It seems fitting to kick off 2015 with an account of my healing journey in 2014 that was bolstered by using flower essences (please see Part I & Part II with Katie Hess of Lotus Wei here). My journey with bespoke flower essences actually began with the very gifted Alexis Smart, founder of Alexis Smart Flower Remedies.

It was a no-brainer deciding to work with her after she garnered high praise in the blogging community from many of my favorite blogs: life in blush, beauty by britanie, the beauty of it is…, Eighth and Wild, and others.

It’s clear why. In her work, she summons intuition, wisdom, and an innate affinity for the healing power of flower essences and homeopathy—a potent combination.

Personally, I have experienced her custom-blended remedies first-hand and know their quiet power. Here’s what I found.

Brief background

On top of her keen, innate insight, Alexis Smart also studied Bach flower remedies for more than a decade, working with mentors in the direct lineage of Dr. Bach. Additionally, she studied homeopathy through the Devon School of Homeopathy in England, the Homeopathic Academy of Southern California, and with world-renowned homeopath Dr. Luc De Schepper. Aside from her own blends, she collaborates with skin specialist Evan Healy on incorporating flower essences into the popular skin care formulas that are found at Whole Foods stores nationwide.


How it works

In the course of a private phone consultation, Alexis asks a series of questions that reveal the subtleties of your own nature.  Based on your answers, she fine tunes a formula that gets to the heart of the issue that you are struggling with at the time.

What I found remarkable is that Alexis captures the nuances of what is spoken and that which is not spoken. She is able to weed through the information to extract the grains of truth that we hold within us—and she does so with grace and compassion. The overriding feeling that I had after talking to her is that she really “got” me in a deep way and that she never judged me for where I was holding.

Because emotions tend to be layered, so too the release of emotions stirs many levels. That’s why Alexis develops bespoke formulas with multiple flower essences in them. As the emotions sift, several different blends may be necessary, as one resolved layer will naturally progress into the next one that arises.


What to expect

I have completed my third blend of flower essences. This is purely by choice as Alexis in no way pressures me to continue my course of emotional unraveling.  The dosage consists of four drops taken sublingually four times a day or 16 drops in 16 ounces of water sipped throughout the day. Each blend affects me differently on an energetic and emotional level. Usually, I can sense the shift that happens. However, at times it can be hard to pick up on the subtle progression.

My son, however, took a flower essence blend to treat a skin and scalp issue that developed last year, and he saw immediate and noticeable results. Even though we tried other ways to resolve the issue, such as diet and probiotics, it was not until we addressed the underlying emotional component that he found relief.

This enlightening discovery proves a main bi-product of addressing healing multi-dimensionally:

 When the body, mind, and spirit are in calibration, good health happens naturally.

For me personally, sometimes the changes manifest as moving from a position of ambivalence to certainty, or at times the transformation is the gentle relinquishing of a long-held block—like fear, grief, guilt, anger, or frustration. Sometimes the response to an essence can come on strong with bouts of crying as the body releases a storehouse of unresolved emotions.

Depending on the need, a remedy can be a catalyst to taking action when necessary or the opposite—a release from frenetic activity to stillness and focus. Rest assured that wherever you are stuck, that is where the remedy will start working. It is important to trust the process and accept that at times it may look worse before it gets better. So it is when the floodgates are given permission to open.


Course of healing

Full healing may not be immediate, but anticipate shifts. If it took 20 years to develop the blockage, then expecting an instant turnaround is unrealistic—though it can happen. Believe me. When things come up—and they do—a gradual approach is actually easier to handle.

Give transformation a chance to peel away years and years of sludge piled on it. Full healing takes time, so allow it to unfold gradually.


Generic Formulas

Alexis also creates generic blends that are perfectly adapted to modern life, like: Above It All to counteract overall irritability, anger, and jealousy, My Personal Assistant to promote motivation and energy at work, Soul Purpose to crystallize your ultimate calling, Sunshine to elevate you from depression, and Beauty Formula No. 8  to reduce expression lines and revitalize the skin.

There are also remedies designed specifically for children such as Smarty Pants, Goody Gum Drops, and Magic Shield.


 Have you ever tried any Alexis Smart flower blends? What changes did you notice?
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