The advantages of being a beauty blogger and living near a thriving metropolis are not lost on this former New Yorker turned Jersey Girl. Among the perks: access to the latest skin care treatments to hit the industry.

I do believe I’ve tracked down some of the best in the natural beauty business—if my own hard-to-satisfy-skin were a testimonial. Given that I can always do a steam or mask at home, when I seek professional care, I look for services that can’t be duplicated on my own.

For the record, treatments that involve injections or invasive procedures do not appeal to me at all. The people that I gravitate to understand skin from a holistic perspective and create innovative methods to trigger the skin’s natural healing responses.

It’s true that the following facials are a splurge—but the long-term results of clarified and uplifted skin are worth it. You can also opt for less costly options, but don’t come to me later saying that you should have just gone for these state-of-the-art treatments. (You should. Really!)

What are the latest treatments you’ve tried?  For more places to find facials, check out this list (and help me add to it with your recommendations).

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