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The most unusual gift we gave our kids (that they didn’t want)

I’ve been biking a lot this summer (hence not so much blogging). On one of these rides with my husband, I had a brainstorm to give our children a gift. This gift would not be wrapped in colorful paper to be torn to shreds in a few greedy seconds. Nor would it be folded into […]

The superfood recipe my friends are begging me for

My family and I recently hosted a bunch of grad parties and other occasions. (My son just graduated high school, and my daughter and nephew graduated junior high.)  I happened to notice that though we served a lot of food, friends kept coming back to this Kale + Beet salad for seconds—and thirds. After the party, […]

Honua Skincare: The perfect duo for summer

If you follow me on Instagram and Facebook, you’ll know that a couple of weeks ago, I made a pretty big announcement. After much inner debate, I decided to narrow my focus even further by working with and reviewing brands that are either created by estheticians or used by estheticians. One reason this makes sense […]

Not so Honest: How a company called ‘Honest’ could fail? And what it means to the rest of us

When a brand chooses to call itself “Honest,” it could be asking for trouble. Just ask The Honest Company. The name alone sets itself up for expectations that may be unrealistic. Honest Abe, the moniker given to Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States, was a title he earned through his honorable business transactions, not one […]

Why I stopped avoiding toxic ingredients

I’m lousy at avoiding things. Puddles? I step right into them. Chocolate? It’s a love/hate thing. There’s something about holding something in mind that seems to attract it. I’ve got the same issue with toxins, and the position that we need to avoid them or face a terminal illness or warped hormone levels. Toxins have become […]

Why it is more urgent than ever to define ‘Green Beauty’

Just this evening I was scrolling through Beautyhabit and noticed a problem. I don’t know about you, but Beautyhabit has always had a siren’s hold on me. Somehow, this website makes indulgent 150 dollar serums seem like dire necessities. I never thought that Beautyhabit would become a bastion of natural and organic finds, yet over the years the category is […]

Six ways to *toss* your beauty products with zero waste

We’ve all been there at some point. The lipstick looks gorgeous in the tube and even looks great on the lips while at the store. But then you come home, glance in the mirror, and are appalled at how awful the shade translates in real life. How did you even walk out like that? Feel free to […]

Anointing myself with Circle of Protection + an important communication

Before I begin talking about Max and Me and this month’s Beauty Heroes Discovery Box, I wanted to say something about the agreement I have with Beauty Heroes and how I choose the products that I review. I’m aware that there are a number Beauty Heroes Ambassadors now and that anyone scrolling through their Instagram pics […]

Can slow beauty thrive in a​n age of consumerism? Beauty Heroes is paving the way

I stumbled across a confession on Facebook recently. In it, Jeannie Jarnot, founder of the popular monthly beauty subscription box Beauty Heroes, expressed her surprise over finding a quote that she liked on Twitter. Her astonishment was not about the content of the quote, but rather that she herself had written it. It was her own words that […]

The In-between: on coming to grips with the ‘middle’ in middle age

  I was scrolling through a website the other day and a photo of an actress I hadn’t seen in decades popped up in the “related” posts at the bottom. The headline was such obvious click-bait that I rolled my eyes, but at the same time I *had* to check it out. So there I was scrolling […]

What you need to know about Vitamin C in skincare

Is it any wonder that we love Vitamin C? Not only is it a powerful infection fighter as a supplement, it also has incredible benefits when used topically as a skin lightener, brightener, a powerful antioxidant, and collagen booster. The problem is you could be putting “empty promises” on your face. Finding a stable form […]

Here’s what happened when I stopped using oils on my skin for 4+ weeks & used Bella Aura instead

I’ve come to accept breakouts on my face. Since age 13, they’ve become nearly a daily occurrence with no signs of abating. But my neck is another story. Usually my neck is clear, that is, until I use oils on it. Those few times that I apply any type of serum to my neck just happen to be the […]

Three new releases on Integrity Botanicals worth checking out

As a moderator of a green beauty Facebook group and a blogger, I’ve heard it all when it comes to natural deodorants from “I was a stinky hot mess by the end of the day” to “my pits developed a nasty rash.” I’d say finding the perfect deo without aluminum and other nasties is as difficult […]

Au Naturale relaunches–and the products are GAWGEOUS! (Plus limited time offer)

  Natural beauties are ever on the hunt for clean makeup with strong pigments, a broad color selection, truly clean ingredients, and professional formulas. Au Naturale nailed every single one of these in the makeover of their brand with one swipe of a very nifty roller applicator. This is a collection that’s contemporary, sexy, and incredibly fun to […]

Some days “pretty” is not gonna happen

When my sisters and I were kids, we got into a kick of saying we wanted to be little and ugly. I’m not exactly sure what that was about. To be fair, it wasn’t me who started it, and it began after my father’s sudden passing, so there’s that to consider. This phase was definitely the fodder that keeps […]

True Botanicals responds to the recent Unilever deal

News broke on March 30th that Unilever Ventures, the venture-capital and private-equity arm of Unilever PLC, has secured a minority stake in natural skin and hair care brand True Botanicals—and fans of the indie line are already expressing mixed reactions. While many are thrilled about what this could mean for niche natural brands, others are less hopeful. Unilever is best known […]

Finally a trusted brand to benefit cancer patients

I’ll never be able to wrap my head around brands that donate to cancer foundations, yet use potentially toxic ingredients in their formulations.  It’s mind-boggling, especially when I do the research and discover that some of those ingredients are linked to cancer [see footnote]. Yet, that’s one reason why I value a company like Violets are […]

Should you skip the essential oils? The founder of Laurel Whole Plant Organics sheds light on their disputed use in skincare

The response to my rant in Friday’s post has been incredible. Thank you for the feedback on The Hub of Clean Living and on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You made it clear that my words echo your convictions as well. Of course, as with all opinion pieces, there are those who differ. Some of the comments mentioned that I am “demonizing” Drunk Elephant. To […]

These top brands said WHAT about natural beauty products?

