IMG_20150507_005831 You may already know that in June 2014, a group of us green beauty bloggers decided to get together for a meet up in New York City. Somehow, I got appointed the job of organizing it (thanks, Katie!), and one of these days I’m going to finish a writeup with photos of all our fun events (at Yarok Beauty Kitchen, True Beauty Brooklyn, CAP Beauty, and more to follow!). As a direct outcome of these powwows, genuine friendships forged and before we knew it, our get-togethers became habitual. Now our core group has expanded to include not only bloggers, but also brand founders and other industry insiders. These are the threads that weave together a budding community. Our latest escapade brought us to a sanctuary in the heart of the West Village that many of the beauty insiders had never visited before—Savor Spa. Thanks to Angela Jia Kim, inspiring founder of Om Aroma & Co., Savor Spa, and Savor the Success, and her lovely team, we sipped, savored, indulged, and photographed our way through another enjoyable evening. Guests enjoyed complimentary mini-facials using Om Aroma products that gave their skin a luminous glow, a delicious mocktail that doubles as a DIY face mask (deets below!), an instagram playground assembled for our photographic tendencies, and, as always, the pleasure of engaging with other power women who are instrumental in cleaning up the beauty industry from the ground up. Here’s your visual tour: IMG_20150510_232358If you believe in subliminal messages, Savor Spa is full of them—right up to the heart that’s hidden in the name. (Can you see it now? Hint: it’s in the first two letters.) Plus the vibrant colors and chic decor reflect the spirit of awakening creativity, passion, and action, as well as the necessary balance of cherishing a few quiet moments to celebrate your being. 20150506_185443Happy girls are the prettiest girls” reads the counter in front of the beauty kitchen. Heck, yes!! This meme-worthy Audrey Hepburn quote captures Savor Spa’s mission to a tee. (I can not believe that I finger-bombed this photo, but I had to post it anyway because the sign is IMG_20150507_010104Our intimate gathering of twelve plus Savor Spa estheticians went around the room introducing ourselves—every story and role inspiring in its own right. Angela shared her background as a concert pianist turned eco-beauty entrepreneur who had to figure out everything about the business from scratch—replete with learning experiences and mistakes on the way to her successes. I love that Angela decided to create Savor the Success to link and support other women in business. Women have the ability to empower each other in extraordinary ways, and the power of connection is certainly one of those ways. She shared plans to open more spas, and I’ve got plans to head over to her second spa in Woodstock, New York the first second I get! More about our esteemed guests and all their social media handles below. How cute is Jessica Arnaudin, the talented makeup artist at Savor Spa, who’s snapping a shot of Angela while I’m doing the same?! IMG_20150507_005604Enticing goodies stock every shelf. In addition to the aromatic Om Aroma & Co. line, Savor Spa also carries Vapour Beauty, Ilia Beauty, Alima Pure, and assorted inspirational and therapeutic items. 20150506_182743The evening linked some of the big names in eco-beauty. Here green beauty expert Rebecca Casciano talks shop with My Conscious, My Choice founder Dory Kurowski. Earlier, Dory also indulged in a little R&R during her facial, then got her glam on with a professional makeup application. Her purchases that evening may make an appearance on her soon-to-launch My Choice app that will help consumers make the switch to cleaner, more sustainable household and personal care items. While I did take more photos of guests, if they were grainy or not so flattering, I opted not to include them here. I think it’s time to invest in a camera now! IMG_20150506_180801 It’s hard to miss the repeated mantra of taking time to savor. For me, this is about being present moment in our daily lives and not taking anything for granted, but it’s also about taking time out to refill our own cups which so often become depleted in our fast-paced world. IMG_20150507_005346 Beauty graces every corner—as do the versatile Om Aroma products. I made sure to take it all in, as it lends warmth to the overall ambiance. IMG_20150507_010551 