If high performance ingredients in a luxury line are what you want, then Kypris Beauty has got the full package. However, I can not emphasize enough why taking time to understand the wisdom behind this brand and how to use it could be pivotal to your success with the products. It’s something that founder Chase Polan encourages from the outset.

I’ve read a couple of reviews about Kypris Beauty (pronounced kipris with short vowel sound, by the way) where the person testing it did not know how to approach the line. When I first started using Kypris, I don’t think I fully “got” the ideal way to use it either, so my skin was not responding to the dual-step application in the way I would have hoped.

Initially, I applied either the Antioxidant Dew or Moonlight Catalyst (at night only), followed by Beauty Elixir II. At the time, I was dealing with a surge of breakouts that may or may not have been related to the products, and I was about to give up. Then two things happened.

Learning the secret to using the serums and elixirs made all the difference to releasing the magic and when it did, my breakouts started to clear up before my eyes.

For one, I added the Clearing Serum to treat the troubled spots and switched to Prismatic Array Beauty Elixir III that doesn’t use essential oils, in case one of them was not working for me. Secondly, I really got what it takes to potentize them.

What does it mean to “get” your skin care? For the consumer, ultimately it means product optimization: engaging in further inquiry to derive the most benefits out of it.

When you know what comprises the formulas from the ingredients chosen to the intentions behind them, as well as the sourcing and extraction methods, it defines the product on a whole other level. All of this matters to a product’s potency, and of course, to how effective it will be in treating your skin. But I also think that it connects the experience on the mind-body level and notably produces better results.

When you examine this line closely, every step of Kypris Beauty focuses on mindful beauty.


Intention is at the heart of this company beginning with the gorgeous, self-affirming messages on the box. A case in point, the directions on Beauty Elixir II ‘Healing Bouquet’ read: “As you kindly offer yourself honest compliments, anoint your face, neck, and decollete with 2 to 5 drops of Beauty Elixir morning & night.” I don’t know that I’ve ever anointed myself before, but I sure do now. And those compliments? They’re like unwrapping an unexpected gift to self.

You will find intention in every single ingredient selected for its synergy in that particular formula, as well as for its ability to enhance Kypris’ other blends.

For instance, Chase explained that the coQ10 she uses “is the only patented process U.S. made CoQ10 from fermented yeast and most importantly in an oxygen free environment.” It comes from the same lab used by doctors for CoQ10 supplements. Independent studies have shown that when used topically in skincare, this potent antioxidant can reduce oxidative damage and improve the stratum corneum, the outer layer of skin, especially when coupled with oral CoQ10 supplements.

You could essentially run background checks on each ingredient and come up with a rich story.

20151020_113645But to me, the secret sauce in using Kypris Beauty, and the way to maximize the products, is through the power of the micro-emulsion. This eureka moment happened when I watched a video interview with Chase for Citrine Beauty.

That’s when I discovered that by mixing a few drops of Healing Bouquet (Beauty Elixir II) or Prismatic Array (B.E. III) with Clearing Serum, Antioxidant Dew, Moonlight Catalyst or a combination of them, the end result was a lighter serum that my skin couldn’t drink in fast enough—in fact, it basically inhaled it!

20151020_113118 20151020_113230 20151020_113343

Blending these formulas created the milky ambrosia that my face needed to turn around my bout of breakouts. My skin also began showing a resiliency and clarity over time. Again, it did take time, but it was worth it.

After using the products since September, I asked the very gracious and knowledgeable Chase to answer questions about what makes the micro-emulsion so potent and how to choose the right elixirs and serums for a variety of skin’s needs. These products are designed to be versatile and to work in sync with each other and with skin’s alter egos.

Q & A with Chase Polan

  • What is a micro-emulsion and how is it unique to the way you formulated Kypris Beauty?

Water-based products tend to evaporate off of skin, yet these are the best way to hydrate. Oil based products are made of fatty acids that are large molecules which do not penetrate. Beautiful skin requires both, so KYPRIS creates products to deliver this array of nutrients to skin.

  • How does the combination of elixir with serum optimize the potency and results on the skin?

