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With the expansion of clean beauty products over the last two years, several worthy brands seem to hover just below the radar in spite of satisfying the criteria of even the most discerning beauty enthusiasts. I find that to be the case with Graydon Clinical Luxury. Thanks to the magic of A Night for Green Beauty, it looks like Graydon is getting the attention that it deserves.

What I’m loving

It’s hard for me to call this line simple, although you may think so from its minimalist packaging. These multi-tasking products significantly allow me to pare down my routine (more on how in a moment!). Sometimes, fewer products can be confused with fewer options, but using one moisturizer for face + eyes or one product as mask + scrub actually makes sense. Simplicity unlocks multiple virtues such as reduced waste, less counter-space required, and ease of use.

From an ingredients standpoint, there’s nothing simple about formulating a product that works as well for your face as it would for your body. But the eponymous Graydon—named after founder Graydon Moffat—is known for doing just that.

Not many founders share their personal emails or phone numbers, yet Graydon does that too. That’s because she is passionate about using the purest ingredients possible, scouring Canadian farms to source them ethically and organically when available—and she is proud to share her vast knowledge and answer any questions. Full transparency should be a given in this emerging industry, but that’s not always the case. So when I find it, it’s worth treasuring.

For people who devour ingredients lists like a bee to nectar—ahem—you’ll fall hard for the drop menu that categorizes each selection by carrier oils, waxes & butter, essential oils, other supportive ingredients, as well as the list on what to avoid in your products. One click and you’ll know exactly why broccoli and berry seed oils are two of this brand’s favorites.

Clinical Luxury

I found myself wondering about the meaning behind “Clinical Luxury.” In Graydon’s case, the name epitomizes the company philosophy to deliver highly effective, bioactive, natural ingredients made from nature without compromising on a luxurious and indulgent beauty experience.

Maximizing the products

before bed spray.

I thought it would be fun to find out how to maximize use of some of the products that I’ve been testing out and enjoying immensely. So I reached out to Graydon and Corey Miles, official title “The Marketing Guy,” who immediately gave me these cool tips for using some of my faves. (PS You NEED the Before Bed Spray above. Trust me! It’s delicious and earned a permanent spot on my nightstand for frequent bursts of calm-inducing mist.)

All words are his—except where I felt compelled to interject with exclamations of how much I’m loving the product too.

 mask + scrub

Our Superfood Mask + Scrub is quite versatile. Whether you want to exfoliate to reveal healthier brighter skin or use as a mask is totally up to you! If you wish to use it as a scrub we recommend using it with our Cleanser or any one of your fave cleansers. Milky cleansers tend to work much better here. For a mask, Graydon loves to get creative and pull items from her kitchen. She’s a big fan of adding a little honey, avocado, or papaya and mixing in with the Superfood capsule and leaving on for several minutes while the active ingredients do their job! These are also amazing to bring on your next vacation. Adding a few capsules into your toiletry bag on your next trip is your the best solution to traveling light!

Note from me: This is definitely accompanying me on my trip to Chicago NEXT WEEK! {{OMG}}. It is absolutely fantastic and I love the concept of a capsule that mixes perfectly with Graydon’s The Cleanser.cleanser the putty face food

Many people really enjoy using our Face Food Mineral Mist right after cleansing or strictly on its own, which are all great ways to use it as it is such a versatile product.. Graydon loves to add a few spritzes onto her face right after her moisturizer. It is a wonderful product to use in combination with any cream. It helps the absorption of any cream, especially if it’s on the richer side or if it’s a serum. Our Face Food is also a great way to dilute any cream to make it thinner…so let’s say there is a cream you love to use in the Winter but also want to use it for Summer—you can add in a few spritzes which will thin it out nicely while nourishing your face with wonderful minerals that your skin craves.

We also market our Skin Stuff (our lightest cream) and Berry Rich (our richest cream) as eye creams. Although they are both face creams we feel it unnecessary to have a separate product for the eye area as both these products fit the bill perfectly. They are both unscented and depending on your skin type will deliver wonderful moisture and some lovely Canadian grown berry seed oils to your skin.

face glow

Our Face Glow imparts a subtly shimmery glow to your face while protecting your skin against the elements. So whether you’re looking for a little glow or looking for a cream that has sun protective abilities along with some amazing antioxidants, you’ll find it with this product. If the color is a little too dark for your skin tone simply add in a pump of your favorite moisturizer with the Glow and mix. As you can see we’re all about customization and tailoring skincare products to your specific needs.

Note from me: Love this idea! I combined Face Glow with The Putty and half a pump of the All Over Elixir Oil for the perfect daytime hydration + protection layer. On its own, Face Glow leaves a matte finish so it’s ideal for oily gals who want the nutrients without the shine.

 elixir oil

Each and every one of our body products can be used for different purposes, especially our All Over Elixir Oil. It smells divine and can be used as a body moisturizer (best used right after the shower when your skin is still damp), face oil, face cleanser, massage oil, bath oil, shaving oil, and also to nourish split ends and even cuticles.

You can find, follow, like, and celebrate Graydon on Facebook, Twitter @ClinicalLuxury, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Great news!

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