Why I have not yet indulged in these gorgeous candles is a mystery to me! Serious Ommm moments to come. IMG_20150507_005205 The Polish Honey Sugar Scrub is high on my wishlist too. It looks good enough to eat. And everyone at Savor Spa swore these action planners made dreams come true. Dare to dream and snag one too. It looks like Tina of Eighth and Wild did! IMG_20150506_180937These mango + coconut milk mocktails tasted deeelicious. For radiantly glowing skin, head on over to Beauty Food Recipes to find this smoothie recipe and more, as well as ways to use the same ingredients for a DIY face mask. This one is the mango GLOW for radiance. Nom nom! When you scroll down, you’ll find the recipe in a photo below too! IMG_20150506_230716 Check out these classy champagne glasses filled with my kind of beverage: Organic Avenue  juice in Sweet Greens. This drink contains all the green without the bite. It was super tasty, especially when toasting to Rebecca and her groundbreaking Sacred Beauty Salon Series.  It’s not too late to register for the last session in the series! It’s like a total beauty detox from the inside and out. Think estrogen hang encounters eco-beauty makeover. IMG_20150507_011344 Thanks to meeting Hadara Slok at Rebecca’s Sacred Beauty event on Sunday, we got to indulge in non-guilty chocolate treats called Rawclates.  Hadara makes these vegan, organic, raw, and gluten-free chocolate indulgences in small batches. The boxes of truffles contain intriguing and exotic ingredients that pack a punch of taste in a mini bite. IMG_20150506_182034 Yeiza Reyes of the blog Boho Chic Meets Organic’s and Kasey Lum of Plein Vanity got into the groove snapping shots of the stunning product set ups. Find them on their instagram (IG) feeds. Links below. IMG_20150506_230602I couldn’t resist taking quite a few pics myself—all the while sneaking a whiff of the enticing aromas and ticking off an expanding mental wishlist. IMG_20150507_004711 The Glow Carrot Rose Serum incorporates potent skin-rejuvenating Vitamin A from the carrot seed oil and the delicate healing power of rose essential oil. This light, never greasy oil is a lovely addition to any skin care regimen and can even be added to a moisturizer to enhance its benefits. A day later, I set up my own instagram playground with the goodies in the very generous gift bag and with the Om Aroma & Co. products that I already use at home. IMG_20150507_180757 The pièce de resistance was getting to take home a full sized pre-released product called Remove + Revive, an organic 2-in-1 pre-cleansing oil and eyelash enhancing treatment that supports the skin and removes makeup with coconut oil, jasmine, and lavender. I’m really loving how it feels on the skin and how easily makeup glides right off. It also pairs beautifully with my staple skin cleanser, the Purify Pearl Face Cleanser that I wrote about here. This is one cleanser that can even be used around my eyes to remove makeup without any stinging or over-drying skin—that’s how gentle but thorough it is. Definitely repeat purchases here. My other repeat purchase is the Detox Manuka Honey Masque that I swear diminishes scars and redness after one use. I will never be without this mask and reach for it in skin emergencies to heal and soothe my skin—it also adds the benefits of comfrey, sage, nettles, cornflower, honeysuckle, and skin-sloughing papaya—and delivers a mega-dose of antibacterial and detoxifying properties. IMG_20150507_192821Also included in the gift bag was the #BeautyFood recipe for the GLOW smoothie (shown above), plus mini samples of Om Aroma’s signature line, and a generous gift card to use toward purchases or spa services. IMG_20150507_061728Still, the best part of the evening was getting to hang out with kindred spirits and meeting newcomers who share their talents and gifts. (Above photo from L to R: Tina Rudolf, Kasey Lum, Yeiza Reyes, and me.)  I’ve included everyone’s social media handles so that you can like, follow, and enjoy these special women everywhere and check out more pics on each of their Instagram (IG) feeds. Lots of love and gratitude to the talented women at Savor Spa who gave their time and energy to making this event a night to be savored! I’m ready to plan the next one. XO

Have you tried anything from Om Aroma & Co.? What are you savoring lately?

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