layered over a day oil. It won’t leave skin shiny on its own making it an ideal option for many skin types and no wonder it frequently ranks #1 on the EWG list of favorite sunscreens.

Find it here: Marie Veronique, Ayla

Hollybeth Organics Flourish Calming Perfume, $60

Last but not least, Flourish was a total surprise as an instant love because I’m very particular about my fragrances. I don’t like strong scents any more and much prefer a gentle hint of something delectable than an in-your-face perfume. HollyBeth’s Flourish is aptly called a “calming perfume” because it really is all that. Top notes of earthy cedarwood and crisp bergamot are followed by heart notes of rose geranium and the woody warmth of sweet marjoram and fresh chamomile, then anchored with ylang ylang as the base note. I could not have cooked up a better blend myself.

Find it here: HollyBeth Organics, EcoDiva Beauty, The Choosy Chick


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