blogger bill of rights pinkIn an effort to navigate the murky waters of blogging, here is my official Blogger Bill of Rights.

The Blogger Bill of Rights

Article 1: Occasionally, and where appropriate, I may include affiliate links for products that I love and would recommend anyway. Also refer to The Truth about Product Reviews.

Article 2: Many products have been purchased by me, however I may also review products that have been sent to me for consideration. Neither the affiliate links nor the free products reduce my objectivity when it comes to reviews, taking into consideration that most reviews contain an element of subjectivity and personal experience already (based on skin type, weather conditions, location, diet, overall health, life stress, stage of life, mood, etc.).

Article 3: No posts or recommendations on this blog or elsewhere are meant to diagnose, treat, or provide medical advice. Always seek your inner guidance and a trusted medical/holistic practitioner. I advocate discernment, wisdom, and personal empowerment.

Article 4: Occasionally, there may be sponsored or dedicated content that means that there was an exchange between blogger and brand. This in no way affects the authenticity of the post but may prioritize the speed in which the post gets published. No exchange will be accepted for products that do not fit the integrity of this blog.

Article 5: These standards will hold true throughout the process of reviewing a product or service:

—I will take my time to thoroughly evaluate every product for ingredients integrity, sourcing, performance, results, and an overall profile of scent, texture, usage, etc.

—I reserve the right to turn down a product line that may not be suitable for me or my blog.

—I reserve the right NOT to review a product that I’ve tested if it does not work for me or appeal to me, unless such a product could be harmful to others or the marketing of the brand is misleading. If the company adheres to integrity and quality, then my negative review may bring them harm and that is not my desire.

—I reserve the right to take as long as I need to test a product for efficacy and to monitor results, within a reasonable period of time as agreed upon between the brand and myself.

—If a brand tries to rush me into posting on their behalf or use any form of coercion, I have the right to terminate any agreements to post or promote their line.

—In my review, I may mention multiple brands to offer readers choices or when supporting a particular topic.

—If at any point the brand does not feel comfortable with any of the aforementioned, they may elect not to partner with me or may request amendments. I will do my best to rectify any mistakes.

—Even when I do not end up reviewing a brand, I familiarize myself with it and may still recommend it to others.

Article 6: All photos on my blog are mine, unless stated otherwise. Please request permission to use them with the hashtag: #saritacorenpics

All formalities herein are solely in an attempt to capture the tone of our forefathers. Henceforth, we shall resume silly and nonsensical banter.

Thank you for putting your faith in me. I will uphold your trust with integrity and authenticity.


*If you are a blogger who finds the Blogger Bill of Rights helpful, feel free to use the photos and content that’s applicable to you and link back to this page to credit this blog. Thank you!

**If you wish to contact me about taking stylized photos for your website or social media accounts or to inquire further about partnering with me, please use this contact page.