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Apoterra Pumpkin + Wild Carrot Complexion Soap, $12

apoterra pumpkin soap

Let me simply begin writing about this soap with one word: YUM! I get hungry every time I look at it. Which is all I did for a few days: look at it. Oh! And smell it through its pretty wrapping. There’s nothing wrong with savoring a pretty product that smells and looks oh-so-appealing, is there? I didn’t think so.

What’s not to love about this soap? It feels lovely when I use it (though, frankly, I wanted to gaze at it a while longer first. I mean, look at the artistry on it too!). It turns out the packaging is orange because Apoterra devised a color coding system to help navigate your skin care needs, not because of the pumpkins or the carrots. The orange labels indicate that the product suits all skin types.

With sumptuous olive, coconut, and sustainable palm oils, cocoa butter, carrot and pumpkin seed oils, as well as annatto seeds, it almost reads like a dish off a menu.

It is meant to be used for the face, though I always hesitate to use sudsy bar soaps on my face for fear of drying my skin.  Because it’s loaded with vitamin and antioxidant-rich pumpkin pulp and seed oils, there is a good balance of nutritives to combat over-drying, but I’d reserve this for sometimes facial use and not daily washing.

Meanwhile, this orange soap will be accompanying me in the shower where I prefer my lather, since it left my facial skin slightly more taut than I’m comfortable with. (Osmia Organics soaps seem to be an exception to this rule and work well for my face even though they are bar soaps.) For shower use and occasionally adding in as a face wash, it has been lovely.

It made me wonder if I’d do better washing with the red bars for “Dry/Mature” skin, though I may revisit this soap in the summer months when I’m oilier. Another factor could be the hard New Jersey water that may need more emollient cleansers as a buffer (perhaps why these are working so well for me). That’s something I take into account when evaluating a cleanser too. It works differently in various environmental conditions.

Still, a delectable blend that’s worth trying if you love a good soap and veer to the oilier side of “all skin types.”

Apoterra Skincare was formerly Caru Skincare

For anyone who doesn’t know the big news yet, Caru Skincare rebranded as Apoterra Skincare, a fusion of apo+terra that means “derived from the earth.”

Prior to trying Apoterra, I tested out a few products from Caru and truly enjoyed them. It seems like Founder Dominique Caron and Production Manager Yeiza Reyes (yes, our beloved Yeiza of Boho Chic Meets Organics fame!) pulled out all the stops with this updated version. The line didn’t simply get a face lift—though we did love its former vintage look—it got an overhaul.

What’s incredible is that it’s still affordable considering that the formulas are primed to deliver high end results in as sustainable a way as possible. The most expensive blends are $42, and they’re brimming with gorgeous, active ingredients.

If you appreciate a company that values transparency and full disclosure, you’ll love this list that details every ingredient divided by batch number and date. Apoterra Skincare goes aboveboard to keep the consumer educated and in the loop. And there is so much more to love about the line.

More delectable products to savor

Also worth checking out: the vibrant Herbal Detoxifying Steam with Flowers and Cleansing Herbs (shown below), the perfect preliminary step to using an exfoliating treatment like the Hibiscus Exfoliating Mud Mask with Rosehip + Açai, that leaves my skin smooth and luminous.

Apoterra Herbal Detoxifying Steam

Not only are they beautiful to look at, the products are supremely nourishing for the skin with well-chosen wild harvested or organic herbs, butters, oils, spices and actives from prickly pear seed oil to CoQ10.

I’ve got my eye on several other products that look like truly masterful creations (have you seen the Night Regenerative Balm and the White Clay Brightening Mask? Oh my!) There’s a sense that the scrumptious, wholesome ingredients would make for a fantastic DIY, but with expertise formulations that leave me saying: “I’d never be able to throw this together myself.”

I’m eager to try more from Apoterra and will keep you posted on what’s working.

Tomorrow we will conclude my fall beauty picks roundup with Wild Honey Apothecary, so stay tuned!

(And let’s all sing: this is the post that never ends…)

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