  When brands make misleading statements about natural beauty in the press, I find it highly unsettling. Here are two examples that come to mind. Drunk Elephant on essential oils & natural skincare In a recent interview for W Magazine, Drunk Elephant founder Tiffany Masterson said that she’s the only one in the industry who removed irritating ingredients from skincare. […]

Brand new hair care products amplify the volume + gloss while taming frizz

That jaw-dropping moment when you open a Beauty Heroes box and look inside. C’mon. You know what I’m talking about if you’ve ever welcomed this monthly delivery. Quite a few times I’ve received either products that I already own and am happy to replenish or products that I’ve been coveting for a while. But opening the box […]

6 social media fails + how to fix them instantly

Every so often I’m scrolling through social media and notice some obvious mistakes that people are making. These faux pas can become a turn off to following an account. The good news is that they’re easy to fix, and I’m going to give you my suggestions on how to turn these blunders around instantly. One rule of […]

Blogger overwhelm…it’s real

So, it’s Monday morning, and I should have published a new blog post.  I should have gotten up way before the kids to write because that’s when my mind is freshest.  I should have made my morning smoothie right after dropping off the kids at school.  I should be able to lose those 20(!!) pounds vicariously […]

Conscious choices made easy with brand new app

  Do you ever wish your next green purchase was just a click away instead of facing the hours of research scrutinizing ingredients only a chemist can decipher and scrolling through reviews to make sure it’s worth the hefty price tag?  Well, now it is! The Choice App is about to improve your life.  Dory Kurowski founded the pioneering website My […]

Goodbye sleepless nights & dry winter skin

Call it a weak moment but the first time I sniffed Osmia’s Night Body Oil over a year ago, I was hooked.  It was an instant purchase that quickly became a favorite in my stash.  When a blogger owns a ton of beauty supplies yet succumbs to a product because she can’t resist it, you know […]

Discover the skin quenching cream that’s saving my skin this winter

  When One Love Organics reached out to their customers last year to ask what product they wanted next, the company received a tall order.  Founder Suzanne LeRoux told me in an interview over email that there was high demand for “a rich cream that could be used day or night, with a formula designed for dull, dehydrated, […]

Why I love cleansing with clay

  Not everyone remembers their first time, but I certainly do.  My maiden voyage was with May Lindstrom’s The Clean Dirt soon after the line launched in 2013.  That was the first time I tried cleansing with clay.  I say “tried” because it was one mishap after another with most of the powder spilling into the sink […]

This deal blew me away! Save big on Maya Chia

Beauty Heroes sure knows how to kick off the new year.  You already know how much I love Maya Chia’s The Super Couple, right? In case you missed my raves, you can check them out here and here. But I’m going to share with you some basic reasons why I love it now that I’ve […]

How to convert a simple muffin recipe into a nutritional powerhouse

If you love baking with your family, then holiday season is prime time. These are golden opportunities to gather in the kitchen and have some fun. Plus, what better way to teach family members about high quality food choices. Ever since reading a book about the healthy fats and oils around 20 years ago, I started my clean cooking journey […]

‘Tis the season…for dry flaky skin?! Here’s how to finally deal with eczema for good

There’s a party later and your skin is inflamed and falling to pieces—literally—as flakiness seems to be the eyeshadow du jour. What’s a girl to do?! Unfortunately, heading to the dermatologist is not a long-term solution.  Most conventionally trained doctors are confounded by rashes and treat them by prescribing steroid creams. I was recently explaining to […]

Over the MŪN over AKWI…PLUS how NOT to use it

    Face cleansing deserves a bump up in the beauty obsession categories—maybe even surpassing serums which generally steal the limelight.  I say this because starting with a clear and balanced canvas is one of the most important steps you can do for the health of your skin. Not many people realize that the wrong cleanser can really […]

Green goodies in one bag AND you’re not dreaming!

    Do you ever wish you could start off your green beauty journey with a total conversion kit?  Wish granted! They don’t call me the Godmother of Green Beauty for nothin’, you know.  (Just cover your face when I toot my own horn and move on…it’s over now.) How fun are these bags?! The Choosy […]

How do these top concealers stack up?

Eenie meenie, minie, mo… It’s mind boggling how many concealers there are to choose from, so I figured why not put together a post to help break down six top-notch natural concealers and how they perform. One word about concealers: I prefer concentrating on the dark or discolored areas only, rather than taking my concealer right into […]

Prepare to be inspired by Nelum Botanics

In my hunt for healthy skincare brands, there are some that stand out in their commitment to sustainability and transparency.  Nelum Botanics is certainly one that rises to the top.  Let’s just say: mind blown. I had the honor of chatting with the founder and creator of the line, Klara Ibarra, over the phone in a ‘Hub Sesh‘, and […]

Lina Hanson reveals the secret of Global Beauty

If it were possible to describe Lina Hanson’s mission in one word, the one that comes to mind first is celebration.  This makeup artist turned skincare entrepreneur celebrates beauty in all form and color with the launch of her newly rebranded line called Global Beauty. Beauty is diverse. Beauty is authentic. Beauty is in all of […]

Six standout esthetician-made brands you need to try now

I’ve got a thing for esthetician-made beauty products. The thing is, it just makes sense to use a line of products that’s formulated by someone who knows skin intimately through direct contact with many skin types. That’s not to put down the many other well-researched brands at all. As you already know, I’m a fan of so many of them […]

Wrapped up in the season with Beauty Heroes + FUN Giveaway!

Brrr…. Everything about winter whispers of hibernation. Whether it’s nestling into an easy chair with a warm cuppa green tea hot cocoa or snuggling up with my kids while reading in bed, the cooler climate causes me to make like a groundhog and head for cover. The urgency for comfort sings loud and strong, and the need to switch up my […]

More than ever we need a FLOWEREVOLUTION

  I’ll never forget watching a video about Cleve Backster’s groundbreaking experiments with plants.  He was not a botanist by profession, in fact, he probably didn’t think much about plants at all.  His job with the C.I.A. focused on conducting lie detector tests with the polygraph—though he himself preferred to call them “truth detector” tests.  His […]

What six skincare pros want you to know right now that the media isn’t telling you

Do you ever wish the beauty world would quit the marketing hype and dish some straight talk about skin? I still remember how many articles there used to be about coconut oil as the panacea for all that ails us, kinda like the way the dad used Windex on everything from zits to bad moods in the sleeper hit My Big […]

GIVEAWAY CLOSED! Time for a Leahlani Skincare Giveaway

  Hooray, it’s time for a giveaway!! Leah Klasovsky, the wonderful founder of Leahlani Skincare, and I want to share our excitement over the new LIMITED EDITION RITUAL COLLECTION BOX with a super special gratitude giveaway. Leah is very generously offering TWO CHANCES to win this incredible box valued at $190 and selling for $160: Enter the giveaway in […]

Leahlani Skincare’s ‘Aloha Alchemy’: 6 skin recipes to get you glowing

As you may have guessed after my first full post, as well as numerous Instagram #fangirl moments, I am besotted, smitten, and head over heels in love with Leahlani Skincare. The products are pretty darn fabulous. Everything about them carries a high resonance from the heady tropical aromas to the silken textures. My very picky skin responds beautifully to the serums, […]

Discover what makes Maya Chia SUPER

It is no secret that Maya Chia’s The Super Couple had me at hello. This oil rapidly made its way into my daily regimen, and I don’t foresee a breakup. If you know me, I rarely get too enthusiastic about a serum.  Maybe it’s because there seem to be so many of them in the green […]

Like a Snapchat filter for your face–but this one’s for real

  I was not planning on writing this post, but then I tried a product that I never knew I needed—and I had to let you know about it! For the record, I wear daily foundation because I have to. My skin tends to redden easily or look uneven-toned. Foundation is a core makeup product and […]

