To all people who feel like wallflowers at some point in their lives. You know who you are.

You know the one who blends into the wall, even though it’s painted grey—and you’re wearing moon beams.


You’re the one who mixed paisley and polka dots long before it was in vogue. If ever it was.

You’re the one who dressed like a bag lady for a dance party and people mumbled behind your back in hushed tones (because they must think your ears evaporated with your fashion sense): “Do you think she overdid it with the black tooth and rubber chicken? No one’s gonna ask her to dance.” Well, maybe, just maybe, you didn’t want to dance anyway.

Your hair may be black or blond or red as a fleck of cinnamon spice. Or maybe it’s the same brown bob you’ve worn since you’re eight.


There will come a time when…

…nobody can pin down your butterfly wings.


…your wish to serve people will eclipse all the naysayers and “I can’t do its” in your head.


…you blow obstacles to the breeze the way you would cast a dandelion from its stem.


…your passion for change will extinguish your need to melt away.


…your heart will explode if you don’t splash your soul on canvas in yellow speckled swirls.


…the Morse Code you’ve been tapping into the universe receives a signal back—and it emits rainbows.


…the good you’ve been putting out there tirelessly, quietly, thanklessly comes pouring back to you freely, wildly like an expectant mother greeting her newborn.


…kindness rains on you like confetti because you’ve been standing there all along—


waiting by the wall in your paisley and polka dots until it’s finally time to go home.


Because someday, any day, it will be your turn to shine brightly. And everyone’s gonna know it.



Top Photo credit: Etsy

Style credit: Pacsun for the clothes. Bag by a talented artisan on Novica. And big thank you to the model.

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