Thank you for your interest in working with me. It is my hope that we are about to begin a mutually beneficial relationship by partnering together! When I love a product, person, or brand, you receive my full support through my blog, which generates over 20,000 monthly views. In addition, you will receive the support of my social media outlets that include a combined following of close to 30,000 with active engagement on each platform.

There are several ways for us to partner together:

Product Photography

I create unique stylized images for use on your social media channels, website, promotional materials, and anywhere else you need a picture that captures your products. Let’s set up a call or get in touch over email so that you can share your vision and I can better understand the essence of your brand.

Social Media Support

If you have been struggling to figure out social media, then you’ve come to the right place. I love working one-on-one with people and now offer private consultations to help you increase online engagement and learn to find your authentic voice on social media. This consultation is not about calculated strategies or market research, but about following intuitive guidance. If that speaks to you, then let’s talk!

Brand Endorsement

If your brand is a good fit, we discuss the best ways to showcase it on my blog and/or social media accounts. Some options include: reviews, interviews, giveaways, promotional codes, and free gifts with purchase. Note that sending me products is no guarantee that they will be featured on my blog or social media accounts. I take time with every product that I receive, and it is a highly intuitive vetting process. However, my familiarity with your brand means that if the philosophy aligns with mine and I like using the product, then I will recommend it on my public platforms where suitable. Fees vary with each project, so please inquire.


Before I was a blogger, I was a writer and editor at a newspaper with international circulation. I also have a BA in English/Communications. I’d love to capture the essence of your brand by working with you to craft a post that suits your needs. My work can be found on the Beauty Heroes blog, Jacq’s Organics blog, Wishgarden Herbs blog, Mama Natural, and more, as shown in my bio.

Add Your Shop

My shopping guide features the best green living stores available—and yours could be featured too! Scroll over “Hub Approved” sites to view examples of our customized shopping carts or simply request to add your shop to the list for a small fee. Additional charges may apply for promo requests.

Get Listed

As a holistic esthetician, healer, or green beauty makeup artist, you want to get your name before an audience of readers seeking your expertise. Find out how to add your name to the list or add your event to “Happenings.”

Unique Collaboration

I love new ideas—so pitch me your concept and let’s make it happen!

Contact me for more information