11 juicy natural cleansers that won’t leave an oil slick on your face

Oil cleansing has been all the rage in the natural world for years. But ever since we got over convincing everyone that it’s ok—even great—to use oils on your skin, I’ve had a little dilemma. I needed a break from oil cleansing. Gasp! While oil and balm cleansing have their place in my “slow ritual” regimen, they do […]

What you need to know about synthetic vs. organic scents

A surprising thing happened when I asked Vered Back, founder of the eponymous Vered Organic Botanicals, to explain her natural scents. She immediately corrected me and said to use the word “organic” instead. What gives? Natural is good, right? Insert TV game show buzzer. It’s not good enough. ‘Natural’ means that there is a small […]

October’s UNBELIEVABLE Beauty Heroes selection revealed

  A few weeks ago, I dropped a big hint on Instagram and on my new Facebook page that October’s Beauty Heroes Discovery Box was worth ordering on the spot because it is such a widely coveted and beloved product and chances are it’s going to sell out fast. I am still convinced it will! […]

Is it Friday yet? How to create an at-home spa ritual when a getaway is not on the cards

“I need a vacation!” I found myself saying after summer vacation ended. And how familiar is this thought: Is it Friday yet? when it’s only Monday at noon 9 a.m.? These phrases come up especially after a grueling day at work or with the kids, and then we find ourselves at our wits end because exactly when are […]

Get your glow on in Portofino or just slip one in your purse

Today kicks off the first day of fall, but that doesn’t mean you have to lose your gorgeous summer glow. NU EVOLUTION recently launched a bronzer called Portofino, $45, just in time to save us from the “horrors” of the pasty white complexion. (Gasp!) The company generously sent me a full-sized bronzer, as well as several other products to […]

Trendspotting: Terri’s top 5 runway inspired looks for Fall using natural beauty products

If you’ve shopped from Integrity Botanicals, you already know what an awesome experience it is.  Not only is the customer service a huge perk, but the well-curated selection of coveted natural brands is definitely one of the best around. Quick delivery means you’ll have the products you want in your hands in no time—with bonus customized samples too. [FYI: […]

Ladies, let’s get real about care down there

I’m honestly not sure why the word “period” got slapped with some voodoo taboo curse that makes people prefer euphemisms from “that time of the month” or “mooncycle” to more derogatory terms. Even the dictionary offers the informal “the curse” in its list of synonyms. Either you’ll be thoroughly entertained by this list or utterly insulted by the suggestions, among them “The […]

A letter to my daughters as they journey into womanhood

My darling Daughters, As you embark on this journey into womanhood, may these words journey with you. Sometimes you will be asked to rise up and do more than you feel capable of. We as women are asked to rise up even when our bodies resist and tell us to hide under the covers. Once a month our […]

The one product I never ever thought I’d use in my hair!

Let me go put some oil in my hair and it will make it greasy and weigh it down and look like I haven’t showered in days—said no woman ever. But, that’s what I was thinking when I opened September’s Beauty Heroes box to discover Uma Intensely Nourishing Hair Oil. (Also, I was thinking why […]

Breaking News: Where in the world is RGB Cosmetics?

Have you heard? The award-winning “five free” nail color line, RGB Cosmetics, has literally vanished without advance notification…to anyone. The buzz has already rocked the #nailfie-loving world. But for the rest of us, the nail-biting news is just starting to hit home. For a brand celebrated as the savvy fashionista’s healthier alternative to conventional polishes, this is huge blow that leaves many […]

My craziest giveaway yet (boy, I must really love you guys!)–Giveaway closed

I’ve never done anything like this before, and I’m not sure I’ll be doing it again soon. In honor of my birthday (thank you, thank you) and kicking off the new solar/lunar year, I want to gift all of you a chance to win one golden prize of your choosing from my Instagram Shop. Yes, you […]

What is GC/MS testing and do we need it?

  When Miles, an aromatherapist and reiki practitioner, learned that the essential oils he was using were adulterated, he was shocked. He thought that he was working with a reputable essential oil company, but his inquiries exposed a Pandora’s box of deception. The scary part is that this unsettling situation could happen to anyone—and does—but he decided to do something about it. […]

From a daughter to her mother after 46 years

A week ago, a birthday box from my mom arrived. Early. I’d like to share something about my mom’s background. She survived World War II as an orphan transferred from one home in Poland to another, protected by generous families, until she was taken from Europe to an orphanage in Israel after the war. She never grew up with […]

Beauty Finds: 12 transitional picks from summer into fall

You know me. This is not my complete collection of discoveries and loves this summer. How could I fit them all into one post? I covered more here, here, and here. Plus, I picked up an old favorite again here. The products below are more like summer goodies that have been taking me through the muggy days […]

Ursa Major + Ayla: The Super Summer into Fall Trio!

When a brand blows me away, I sit up and take notice. That’s what happened the first time I used Ursa Major’s Hoppin’ Fresh Deodorant, $18. After trying nearly every other natural deodorant available, this is the first stick that glides on the way conventional drugstore versions do. That means zero clumping, crumbling, softening, or leaving unsightly […]

Laurel WPO + Beauty Heroes share surprising info on why you’d want to use THIS in the sun

If the latest research confirms anything, it’s that we’ve got our sun facts muddled. That sizzling celestial star has been the subject of a great deal of fear-mongering—particularly when it comes to sun protection and using products containing essential oils. Yet leave it to the wise Laurel Shaffer, founder of Laurel Whole Plant Organics, to allay our fears in […]

Discover the irresistible magic of Leahlani Skincare

Mondays are made for mermaids—on Instagram, at least. These are not ordinary women with fishtails and strategically-placed, budge-proof shells, but rather savvy women indulging in one extraordinary sea green mask: the Leahlani Skincare Mermaid Mask. Sworn Mermaid Mask groupies agree: this active treatment is vibrant superfood that leaves skin smoother, glowing, and clarified and has become a staple in their beauty […]

Meet the amazing high vibing team behind The Hub of Clean Living

Welcome to the new site!

