It’s a big week for green beauty! For the third year in a row, A Night for Green Beauty will be calling all eco beauty enthusiasts and many of the leading brands in the industry to Chicago on Thursday, August 6th. Every year, the event grows organically, as more women take ownership of their health and well-being. But it was not always that way.

When I started switching gears to holistic health 20 years ago, the community was much smaller. Among my friends, it felt like a solo act. And often, still does. As with all movements that have strong roots in truth, they take time to grow.

In my heart, I feel that the surge of interest in green beauty is a reflection of something deeper…a longing to express ourselves in a more natural and organic way—from a healing space of self-love. It’s the antidote to mainstream media and its message of unattainable—even artificial—beauty. It’s the antidote to our obsession with looks rather than with something inherently deeper—living a life of meaning and worth.

It’s not that looks are not important. They are, to a degree. But there is a seriously disproportionate focus on it that makes many people feel inadequate. Like we won’t ever get the love that we desire because we don’t fit the mold. Or our businesses won’t succeed because we’re not size 0 or flawless. Yes, people like me or like you who, maybe for a time, bought into the perpetual myths. And maybe we still do, as the messages seep through by osmosis and suck out our resolve like a mosquito.

The media wants us to feel dissatisfied because that’s where the money lies. Because if we feel wonderful in who we are, we won’t buy into the diet plans. We will move our bodies for health, but won’t get into a “fitness craze.” We won’t need the plastic surgery to lift our breasts and flatten our tummies or tone our thighs or shorten our noses. We won’t need to invest in highlighting our hair or stomping out our roots before they show a whisper of gray.

So we spend money…lots of it. It’s a billion dollar industry this beauty biz. We spend a great deal of our resources to conform, to fit that image of what we think we’re supposed to look like.

No. There’s no money in having us feel good about ourselves. The heavily commercialized beauty industry thinks it’s answering the call of what society wants, so it feeds us stories all our lives to the extent that we don’t even realize how saturated we are with stories. Stories we carry about ourselves. Distorted realities contorting our own soul truths. Stories to distract us from being fulfilled and from fulfilling our ultimate purpose.

When we criticize our own bodies, we diminish our Divine image and lower its Light. When we don’t love our whole selves, we suffer from issues of worthiness, of deserving, and we can not claim our full power.

But what if we no longer want that? What if we ask for something else?

Embody Beauty Retreat

Change happens slowly. First it trickles and then suddenly the floodgates open. It starts with planting the seeds in our minds and our hearts. The initial waves of conversation band us together in unity to shift the sands and sprinkle water over the dry earth. Then we cultivate the land to nurture the roots and tend to them so that they grow. And when we do, we dance on the fertile soil and witness a million flowers blossom.

Are you ready to embark on this conversation and plant the buds of change? If so, join me and two extraordinary women, Rebecca Casciano and Vanessa Codorniu who are aligned with this mission tonight, Monday, August 3rd at 7:30 pm EST, for a FREE teleconference to talk about Embody Beauty Retreat and the opportunity to recharge in the beautiful and supportive energy that only a group of women can afford us.

To join the call, click here! Find out all you wanted to know about this one day staycation in New Jersey and get all your questions answered.