IMG_20140618_081800Once upon a time, the very helpful ladies at Ayla recommended that I try a luxurious cream for my misbehaving skin. Its name is 37 extreme actives.

IMG_20140618_081611It was love at first use, for this cream is beautiful and touted in the land as nothing short of miraculous. It is supercharged with 50+ active ingredients. It is known to replace a moisturizer, eye cream, and serum. Its use offers myriad benefits, the likes of which repair wrinkles, brown spots, redness, and sun damage, while providing skin with powerful antioxidants, collagen boosters, barrier fortifiers, and moisturizers. My skin practically inhales it, yet it has no scent. This sort of magick is normally reserved for the elite, yet Dr. Macrene Alexiades-Armenakas generously offers it to all in the kingdom.

IMG_20140618_095112Alas! As with all fairytale romances, there came a moment of shadow. Ingredients of questionable repute clouded an otherwise stellar list. While some noble ladies pooh pooh such folly, others prefer to be more discerning.

Fortunately, a knight in shining armor by the name of Dara, Ayla Beauty’s founder, came to the rescue to assuage my fears. She assured me that each ingredient is chosen strategically with emphasis on its efficacy, safety, and function in the formula. Dr. Macrene Alexiades-Armenakas is a self-described chemical-phobe who researches meticulously before adding anything to her products. (Indeed, her bio is most impressive!) Though perhaps not ideal (and what romance is?), I discovered that in love, nobody is perfect.


And that is how my cream and I came to live happily ever after.

The full list of ingredients, as well as their function, can be found here.

There are two versions of 37 Extreme Actives: the basic level of moisture and Extra Rich.

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