Last spring when I participated in Sacred Beauty Salon Series, I had no idea that I stepped into a budding beauty movement that would resonate with me in a soul-stirring way. (After all, it’s not every day that a gal has the opportunity to join a proactive gathering that promotes inner and outer transformation, right?)

Because I got so much out of attending it the first time around, I wanted to give you a chance to go too. Sacred Beauty is beginning again this Sunday, October 18th in New York City.

At its heart is the inspiring makeup artist and wellness coach, Rebecca Casciano. You’ll find her work gracing the pages of Thoughtfully Magazine and Savor Life, among others. Plus she’s the resident green beauty expert on Kris Carr’s website and is now offering private makeup consultations at Savor Spa.

Through Sacred Beauty, she envisioned creating a series of workshops that would channel the deeper side of beauty—ultimately synthesizing the various aspects of her professional and spiritual life.

“As a makeup artist, I know the power of makeup to help women feel attractive and confident,” she told me in an email interview for this post.

“But as a spiritual seeker and wellness coach, I also know that true, sustainable beauty comes from within. These two aspects are so connected, but rarely are they presented as such. I wanted to create a space where I could share both the physical and spiritual tools that have helped me, and many of my clients, make this connection.”

Sacred + Beauty = Truth


The unexpected combination of the words “sacred beauty” drew my attention from the start. They reflect the essence of Sacred Beauty Salon Series that recognizes beauty as a sacred birthright—not as a goal to be attained or a temporary feeling.

If that concept is a revelation, then you’re not alone. I don’t know too many women who have internalized the inherent gift of beauty—a message that Rebecca is destined to transform through these enlightening workshops.

Four sessions to awaken the goddess within

sacred beauty logoThe sessions are divided into four different facets of beauty: foundations of beauty, seeing beauty, speaking beauty, and living beauty. Each one begins with a guided meditation, interactive discussion, or writing exercise designed to awaken awareness around these aspects of beauty and reset notions and ideals that may not be working for us.

I couldn’t make it to the first two sessions, but having experienced the final two, I wish that I did.SB4_group

What I find is that when women gather in support of one another, something magical happens that doesn’t occur as easily when we are trying to shift ingrained belief patterns on our own.

The phrase that there’s “strength in numbers” is not cliché at all, but has its underpinnings in extensive studies. (Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point devotes the entire book to proving the theory through examples.)  The ability of a group of people to transmute energy is more potent than a person doing it alone—like a lone stone-cutter chipping away at a rock versus an entire team shaping it.

I’m still applying what I learned from Sacred Beauty Salon Series months later—the practices echo in my head when certain issues arise. The exercise from session #3 was pivotal!

It is also affirming to know that we are not alone and that we share common ground with others, regardless of our diverse backgrounds and belief systems. That we can all feel so similarly proves too the power of the group to hold consciousness and the power of the group to undo it.

That is the potency of a group dynamic and something that Sacred Beauty inherently offers: sisterhood.

Makeup application demo


After spending time connecting and getting to know one another in a profound way, we got to play!

The perfect follow up to the group discussion was Rebecca’s fun makeup demo that’s full of pro tips and tricks relating to the theme of the day.

After watching the techniques, we put them into practice using clean beauty products that Rebecca uses on models during magazine photo shoots and when she teaches private clients.

Just to give you an idea, some of the awesome sponsors that participants get to enjoy (and take home!) include: Ilia Beauty, Savor Spa, W3LL People, Beauty Heroes, Modern Minerals, Vapour Organics, and more!

A warm and safe cocoon

It may sound funny that even after years of running events and groups, I still tend to get nervous and shy in a new group setting. However, Rebecca’s bright light and compassionate energy immediately put me at ease.

Within a short time, the group felt like a safe container that held our voices and emotions sacred. The experience also maintained a positive focus so that each woman left feeling nurtured and empowered. (Definitely check out the wonderful video with testimonials here.)

In Rebecca’s words


I asked Rebecca a number of questions so that you could hear about Sacred Beauty Salon Series in her words. Here they are:

Did you create the model based on any other body of work? If so, what was it? How did it help shape what you’re doing?

I am so grateful for the many books, workshops, events and coaching that have helped shape my personal growth, philosophy and this work. Attending the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I experienced the power of “paired shares” where each participant gets the chance to both listen and be heard. There is so much value in this simple exercise, which is why it’s an integral part of each Sacred Beauty workshop.

What is the ultimate vision for Sacred Beauty? Where do you see it leading? 

My ultimate vision is for it to help women love themselves more. My wish is to change the culture of beauty to one that is more holistic and diverse, one that celebrates both inner and outer beauty in all of it’s manifestations. I would love for Sacred Beauty Salon to create a ripple effect, becoming a worldwide movement that inspires and empowers women to acknowledge, nourish and celebrate their beauty. My future plan includes creating an online program and bringing the workshop to different cities. I look forward to seeing how things blossom!

Is it necessary to take all 4 sessions?

It’s not necessary, but it is recommended!

What are the cumulative effects of taking all four sessions?

The four dimensions of Sacred Beauty represent different aspects: Foundations, Seeing, Speaking and Living. Each aspect features a unique set of exercises and makeup lessons. Together, they provide a comprehensive experience of beauty from the inside out. Taking all four sessions allows you time to really take in what you have learned and put it into practice. Last, but perhaps most important, the sisterhood bond that forms after just one session are wonderful, after all four it is just incredible. Oh, and you also get to take home fabulous natural beauty products in each workshop!

How has leading Sacred Beauty changed your perspective on beauty? 

It has really confirmed my belief that inner and outer beauty are deeply connected, that women are amazing, loving, spiritual beings and that we have a deep desire to help one another heal and thrive.

Is it a mixed message to say that women are inherently beautiful, but then say “let’s add some lipstick to those lips”? 

I don’t think so. Women are inherently beautiful, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enhance and celebrate that with makeup if we choose to. We have a primordial attraction to color, light and symmetry that is reflected in how we dress, decorate our homes and surroundings. Applying makeup is a an ancient beauty ritual that is present in many cultures throughout the world and has been passed down through generations of women. If we see it as a source of feminine pleasure and self-expression, rather than a duty, there is no contradiction.

The second series launches October 18th

Honestly, I wish that there were more classes around the world like this one! I hope it goes global. If you are lucky enough to be in or near NYC, take a couple of hours for yourself and join Sacred Beauty Salon Series. You are beautiful and you are worth it.

Enjoy these discount codes when you register at Eventbrite here:

Use SELFLOVE for $50 off the entire series OR GODDESS for $25 off a single session.

Images courtesy of Rebecca Casciano, Sacred Beauty Salon Series, some photos by Margarita Corporan