What is it about Sundays that hurl me into that time-warped, computer-trapped zone where I spend meaningless hours scouring the internet for who-knows-what? (OK, let’s face it, you know what!) After these mind-bending explorations, I bang my head wondering how the time lapsed with little nothing accomplished. Been there too? Then I reassure myself that times like these are necessary to unwind after a busy week. Yup. Aha. Sure they are.

Meanwhile, during such internet black holes, I’ve also discovered some niche brands that caught my eye and hooked me into further exploration. It certainly is a testament to the importance of good packaging.

Many artisan lines achieved greater success after re-branding. Off the top of my head: Adina Grigore did not depart from the three to five basic ingredients that comprised her simple Sprout formulas when she switched labels to S.W. Basics. Now her line can be found at Target online and soon in stores. Laurel Shaffer ditched Sequoia in favor of the sleeker Laurel Whole Plant Organics—and that was a game changer, even though few of her original formulas changed by much.

Do looks influence your decision to buy into a company? A bottle is the first introduction to a line. It makes an impression. How it is labeled, glass container versus plastic, color themes, font choices, even the name, whether it’s catchy or kitchy—factor into a decision whether it’s splurge-worthy or not.

Brand consultant Lorraine Dallmeier recently wrote a post about the meaning of colors in natural skincare branding. She shared a link to a study that proves that people make a subconscious judgement about a product within 90 seconds of initial viewing.

Buzzwords like “natural” or “organic” on the label or in the product name also capture a target audience, even if the claim is far from the truth as on many food items or commercial skincare products.

Since this is purely an eye candy post, I’ve chosen to give you a photo glimpse of my forays into some lovely-looking companies—some of which admittedly made it into my ever-growing collection of fine skincare lines.

Do these brands appeal to you too based on appearances alone? If you get the urge to cave in and buy one—tell me about it! I’d love to hear about what attracts you to a product. What makes you want to reach for the label and find out more?

Sister Spinster

Photo my own.

Photo my own. (Also shown: Urban Moonshine Herbal Tonics, $7.99 each)

The October Union

Mini facial set, $24, and Love + Kindness Balm, $18+ (Photo: mine on Instagram and now used on Etsy!)


Ripe Handmade Shop

Sprinkle with Grace

Meraki Botanicals

Bohemian Harvest

Freckle Farm Organics

Frankie & Myrrh

Each spray, $18

Each spray, $18 (please excuse the language! Photo my own.)

Which brands have you tried or wish you could try now?

For more enticing finds, head over to Sugarpuffish who published a post about this topic on the same night that I was putting this one together (now a couple of weeks ago! Yes, I’m totally behind). She discovered Freckle Farm Organics but the rest of her discoveries are equally tempting!


*All photos belong to respective brands, other than those noted as my own.

**Links to brands are in product headings and specific product links can be found in photo captions.


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