Elisha Reverby, founder of the line Elique Organics, gives us the low down on what’s in her purse (because we must know what this organic beauty carries around!)
From top:
My sunglasses. Can’t live without a pair—they are like lipstick. I never leave without them. These were a treat from The Row. I tend to go all out with my sunglass purchases…
Straight down the middle
Always my driver’s license, my Sally’s card for esthetic supplies and my bank cards.
A small jar of my Whipped for hands, face and under the eyes when I’m out and about.
100% Pure lip butter in Pomegranate—I love these lip butters. They kiss just the right amount of color on the lips, They smell so yummy and are all fruit pigments!
Elisha's lippies
My big 3—my Zuzu and Gabriel lipsticks and my Dr. Hauschka lip care stick. These are the BEST products on earth and I have been using them easily for 8 years non stop. Zuzu/Gabriel lipsticks are amazing because they wear on the lips so beautifully—they are creamy and rich in color without staining the lip. Also the actual product NEVER breaks, bends, melts… it stays solid and perfect as if brand new until you are done with it! I love Starlet and Matte Rose. Gabriel is the black (L); Zuzu, the silver (R). They are the same company. The BEST lipsticks. Dr. Hauschka I love because the ingredients are amazing and [I love] the feel of the product on my lips. It adds a little gloss too. LOVE!!!
Tweezers—I usually have tweezers in my purse, Tweezers are everywhere and owning a salon and waxing for a living I have tweezers galore! My favorites though are from Ricky’s in NYC—their brand, flat ends. sharp, and I think like $5!!!!!
My business cards. Always have a few on hand.
Cash—always have a ‘lil something in my wallet.
To the right going down:

My Pampered pH Rose—I always have my hydrosols on hand and use them all of the time on my face, pressed under my eyes… They are a lifesaver and thankfully I have tons of hydrosols to last me a lifetime.

Kreation incentive cards—This is a wonderful restaurant/juice bar in Los Angeles and they happen to be around the corner from my store in Venice. They package their juices in glass which is the only way I will buy packaged juices. And they have the best little tonics too in smaller glass bottles that are more concentrated power. Also their coffee is yummmmm!

My blackberry—I know everyone uses an iPhone and I have an iTouch for Instagram but my phone is still a Blackberry. It’s the keyboard. I cant live without it!
To the left going down:
Soaptopia is a great brand of hand made soaps and they also have a wonderful collection of perfumes. Grace is my absolute favorite and I have been wearing it for years now. It replaced a gorgeous fragrance that Patyka used to have called ‘Chypre’ but they discontinued their fragrances and I found this one and we have been best friends ever since…
My iPod—for the car lately listening to a lot of the hip hop I grew up with—Nas, De La Soul, Tribe Called Quest. Also listening to endless Amy Winehouse, Pink, Alicia Keys, Peter Gabriel, Pearl Jam and Bruce Springsteen.
My trusty notepad—I always try to remember to keep one in my purse to jot down ideas/thoughts and this one is the best: “Let The Beauty You Love Be What You Do.” Isn’t that just perfect?!!!!!
It was a blast, Elisha! Thank you so much. I can’t wait to try out your products. They look DEEEVINE. ♡
For more about Elisha find her on Twitter, Facebook, and her website,.eliqueorganics.com
Want to see the beautiful Elisha in action? Check out this video showing how to clean your skin with honey (a key ingredient in many of her products):

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