Launching The Hub of Clean Living—a.k.a. The Hub—has been my heart project for over a year, and there are a lot of people to thank for it…

PRO TIPS | Natural beauty swaps with the season’s hottest colors and looks

If it has been hard for you to leave behind conventional beauty brands—then you will love these pro-inspired makeup swaps! Rebecca Casciano is a celebrity makeup artist who switched to natural beauty products in order to improve her health…

The top 10 surprising lessons I learned from blogging

  Edible Facial began in April 2013 with the goal of sharing a few tips on holistic living, a few products I love, and a few hard-won life lessons in the hope that my words would reach a few people who needed to read them. What has evolved over the last three years has been […]

Why this serum surprised me as a summer favorite

When Munemi Imai, the lovely founder of MUN asked me to try No. 1 Aknari Brightening Youth Serum for summer, I couldn’t understand why. I honestly thought it would be a little too oily for my skin during the hotter months. Sure, a dense lipid layer is exactly what my skin demands in winter, but […]

Discover how de Mamiel’s new launch became an overnight sensation

It should come as no surprise that within hours of launching a groundbreaking new pollution-busting collection—aptly named atmosphériques—de Mamiel sold out of one of the products. When I sat down with the brilliant Annee de Mamiel, esthetician, acupuncturist, and founder of the eponymous de Mamiel Skincare, at the Axis show in NYC last February, she handed […]

Oh Em Gee! Kari Gran’s latest launch just blew the lid off sun protection

  I remember when Kari Gran launched in 2012 as “the little black dress of eco skin care.” I thought the tagline suited the brand to a tee. The capsule skin care collection included a cleansing oil, toning mist, and serum bearing a minimalist, uber-chic design and on point luxury blends that quickly earned the […]

12 highly-effective skin clearing ingredients you need to know about now

After trying everything from Proactiv to Accutane, Supadra Geronimo started using whole, natural plant food from her native Thailand to heal her pervasive acne and scarring. They restored the health of her skin so quickly that she founded her skin care line—Siam SEAS—on those same ingredients. Now a thriving, woman-owned business, Siam SEAS sources those […]

Five tempting global beauty essentials minus the harmful chemicals

Are you gearing up for a summer of travel? My family and I have got big plans to stay firmly planted in New Jersey. (Sounds exciting, eh?) But that doesn’t mean I can’t experience a dose of international spirit. The next best thing to visiting exotic places is sourcing products from around the world without […]

Our son wore dresses. Here’s what we did about it.

In light of recent global travesties and tragedies, I decided the timing was ripe to share a story. Take it as a message of hope that there can be change in the world, and it starts right here in our own homes, in our own communities, with our own attitudes and openness to heal ourselves […]

Meet the unexpected brand that healed my acne

I think we all wish we could find those one or two products that work wonders to heal blemishes after one use, or the magical elixir to restore baby pure skin. After trying hundreds of lotions and potions and still no overnight miracles, I’d just about convinced myself that it’s too much to expect from […]

Why I will never buy Eminence Organics: The truth behind this controversial brand REVEALED

If you’ve been wondering if Eminence Organics is a reliable company, read on. You will decide for yourself by the end of this post. Their labels may look “all natural,” but many of the ingredients do not match up as “organic.” You won’t find full disclosure of ingredients on their site either. They claim USDA […]

Emotive beauty is a thing–and I’ve never tried anything like it before

By now, it’s a regular occurrence that opening a Beauty Heroes box elicits outbursts of joy and a great deal of jumping up and down. Since I started receiving it in November 2014, this monthly subscription service has been one of consistent value and excitement, and perhaps more importantly, a steady reminder that beauty can […]

Discover the ‘King of Clays’ + why your skin will LOVE it

  I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m easy prey when it comes to a gorgeous photo on Instagram. I took one look at the elegant Moroccan Spa Set on the Blue Labelle Skincare Instagram feed and decided to buy it. I’m also familiar with Blue Labelle Skincare for several years and know how meticulous […]

What the skincare pros are really saying about sun protection

A little while ago, I shared a controversial link on Facebook. It was an article about a blogger who was a huge proponent of sunscreen protection. She advocated its use to the extent that conventional sunscreen companies ultimately hired her to do promotional posts for them. That’s how much she believed in sunscreen. Sadly, the […]

The Edit: Top 10 I’m using this week

It occurred to me that writing in-depth reviews takes me weeks to research and test out, but then I never fill you in on what I’m actually using/trying out right now. So in a mighty effort at brevity, I bring you: “The Edit.” Though I tried hopelessly to keep the list down to five, I […]

Behind the scenes with a bona fide beauty pro

The question of expertise comes up often because we have access to a great deal of information on the internet, and it’s up to us to figure out what’s real and what’s hokey. Unfortunately, these days there are too many people posing as experts with absolutely no background at all in their field. Once upon […]

Six definitive rules of a safe DIY

After the post about the dangers of DIYs, I didn’t want to leave you hanging DIY dry! I figured a helpful followup would be to offer a pro’s guide to safe DIYs with the person who not only created a website and app dedicated to making them, but also harnessed her in-depth knowledge of ingredients […]

What no one tells you about the dangers of DIYs

What’s so bad about internet advice? It could be worse than you think. When it comes to social media, following someone on good faith may be misplaced trust. It’s not that a popular blogger, YouTuber, or Instagrammer intends to hurt anyone. They probably don’t even know they’re making a mistake—and that’s a huge problem. “I’ve bitten my tongue […]

Why I boycotted Mother’s Day this year and for the foreseeable future

Every month it’s the same deal. Something Hallmark created decades ago cements itself into our yearly calendar and then the barrage of email offers and gift guides begins. I get it. Stores need promotional material to move merchandise, and what better way than saddling a national “holiday” that whittles down to a sales ploy? It’s […]

What thousands of followers on social media really means

  A funny thing happened between hitting over 10k followers on Instagram and 13k+ followers on Twitter. Suddenly people—anyone, from people I hardly know to people I have never engaged with before—started turning to me as though I were some kind of superstar or skincare maven. Don’t get me wrong. I’m no dummy when it […]

8 beauty founders confess to loving these products from other brands

Even an expert formulator loves to explore the beauty field once in a while. Do you ever wonder what the brands are using besides their own formulas? One day when I had zero time on my hands, I couldn’t help but reach out to these awesome entrepreneurs to find out—and they delivered! Sometimes it’s more […]

The insider’s scoop on the MOST IMPORTANT questions to ​ask before investing in skincare

It may be a First World problem to be overwhelmed by too many beauty brands—and certainly not an issue any of us experienced even five years ago. But today we are faced with shelves filled with enticing looking serums, cleansers, and companies with no clue where to begin discovering which one is right for us. […]

Beauty simplified: your cheat-sheet for choosing the products you really need by a pro who knows

Believe it or not, the most frequently asked question that Ayla founder Dara Kennedy gets isn’t which serum to use. It is this one: “Do I need to use products that are all from the same line?” While understanding the allure of matching products, Dara still offers this answer: “It’s not necessary.” Actually, Ayla’s approach […]

An insider peek at IBE + scroll down for exclusive coupon code available now

With Indie Beauty Expo just three weeks away, I thought that this post—originally published on Facebook—would be relevant to share on my blog too…. Recently, I received a backhanded compliment from a friend. She congratulated me on my online success and on doing work that is “so meaningful to me.” But rather than focus on […]

In the pink! haul from Be Clean

The phrase “in the pink” means good health and I couldn’t think of a better way to describe these pink confections from Be Clean. After coveting way too many products in my original post about the shop (you can check it out here), I wound up buying a moisture-rich mask, a scented blush (rose + […]

