12 exotic skin clearing ingredients you need to know about now

After trying everything from Proactiv to Accutane, Supadra Geronimo started using whole, natural plant food from her native Thailand to heal her pervasive acne and scarring. They restored the health of her skin so quickly that she founded her skin care line—Siam SEAS—on those same ingredients. Now a thriving, woman-owned business, Siam SEAS sources those ingredients from her homeland, giving much-needed jobs to people in communities and raising the quality of life for entire families.

After using the line myself and having outstanding, nothing short of eye-blinking overnight results, I asked Supadra about some of those key skin-clearing ingredients from Thailand that form the cornerstone of her line. I hope you love discovering new and incredibly effective natural ingredients as much as I do! It’s amazing what an untapped resource these exotic botanicals provide.

Cools skin:

Andrographis Paniculata—called “King of Bitter” it has a cooling effect and helps release heat from skin. Contains an active compound called Andrographolide that fights infection. Try: The Twilight BeCalm Skin Serum

Tightens pores:

Pueraria Mirifica—contains natural estrogen. Helps tighten pores and brighten skin. Try: Purifying Herbal Mask

Treats red pimples: 

Plai—This oil JUST started to become acknowledged in US. More potent than ginger, this herb in the same family has been used in Thailand for joint pain due to its seriously intense anti-inflammatory properties. This will be the ingredient I reach for to treat the red pimples, especially ones that are near surface of the skin such as acne. Historically used on Thai boxers to reduce inflammation after a fight or training. Strong anti-inflammatory. Try: The SEAS Elements Beauty Balm

12 exotic skin clearing ingredients you need to know about now

Offers natural sun protection + calms inflammation:

Thanaka—this by far is probably my favorite. Thanaka is one of the strongest natural sun protectors for skin that’s out there. It absorbs excessive oil and lifts impurities while refining pores. It’s a great acne zapper too. It is common for Burmese women and young children to go out in the Sun with this yellowish paste on their face, and their skin is flawless. It is based on knowledge and traditions the of ancestors that they use Thanaka, not only to protect skin from the harmful rays but to absorb oils, tighten pores, and release heat from skin to create a cooling essence for skin and to calm inflammation.

Try: Turmeric and Thanaka Facial Scrub, Herbal Scrub, and Purifying Herbal Mask

Purges dirt and bacteria:

Sompoy—has tremendous saponin properties. The bark has so much saponin properties that can actually create foam in water. Siam SEAS uses this in their formulation to help purge dirt and bacteria deep in skin. Try: Purifying Herbal Mask

Naturally anti-inflammatory:

Mangosteen—the rind contains the most “xanthone” enzyme which is a tremendous anti inflammatory and antioxidant. Try: Purifying Herbal Mask

Clinacanthus Nutans—a very strong antidote to toxins and highly anti-inflammatory. Such a powerful herb that in Thailand the main use of this plant is to treat insect bites as it neutralizes toxins from wounds. Try: The Twilight BeCalm Skin Serum

Treats reactive skin or eczema:

Terminal Chebula and Knema Corticosa are highly valued medicinal herbs that get passed down from the ancestors to heal wounds and treat scabies and dry, flaky skin that’s often caused by reactive skin or eczema. Try: Purifying Herbal Mask

Brightens skin tone + fights acne:

The tag team powerhouse, Turmeric and Wan Nang Kham (wild turmeric) for stopping the acne in its tracks and brightening skin tone. They are from the same family but their properties are not equal and in a  balanced proportion they effectively reduce swelling. The vitamin C brightens skin without any yellow discoloration after use. Try: Purifying Herbal Mask

Balances flaky, itchy scalp:

Kaffir Lime is an ancient Thai secret for preventing dandruff. Kaffir lime is tested and has worked for a family member who had scabies–even worse than dandruff. The problem is gone. Try: Kaffir Lime Hair Treatment


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