The most unusual gift we gave our kids (that they didn’t want)

I’ve been biking a lot this summer (hence not so much blogging). On one of these rides with my husband, I had a brainstorm to give our children a gift. This gift would not be wrapped in colorful paper to be torn to shreds in a few greedy seconds. Nor would it be folded into […]

The superfood recipe my friends are begging me for

My family and I recently hosted a bunch of grad parties and other occasions. (My son just graduated high school, and my daughter and nephew graduated junior high.)  I happened to notice that though we served a lot of food, friends kept coming back to this Kale + Beet salad for seconds—and thirds. After the party, […]

Not so Honest: How a company called ‘Honest’ could fail? And what it means to the rest of us

When a brand chooses to call itself “Honest,” it could be asking for trouble. Just ask The Honest Company. The name alone sets itself up for expectations that may be unrealistic. Honest Abe, the moniker given to Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States, was a title he earned through his honorable business transactions, not one […]

Six ways to *toss* your beauty products with zero waste

We’ve all been there at some point. The lipstick looks gorgeous in the tube and even looks great on the lips while at the store. But then you come home, glance in the mirror, and are appalled at how awful the shade translates in real life. How did you even walk out like that? Feel free to […]

Can slow beauty thrive in a​n age of consumerism? Beauty Heroes is paving the way

I stumbled across a confession on Facebook recently. In it, Jeannie Jarnot, founder of the popular monthly beauty subscription box Beauty Heroes, expressed her surprise over finding a quote that she liked on Twitter. Her astonishment was not about the content of the quote, but rather that she herself had written it. It was her own words that […]

The In-between: on coming to grips with the ‘middle’ in middle age

  I was scrolling through a website the other day and a photo of an actress I hadn’t seen in decades popped up in the “related” posts at the bottom. The headline was such obvious click-bait that I rolled my eyes, but at the same time I *had* to check it out. So there I was scrolling […]

6 social media fails + how to fix them instantly

Every so often I’m scrolling through social media and notice some obvious mistakes that people are making. These faux pas can become a turn off to following an account. The good news is that they’re easy to fix, and I’m going to give you my suggestions on how to turn these blunders around instantly. One rule of […]

Blogger overwhelm…it’s real

So, it’s Monday morning, and I should have published a new blog post.  I should have gotten up way before the kids to write because that’s when my mind is freshest.  I should have made my morning smoothie right after dropping off the kids at school.  I should be able to lose those 20(!!) pounds vicariously […]

Conscious choices made easy with brand new app

  Do you ever wish your next green purchase was just a click away instead of facing the hours of research scrutinizing ingredients only a chemist can decipher and scrolling through reviews to make sure it’s worth the hefty price tag?  Well, now it is! The Choice App is about to improve your life.  Dory Kurowski founded the pioneering website My […]

How to convert a simple muffin recipe into a nutritional powerhouse

If you love baking with your family, then holiday season is prime time. These are golden opportunities to gather in the kitchen and have some fun. Plus, what better way to teach family members about high quality food choices. Ever since reading a book about the healthy fats and oils around 20 years ago, I started my clean cooking journey […]

‘Tis the season…for dry flaky skin?! Here’s how to finally deal with eczema for good

There’s a party later and your skin is inflamed and falling to pieces—literally—as flakiness seems to be the eyeshadow du jour. What’s a girl to do?! Unfortunately, heading to the dermatologist is not a long-term solution.  Most conventionally trained doctors are confounded by rashes and treat them by prescribing steroid creams. I was recently explaining to […]

Prepare to be inspired by Nelum Botanics

In my hunt for healthy skincare brands, there are some that stand out in their commitment to sustainability and transparency.  Nelum Botanics is certainly one that rises to the top.  Let’s just say: mind blown. I had the honor of chatting with the founder and creator of the line, Klara Ibarra, over the phone in a ‘Hub Sesh‘, and […]