Turbo-charge social media with these 6 tips

If social media confounds you, let me break down the top six steps that worked to build my platforms. These are not strategies or tactics but ways to connect with your audience authentically. When I opened my Twitter account in April 2012, I did so because my editing job at the time required it to […]

My favorite Jane Iredale compact yet + swatch alert and GIVEAWAY

   Before there was green beauty, there was Jane Iredale. When I was looking for cleaner makeup nearly 20 years ago, I found an apothecary in NYC that carried this iconic label. I’ve been using the products ever since. Though never claiming to be natural or green, this company certainly paved the way for many […]

My favorite Jane Iredale collection yet + swatch alert and GIVEAWAY [OVER]

   Before there was green beauty, there was Jane Iredale. When I was looking for cleaner makeup nearly 20 years ago, I found an apothecary in NYC that carried this iconic label. I’ve been using the products ever since. Though never claiming to be natural or green, this company certainly paved the way for many […]

Reveal your best skin for spring with this power-packed duo

Can good skin really come in a jar? I’ve got my doubts, but this month’s Beauty Heroes sure do come close to proving the potential. If True Nature Botanicals has been on your radar for a while, covet no more. Members of Beauty Heroes online subscription box will have a chance to delight in a […]

What you should expect from your cleanser + how to spot the hype

On a recent internet escapade, I stumbled across a couple of cleansers and could not believe what I was reading. I pulled this straight off an actual product description: “Soothes and hydrates while promoting healthy tissue regeneration; protects skin from sun damage & oxidative stress; protects skin from free radicals.” And another product claimed to […]

Biba Lips puts the GLAM into green beauty PLUS exclusive coupon code

From the moment I opened the pretty white box, Biba Lips had me swooning with Scarlet O’Hara grace. This gorgeous lip creme captures Old Hollywood glamour with its vintage, gold toned compact. If that were not enough, this pincushion sized compact comes complete with mirror and lip brush and dispenses one of the most lip-loving formulas […]

Founder of Ayla challenges four major beauty myths

Dara Kennedy may be just as infatuated with beauty as I am—except she beat me to it. For her, the fascination started at eight years old. Mine came slightly later (at 9, when I beheld a hot pink Tickle antiperspirant on a teenager’s vanity and knew I had to have it). Dara’s other credentials are […]

Latest blemish formula achieves more than just zapping zits

It’s time to rethink the way we’ve been handling—or mishandling—blemishes. We are all too familiar with phrases like zit zapping and blemish blasting and verbs like ridding, squeezing, popping, and banishing. Anyone who has suffered from a face full of pimples—or even just a few of them—knows that going turbo on our skin is not […]

How is the green beauty movement shifting our beauty attitudes? Seven experts weigh in

What defines a movement? The dictionary says it’s “a group of diffusely organized people or organizations striving toward a common goal relating to human society or social change.” If that is the definition, then there’s no doubt that green beauty has become a movement that is poised to make epic changes to the way we […]

Discover MUN No. 7 Ayour’s exotic silken elegance

Remember the commercial in the ’80s for Gloria Vanderbilt jeans that went: “It’s a shame to call them jeans”? No, of course you don’t. But trust me, it existed. Well, the same slogan applies to MUN No.7 Ayour Body Toning Serum*. It’s a shame to call it a body oil, as that would in some […]

Vered Organic Botanicals releases swoon-worthy new product

When a skincare master like Vered Back launches her first new product in two years, the news is enough to excite a fan frenzy. I, for one, couldn’t wait to snap it up. Let me tell you, Vered Organic Botanicals Herbal Balancing Oil Cleanser is every bit worth the wait. Not since the heart-hugging Blue […]

Loving the unexpected buttery melt of Om Aroma’s Caviar Eye Cream

Lately, I’ve been gravitating to creams for their exceptional hydrating properties, and my latest fantastic discovery has been Om Aroma’s Caviar Eye Cream, aptly called “Repair.” For $60, this decadent eye cream is too well-priced not to share, especially since it’s brimming with luscious oils, yet absorbs instantly, so it is perfect for all-occasion wear—even under makeup. […]

The Beauty Proof shares what keeps her thriving in spite of chronic illness

Things have gotten incredibly busy around here lately, so much so that I’ve hardly had time to write my own blog posts. In case you haven’t seen it yet, Green Beauty Team just featured my exposé on Johnson & Johnson’s baby products that’s a real eye-opener. It’s an especially timely post now that there’s a […]

Is that “natural” fragrance really natural? I ask Pour le Monde Founder Wendi Berger

If you’ve ever wondered where to begin greening your beauty routine, Wendi Berger, founder of Pour le Monde, has the answer. “Fragrance and aerosol hair spray,” she told me in an interview. “Not only do they soak through your skin and into your bloodstream, but as you inhale them into your lungs, sinus cavity, they […]

Oh snap! Step-by-step tips to creating an Instagram-worthy flatlay

One year ago, I didn’t even know what a flatlay was or that it has its own hashtag. What is the #flatlay? Essentially, it’s laying out your items and creating some semblance of order with many different pieces. Makes sense, right? Fine, let’s not get into why everyone is suddenly interested in photographing their stuff—or […]

EWG Skin Deep Database exposed + the fail-proof way to use it

Many conscious consumers rely on low ratings on the Skin Deep website when shopping for personal care products—but buyer beware. Let me say from the get-go, I am grateful to the EWG for their efforts. They do an outstanding job of making change happen and this post is about learning how to use the rating […]

Seven ways to incorporate turmeric in your skin care

When my skin starts to break out, turmeric is one ingredient that’s high on my go-to list. It’s no wonder too. Blemishes are often a sign of imbalance and inflammation, so it makes sense that the antidote would be to reach for this bright yellow root that’s an antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties to encourage healing. […]

Six terms green beauty brands should stop using now

Let’s face it. The new conscious consumer is emerging savvier than ever. Soon, a brand will not be able to use “organic” in its name without living up to the title. Look at the investment One Love Organics made last year to become an Ecocert certified manufacturing facility in order to produce its own certified […]

Meet Josh Rosebrook this Thursday + new beauty shop alert!

