Welcome to the new site!

Launching The Hub of Clean Living—a.k.a. The Hub—has been my heart project for over a year, and there are a lot of people to thank for it.

If you’re curious about the name and the logo design, check out my interview on The Peridot Mag that has exclusive rights to the inside story. HA! It sounds like a line from the tabloids.

Shoutout to the high vibing team!

As for creating The Hub, all of these wonderful humans deserve heaps of praise and recognition for not only being supremely talented, they are also divinely inspired and wonderful to work with:

For creating the gorgeous logo: Maria Valentin Figmint Design

The inspiration for the flower stems from a symbol in sacred geometry known as the Flower of Life and the Seed of Life.  I wanted to use a symbol that helps us understand how the Universe works and also serves as a reminder that we are all connected to each other and every single thing in the Universe. In these trying times, we need these reminders more than ever. I hope and trust that calling on these sacred symbols will give guidance on this next exciting and expansive adventure.

For building a site that works as beautifully as it looks: Michele King King Creative Design

(Please let us know if any links aren’t working. We are working to get it up to speed but may have missed some.)

For helping me choose the perfect name for my new site: Numerologist Jeanie Chin, who said: “The Hub of Cleaning Living has: Soul 11/2, Personality 11/2 and Expression (summation of all the letters) 22/4.  All master numbers.  This is a good name to have.”

For charting the course of this next great adventure:  Julia Waters and Jenn Raccioppi who also gave me the exact moment to launch in order to channel the most illuminated cosmic alignment.

For gorgeous graphics and artworkJoy Steinberg (check out her original artwork here and the graphics in the newsletter sign up page!)

For helping me decipher and set up MailChimp (something I really wish would be easier to decipher: i.e. why do they have to call an email a campaign? Anyone?): Anne Marie Uy and Mel Shapcott

For editing my words and cutting out my chatter: Jennifer Jay House

For guiding me throughout the process, helping me release my money issues and attachments, connecting me with most of the people on this “thank you” list, and so much more: Vanessa Codorniu & Intuitive Leverage

To everyone who has shared the launch announcements via social media, HIGH FIVES! I wish that I could name all of you one by one.

To all the brands and stores who have partnered with me as affiliates or who have hired me to support them, I’m humbled and grateful to work with you.

More to follow!

Join the Hub!Get ready for some fabulous giveaways as a way of saying thank you for your continued support. I am so grateful that you followed me through the move from Edible Facial.

Meanwhile, have a look around, join The Hub to receive new posts by email and an occasional newsletter update, and to give you immediate access to some of my favorite clean living products that we use in our home.

We are still catching up on updating links, so if you catch any that take you back to Edible Facial, let us know. It will help us fix it quicker!

Tell me what else you’d like to see and what needs improvement in the comments!




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