Creating a micro-emulsion of KYPRIS serums and Beauty Elixir helps to deliver essential fatty acids a little more deeply while simultaneously keeping skin’s top layer hydrated. The result is a dewy, non-greasy effect that optimally delivers actives to skin.

  • Would this work with other serums too? Why is it best to combine two Kypris products?

KYPRIS products are designed to work together. The Beauty Elixirs and Serums are specifically formulated to mix and wear on skin a particular way.

  • Can the micro-emulsion be used all over the face, neck, decollete, and under eyes?

They can be and we recommend this.

  • What’s the best way for a person to figure out which formulas to use for their skin type?

Think of the Beauty Elixir as a twice daily vitamin for skin. No matter what you’re wearing, you want a couple drops of your chosen Beauty Elixir – 1,000 Roses for drier complexions, Healing Bouquet for oily, combination, and blemish prone complexions, and Prismatic Array for scent-sensitive skin.

Then, think of each Serum as having a particular action: Antioxidant Dew for calming, hydration; Clearing Serum for balance; Moonlight Catalyst for refinement and renewal.

Otherwise, we recommend applying 2-5 drops of each Serum and Beauty Elixir you choose for your desired effects. The only rule is you cannot wear Moonlight Catalyst during the day.

  • Let’s say that someone is suffering with a lot of redness and dry patches. What should they do?

AM: Antioxidant Dew + Beauty Elixir III: Prismatic Array

PM: Antioxidant Dew + Moonlight Catalyst + Beauty Elixir III: Prismatic Array

  • How about breakouts? What is your favorite way of dealing with a bout of blemishes? What questions do you ask?

When it comes to break outs – I want to know if you are dry, combination, or oily. There’s a very good chance that if you are any one of these 3 skin types that you are struggling with dehydration. Very few people have the genetics for true oily skin. Oftentimes oiliness results from dehydrated skin doing the best it can to maintain a healthy barrier.

Then I want to know if breakouts are persistent, related to one’s cycle, something you ate, a medication you’re taking, too much time spent in the sun or perhaps even dirty make up brushes. When was the last time you washed your face and what did you use?

Our Clearing Serum when added to your KYPRIS ritual will balance the appearance of oil-overproduction, challenge redness, and support skin’s inherent healing capabilities. Our Moonlight Catalyst will encourage soothing cellular renewal which help to keep pores clear and happy. Our Antioxidant Dew is often an overlooked part of this equation which offers calming hydration. Any time there is an inflammatory process, dehydration is lurking. And the Beauty Elixirs have a wealth of antioxidants and phytonutrients to calm, soothe, and nourish.

The entire KYPRIS line is really meant to soothe, nourish, and to support skin to do its best work.

  • Your bottles share beautiful wisdom and a message to everyone who uses it. What message do you wish people would internalize about beauty and self-care rituals? How is Kypris an inherent part of that message?

I want to support patrons to regularly locate an experience of their physical beauty.  Everyone always talks about beauty coming from within. Yes, having a good heart is important, but we are souls having a human experience which is inherently physical, and we want to feel good about our physical selves. Beauty is a vital spiritual experience of love, acceptance, and pleasure. Your desire to feel beautiful is not only ok, it’s healthy. It’s a birthright. One I seek to embolden.

  • What do we have to look forward to with Kypris in 2016 and beyond? Can you share any new releases that you’re planning?

It took more than two years to move production into a new fancy facility where I have full approval over every single ingredient in our supply chain. This is incredibly important to me and the brand. We have been developing products along the way and look forward to several exciting launches in 2016.

Limited time offer

I can’t wait to see what else is in store for this luxury brand. Meanwhile, here’s a special treat for my awesome readers. Thanks to the divine Marissa Waller, founder of BeauTeaBar, you can enjoy 15% off by using code SARITA15 when you spend $100 or more on ANY Kypris Beauty products until Monday evening at 6 pm EST. So you’ve got all weekend long to figure out what products you can’t resist.

Did I mention that the Inflorescence Body Elixir is also OUT OF THIS WORLD gorgeous?! It’s one body oil that I won’t use. Find out why here.


* I was sent some of these products for review and bought some of my own accord. All opinions are my own and reflect my personal experience. Individual results will vary. This post contains affiliate links for products that I would recommend anyway.

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