Not many brands have Josh Rosebrook’s reputation. Given his mentions in Vogue, ELLE, W Magazine, and others, the cliché “the man, the myth, the legend” may aptly apply. Look him up to see the reviews. It doesn’t take long to find fans raving about the entire line—nearly unheard of in the beauty world where those […]

Two questions I ask myself often

I kicked off 2016 with three pivotal questions that I ask myself throughout the year. To be more precise, there are two more questions that go through my head almost every day. These questions consistently come up and are equally potent to the first three that I wrote about. It took me a while to […]

Skin Psychology: What Your Products Say About You

Did you know that our products say more about us than we think they do? Choosing a serum or cleanser may seem random—but there’s actual psychology behind it. With a storehouse of beauty products before me daily, I definitely tap into another force when I am picking out what cleanser I want to use (cream, […]

Jordan Samuel wants you to dance your way to beautiful skin and if you can’t–there’s a serum for that

The more I learn about the process of formulating beauty products, the more selective I become of who is making them, not only what is in them. There are too many ways that a formulator can err without hands-on experience with skin. My epidermis is nobody’s experimental playground. That’s why I’m particularly excited to share […]

Beauty Heroes kicks off 2016 with a superhero: Osmia Organics

In 2013, when I was a newbie blogger, I interviewed the gracious Sarah Villafranco, M.D., founder of Osmia Organics, about black seed oil, an up and coming ingredient that not many brands were using yet. The interview got so much traffic that I knew back then that Osmia Organics had already hit the big leagues. […]

Be Clean: a shop for the discerning clean beauty maven

Recently I had the pleasure of chatting with Becky Waddell, the founder of Be Clean Shop, a Washington, DC based brick & mortar store and online website that focuses on USA-made indie brands minus the harmful preservatives, synthetic fragrances, and animal derivatives. Her healthy approach to skin care and girl-next-door personality quickly won me over. […]

3 pivotal questions I ask throughout the year

New Year’s Resolutions may have their place, but they don’t work for me. They’re a little like glossy campaign promises—they look nice on paper, but following through with them is another story. Instead, what I find myself doing lately is asking the following three soul stirring questions that probe further into what’s happening and allow […]

11 EASY eco-friendly habits to kick off 2016

Have you started creating a vision board of eco-friendly changes you’d like to make in 2016? Maybe this topic isn’t even on your radar and you need a little inspo. This year, my family and I implemented several new environmentally-friendly swaps and continued many that we’ve been doing for a while. I wish I could […]

Part II Blogging for money: how to do it with integrity and avoid the pitfalls

In the previous post, Why I stopped blogging for free, I shared my personal experience and reason for deciding to monetize. It mainly deals with replenishing energy and recognizing that hard work deserves compensation. Today I figured we’d go over some ways that a blog can earn an income stream and address the concerns that […]

Why I stopped blogging for free

Monetizing my blog was a big decision to make and not an easy one. It has certainly been on my mind for a while because I wanted to stay completely transparent with all of you, as well as foster a friendly discussion about it in the comments below this post. I really want to hear […]

Why your detox fails and what to do about it

Maybe doing a detox is on your mind as the holidays approach and the dreaded “diet” word looms as a prescription for kicking off the new year. Unfortunately, there is a considerable amount of misinformation when it comes to doing a detox—with many popular websites dishing irresponsible advice on rapid cleanses. Doing an extreme cleanse […]

Don’t ditch your creams for oils says this skincare maven

Sheryl Gibbs, the founder of Crazy Cat Lady, coughs up a hairball when non-skincare cats talk exclusively about water-free, oil based serums and balms. The Crazy Cat Lady may not exactly be—er, crazy, but she sure knows a thing or two about skin. This animal-loving skin care formulator is a licensed esthetician who has been […]

Traveling this season? Take Oui Shave along

Now that Thanksgiving Day is behind us, it’s a full throttle countdown to the next big vacation. So I figured it would be the perfect time to introduce you to Charlotte. She’s ‘Carrie’ and ‘Samantha’s’ sleeker counterpart and may become your new best friend. But don’t let her simple looks fool you. She’s a sharp one. […]

Could microneedling be a solution to glowing skin after 40? (Spoiler alert: a resounding YES!)

  Let’s get one thing straight. I don’t like needles. I mean—who does?  So when I found myself heading to the office of Jenise Parris, Doctor of Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine, in midtown Manhattan one day to get prodded by nine(!) of them, I figured I must be going mad. Yet there I was, about to […]

6 fabulous mascara picks

Finding a good mascara without toxic ingredients that works seems to be the clean beauty challenge of the moment. I have not tried them all but have read plenty of reviews, talked to makeup artists, and tested enough to know that the ones with super clean ingredients often do not stay put for long and […]

Kypris Beauty: the magic is in the microemulsion

If high performance ingredients in a luxury line are what you want, then Kypris Beauty has got the full package. However, I can not emphasize enough why taking time to understand the wisdom behind this brand and how to use it could be pivotal to your success with the products. It’s something that founder Chase […]

Win the Jane Iredale 2015 Holiday Collection

Let me put it out there that I am no makeup artist. I’ve basically been doing the same look on my face for the last 20 years. And that’s ok because it works and because it doesn’t cause my kids any embarrassment. They know mom won’t show up at school one day with 50 shades […]

Laurel Whole Plant Organics: the exquisite Winter Radiance Collection

Get ready to take a peek inside a most luxurious box by Laurel Whole Plant Organics that will not be available for long. Only 50 of these magical boxes have been created. Once they are sold out, they’re gone. I was asked to reveal my honest impressions of the box. These are the sensations and experiences […]

November’s Beauty Heroes box takes hair to another level

I’ve got a hair confession to make. Shampoos, even the natural ones, have been rather harsh on my hair lately. Maybe it’s a “well, you are in your 40’s” kinda thing, but the texture of my hair is definitely changing, and some products seem to accelerate the process. The shampoos that generate a foaming lather […]

How do I do it all?

People often ask me: “Sarita, how do you do it all? How do you balance blogging and social media and all the kids and a husband and taking photos…and…” It’s a great question. I love to surprise everyone with the simple answer: “I don’t.” The question actually makes me think about the photographs that I’ve […]

Meet Stark Skincare’s EV: a silken serum that’s oil-free

Maybe you caught the teaser about Stark Skincare’s latest product launch in last week’s Fall Beauty Picks post. Naturally, you’ve been biting your nails ever since wanting to know more, right? You can relax now because this is it: the scoop on why Everlasting Calm + Smooth Infusion is a hit. I bought “EV” at […]

Wild Honey Apothecary Pumpkin Cacao Mud Mask plus more treats and tricks!

…Yes, still continued from Fall’s Beauty Picks.   Wild Honey Apothecary Pumpkin Cacao “Mud” Mask, $25 When Wild Honey Apothecary creates a product, I sit up and take notice. I love this small company and its cosmic founder Kat. Rarely have I found the same products on the website consecutively, though they do repeat seasonally. […]

Wild carrots and pumpkins, oh my! Find out what makes Apoterra Skincare utterly delicious

…Continued from Fall’s Beauty Picks Apoterra Pumpkin + Wild Carrot Complexion Soap, $12 Let me simply begin writing about this soap with one word: YUM! I get hungry every time I look at it. Which is all I did for a few days: look at it. Oh! And smell it through its pretty wrapping. There’s […]

A surprising thing happened with Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant Stick

…Continued from yesterday’s Fall’s beauty picks post.   Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant in Cedarwood + Juniper, $8.99 For the record, Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant ranks as one of my all-time favorite clean and effective deos. That was even when it was in a jar and kinda stiff to scoop out. But few others keep me smelling fresher […]

Harvesting fall’s beauty picks

  Few things say autumn like pumpkins (obvi!), mulled cider, lush golds and crimsons, and acorns plunking down everywhere. With the barrage of tough New Jersey winters for the past few years, I tend to overlook this gorgeous season in anticipation of winter. This year, I’m attempting to recapture the present moment, since it truly […]

Join the movement: Sacred Beauty Salon Series (Plus discount codes!)

