Osmia Organics Founder, Sarah Villafranco happens to be an MD, a totally funny lady, and, incidentally, brilliant at formulating natural skin care products.  That makes me EXTREMELY excited to get the lowdown on Black Cumin Seed Oil from her—especially since she uses it in one of her products.

What are the skin-loving benefits of black cumin seed oil?  

Well, the health benefits of the oil are pretty startling.  It’s got a very long history of medical use—all the way back to King Tut’s grave, where it was placed to help him in the afterlife.  Help him do what?  Not sure, exactly (though it is said to be good for digestive issues, which one might have in the afterlife, depending on how the food is there).  
The oil is very high in thymoquinone, which is a component in black cumin seeds.  Thymoquinone is being studied somewhat extensively for its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-tumor effects.  It is sometimes taken internally to protect against a variety of inflammatory conditions. The usual recommended dose is one teaspoon per day.
Black seed oil is also very high in B vitamins, as well as Vitamin A and Vitamin C, both of which are critical to cell turnover and diminishing signs of photo aging.  
It is also high in minerals such as zinc, calcium, iron, and magnesium, all of which act to help skin cells retain water, resulting in smoother texture and a diminished appearance of wrinkles.  Cleopatra used black cumin seed oil on her skin, and I tend to find that most of her beauty secrets are worth adopting (hence, our milk bath product.)  
Finally, the oil is an excellent addition to massage oil, as it seems to have a mild pain relief effect for sore joints and muscles.  (Note—it should not be used undiluted as it can cause irritation.  It is also not recommended in significant doses during pregnancy.)

What product(s) includes this ingredient?

We use black cumin seed oil in our Facial Calibration Serum.  It adds a slightly spicy, herbaceous scent that I just adore. It also has such an incredible texture—just instant silk.
Osmia facial calibration serum

What results can you expect to see?

The things I attribute to the black cumin seed oil in our Calibration Serum are the evening of skin tone and a luminous finish.  Over time, I think it helps lighten dark spots—at least according to our customers.

What customers are saying about it…

Well, there are a bunch of reviews here.  Most of them mention fewer breakouts, less oil production, and a more even skin tone.  And then there’s this review by Nicolle from No More Dirty Looks, who seemed to like it a lot!  Of course, that’s for the entire product, not just the black cumin seed oil.  But I do think that is one of this product’s secret weapons.

Bonus question: Name one product that you can’t live without. (Just for fun, cuz we all want to know!)

Osmia product?  Honey-Myrrh Lip Repair and Black Clay Facial Soap. (Yes, that’s two. Just pretend with me.)  Other beauty product?  RMS Beauty Living Luminizer if I’m feelin’ extra fancy.  Life product?  My Vitamix!

Edible Facial’s take

(Not sure why I started referring to myself in third person, but let’s just go with it!)

Hardly a day goes by when I don’t see a rave review about Osmia Organics. In particular, The Spot Treatment seems to be earning quite the following.
Get a load of these reviews by green beauty bloggers Kimberlyloc, Pemberly Jones, Pretty Squared, Seed to Serum, The Green Beauty Bunny, The Green Product JunkieEco Beauty Secrets…UM…Are you getting the picture?!
There’s not a slacker in this collection. It is clear that each product’s ingredients have been sourced and selected with great care. Going back to the Facial Calibration Serum, this is a wonderfully balanced serum. Check out the
full ingredients:

caprylic/capric triglyceride (fractionated coconut oil), olive squalane, aleurites molaccana (kukui) oil, carthamus tinctorius (safflower) oil*, macadamia integrifolia (macadamia nut) oil*, rosa rubiginosa (rosehips) seed oil*, vitus vinifera (grapeseed) oil*, wildcrafted butyrospermum parkii (shea) oil, schisandra sphenanthera (schisandra fruit) CO2, euterpe oleracea (acai) oil, nigella sativa (black seed) oil*, rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) CO2 extract*, GMO-free vitamin E oil, and a proprietary blend of organic and wild-harvested essential oils

I’d like to point out that rather than listing the elusive term “fragrance,” Sarah chooses this honest phrase: “a proprietary blend of organic and wild-harvested essential oils,” so the consumer would know what’s in there while still protecting her formula. YES!!

Osmia Organics can be found on the website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, and Instagram. Seriously, find this company and try it. You’ll love it!

For more research about black cumin seed oil, I found these posts to be particularly helpful: Black Seed: The Remedy for Everything but Death‘ (a bit extreme, but still good), and  general research on nigella sativa (aka black seed).

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