Last spring when I participated in Sacred Beauty Salon Series, I had no idea that I stepped into a budding beauty movement that would resonate with me in a soul-stirring way. (After all, it’s not every day that a gal has the opportunity to join a proactive gathering that promotes inner and outer transformation, right?) […]

Woman, revisited and it is Darling in every way

The last few days I began a digital fast (yes, off all electronics and social media—and survived!) and ended up spending more time than planned on discovering a magazine that’s redefining women’s cultural parameters—or, better yet, reflecting the extraordinary ripples of change that are already surging in society. I stumbled across the retro-appeal of Darling […]

October’s Beauty Heroes: In Fiore inspires the art of ritual

October’s Beauty Heroes box is a treasure! This month, I received two sumptuous products from the much celebrated line In Fiore. If you have not heard of this luxury brand yet, then please head over to The Hermes Hippie who will indulge you in a description that will likely have you coveting the entire line—or […]

Why seasonal skin care makes sense

With summer evolving into fall, it seemed timely to reach out to the brands that create seasonal skin care. After all, there are only a handful of them that emphasize a seasonal component as related to skin. I wondered what distinguished a de Mamiel Autumn facial oil from Odacite’s An Autumn on the World. And […]

Five cutting-edge beauty treatments worth the splurge

The advantages of being a beauty blogger and living near a thriving metropolis are not lost on this former New Yorker turned Jersey Girl. Among the perks: access to the latest skin care treatments to hit the industry. I do believe I’ve tracked down some of the best in the natural beauty business—if my own […]

How was Embody Beauty Retreat?

If you’ve been following my blog and my social media accounts, you’ll know that we held the first Embody Beauty Retreat on Sunday, September 20th. Many of you wanted to know how it was (thank you for asking!), so this post will indulge your questions. I can not sum it up in a word. One […]

Why Josh Rosebrook refuses to use this popular phrase

If you’re an avid beauty fan, it doesn’t take long to start picking up on the buzz words used to promote products—including green beauty products. What’s startling is that most of the language used by the clean beauty industry is anything but organic! As we shift toward a movement of conscious consumerism, it is also […]

What suing The Honest Company really means

News about the lawsuit against The Honest Company  shocked many parents who are devoted users of the celebrity-owned line—but for some, it comes as no surprise.  Actually, industry insiders say that it’s about time for some honest exposure. The accusation brought against the company alleges that the sunscreen as well as other products in the […]

Prepare to be blown away by September’s Beauty Heroes box

Did you hear the exciting news? Well, listen up because I’m bursting to tell you. Spa Heroes has officially rebranded as Beauty Heroes and started shipping to Canada, France, Sweden, Australia, and the UK, in addition to the U.S. Here’s what I have to say to Founder Jeannie Jarnot: “In the world of ordinary mortals, […]

45 hard-won lessons in 45 years

Yesterday, I turned 45. Rather than being depressed over my age, I’m elated. Here are 45 reasons why. 1. I’m alive and appreciate it more than ever. Who appreciates merely being alive at, like, 18? 2. My gray hairs can still pass as bleached blond. Very bleached blond. 3. Most of my hangups from high […]

Take off the makeup du jour plus condition those gorgeous lashes while you do it

Do you find mascara removal to be a real drag? The problem with finally discovering a fabulous mascara is taking it off.  It may adhere to lashes but resist a solo cleanse. Too much tugging will weaken those delicate hairs—and that’s clearly a no no.  Luckily at this event in May, I found an easy […]

Your summer skin deserves Previse SkinCare

Discovering new product lines that I’ve never heard about before is a definite perk of my monthly Spa Heroes subscription boxes. Because the standards of curating their beauty selections are so high, I don’t have to worry about receiving a product that may not meet my requirements for clean ingredients or that fall short of […]

NU EVOLUTION Cosmetics: FAB coverage without breakouts!

As any woman who has struggled with breakouts knows, the way to creating the illusion of a flawless face is paved with trial and error. For me, foundation is not an occasional luxury but a daily necessity, so I’ve gotten to know many clean cosmetics brands and their performance. When it comes to fantastic long-wearing […]

How do Osmia Organics, Meow Meow Tweet, Bottega Organica, Alima Pure, and Captain Blankenship embody beauty?

If you’ve been counting down the days until A Night for Green Beauty, then this is one big day! With over a year of planning, ANFGB has finally arrived. More brands, bloggers, and fans than you can count will be gathering at Venue One in Chicago today—and I’m brimming with excitement and awe. It is […]

A green beauty odyssey plus free community call tonight

It’s a big week for green beauty! For the third year in a row, A Night for Green Beauty will be calling all eco beauty enthusiasts and many of the leading brands in the industry to Chicago on Thursday, August 6th. Every year, the event grows organically, as more women take ownership of their health […]

Graydon delivers Clinical Luxury to your home

With the expansion of clean beauty products over the last two years, several worthy brands seem to hover just below the radar in spite of satisfying the criteria of even the most discerning beauty enthusiasts. I find that to be the case with Graydon Clinical Luxury. Thanks to the magic of A Night for Green […]

The ULTIMATE Pedi-On-The-Go Kit PLUS Giveaway Worth Over $200

Remember the NY Times exposé on unprotected nail salon workers in these articles here and here?  It’s a horrible reflection of what happens when we ignore toxins in our environment and the people most exposed to them, as well as a heart-breaking revelation over the way immigrants are treated…and neglected. For a few weeks, the […]

Glam lashes are yours at last–no racoon eyes, promise!

Last week, I mentioned to you how much I’m loving NU EVOLUTION Cosmetics here. This week, I’d like to share one product that really stands out—the mascara. I think anyone who has seen me when I’m wearing makeup will confess to noticing my racoon eyes. It’s proof that I’ve been having the hardest time finding […]

Silky smooth skin can be yours in an instant

When it comes to green beauty, there are a few buzzwords that automatically catch my eye. Clearly, the word “organic” carries more weight than the oft-used and abused “natural.” And then there’s a less obvious term: “small batch” that implies something inexplicably enticing. It conjures up images of real people—no conveyor belt assembly lines or […]

The Embody Beauty Series| The shocking beauty story I never shared before

My mother tells this story about me when I was about four or five years old. I was standing up close to a mirror and making silly faces at myself. My mother saw me and said: “Sarita, you are a character!” Without hesitating, I answered back: “But I’m a beautiful character.” I love this story […]

Province Apothecary makes good skin a work of art

When I first pumped a couple of drops of Province Apothecary’s Moisturizing Cleanser + Makeup Remover into my hand and applied the clear oil to my face, I felt an immediate comforting sensation. It’s one of those things that’s hard to describe but comes through clearly in a purely sensorial way. Lately, I like to […]

Cool ways to use aromatherapy that I bet you never tried PLUS three essential oil brands you can trust

Who would have thought that finding a reliable resource on aromatherapy could be so challenging?  Unfortunately, false marketing claims about essential oils (EOs) leave me wary about trusting just about anyone who gives advice online.  Too frequently, websites look official but turn out to be written by people who are not trained in the therapeutic […]

Where have you been all my life? An intro to NU EVOLUTION Cosmetics

Clean cosmetic brands do not have it easy. The demands on these companies have changed radically in the last 10 years as the consumer profile adjusts to a wider reach. With green beauty filtering into the mainstream marketplace, eco-savvy shoppers have become increasingly educated and discerning, while still wanting to keep up with the latest […]

This giveaway of summer skin saviors by Odacite and Laurel WPO helps a worthy cause

Friday’s post covered my head-to-toe summer beauty picks. Today, I’m sharing a giveaway of a few more luxurious options to nourish your summer skin. Usually, when the weather heats up, I switch out my cold weather skin care routine to products that are more lightweight and that treat issues specifically related to sun exposure, like […]

Beyond sunscreen Part I: head-to-toe summer beauty picks that defend, repair, and enhance (no SPF involved)

Ah Summer…I wait for you all Winter and now you’re here. It’s always fun to switch up a beauty routine and indulge in a few new products to keep things fresh—especially with all the juicy Fourth of July sales going on! In this case, I decided to ditch the ubiquitous SPF list, mainly because Julie […]

Mahalo Skincare plus Spa Heroes equal a match made in paradise

Wow!  I’m deeply moved by the responses you had to my last post “What price are you willing to pay for beauty?” Thank you for the outpouring of comments on my blog, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Both brand owners and brand lovers chimed in to the discussion. Many companies agreed that the “active” ingredients list […]

What price are you willing to pay for beauty?

An interesting discussion came up after posting my review of Vintner’s Daughter both in blog comments and on Instagram. Women wondered about the escalating cost of natural beauty products. And I totally get it. At nearly 200 dollars for a small bottle, it may be hard to argue their point—and may keep a treasure trove […]

Vintner’s Daughter: where fine wine and skin care meet

It is not often that a product lands on my desk that knocks me off my feet through its intoxicating fragrance and that’s matched by its performance. However, one product that has got it all is Vintner’s Daughter—a triumph for winery owner April Gargiulo and her team of skin care experts. Just to give you […]

BeauTeaBar can convert anyone to healthy beauty

With drawerfuls of beauty products—to put that gently—I rarely need to buy much, but when I do need a restock, I often head to BeauTeaBar. Now, I can’t be without my Evolvh Volumizing Spray that smells amazing and totally works, Maya Chia anything—this brand is sublime, and I was going to tick off a few more names before stopping myself from looking […]

This subscription box earns superhero status

I don’t know about you, but I love getting packages in the mail, and subscription boxes are the next best thing to receiving surprise birthday presents every single month. Unfortunately, after a while, I start to amass a random collection of lightly used sample sizes that rarely give me a chance to get to know […]

For high achieving mamas with wild, fantastical dreams

For all mamas…who gave up their jobs, who think they aren’t doing enough, who feel undervalued by a society that places high-powered careers in the limelight, who juggle it all. When I was young, I wanted to be a Teacher. Teachers reveal the mysteries of the world. They guide and challenge and give us tools […]

You don’t have to buy into your beliefs

Wait? What?! That’s right. How often do we find ourselves replaying old thoughts every single day? I’d bet a lot more than we realize. Those thoughts could be stale as rank bread, yet we still feed those beliefs into our system and keep making them true. Let me give you an example. I’ve been eating […]

Oui Shave revives the feminine art of shaving. Step aside, Gentlemen.

Can we wax on about hair removal for a moment? Let’s just say that it would probably shock Betty Grable to know how many ways that we—the follicularly-challenged (or banally normal, depending on how you view it)—disregard our pain threshold to pluck, cut, zap, strip, burn, disintegrate, electrocute, and raze our fuzz—all to get her […]

6 questions the savvy consumer asks before buying into the latest trend

If you follow me on social media, you’ll know that I read and share articles—a lot. So much  so, that it has become increasingly evident that there’s an awful lot of information out there—and not all of it is good. Or worth your time. A few months ago, I picked up Adina Grigore’s book, Skin […]

RECAP: A beauty insider visit to Savor Spa in pictures (mostly!)

You may already know that in June 2014, a group of us green beauty bloggers decided to get together for a meet up in New York City. Somehow, I got appointed the job of organizing it (thanks, Katie!), and one of these days I’m going to finish a writeup with photos of all our fun […]

The Stark Reality: It’s not just about skincare

If you love finding authenticity in a delivery box, then you’re going to fall hard for Stark Skincare and its out-of-the-box founder, Jessica Lafleur. When I called Jess to interview her for A Night for Green Beauty‘s brand spotlight—within seconds—the Q & A warmed easily into a chat with a good friend. It goes without […]

Could waterless cleansing be the best thing for your skin?

Judging by Maggie Mahboubian’s skin, you’d think she were 10 to 15 years younger than she is. Seriously, the Lalun Naturals founder has retained that coveted youthful glow with nary a wrinkle in sight. And she knows one big reason why: she does not cleanse her face with water. Intrigued, I had to dig further. […]

Top 10 new releases that were love at first use

It generally takes me a long time to fall hard for a product. These 10 new releases are the total exception to the rule. Here’s why they earn my insta-love! Ellovi Body Butters*, $26, & Lip Balms*, $5, in Vanilla and Mint Chocolate If you are already a fan of Ellovi Butter, you’ll absolutely adore […]

How Cocovit revolutionized coconut oil

I’m stoked to share an oil that generates considerable buzz in its own right—coconut oil. But not just any coconut oil. Cocovít produces an oil in a class all its own. You know how they say it takes a village to raise a child? Well, sometimes it takes one product to raise a village. It is […]

The Wright Stuff: Jillian Wright does skin care right, plus the incredible ways she’s changing the face of indie beauty

Finding an esthetician who merges the best of both clinical and a holistic skin care philosophy is no simple matter. All the more reason to value the talented Jillian Wright Skincare who accomplishes just that at her chic Manhattan office and in her skin care formulations. But this spa owner and brand developer doesn’t stop […]

my night routine, simplified

Let’s face it. I’m tired at night. You’re tired at night. We all want to get to bed without the hassle of spending a great deal of time futzing around in the bathroom—unless you’re a beauty blogger and that’s what you do. I need fast, results-oriented skin care that will clean my face without leaving […]

My seriously edited daytime skin care routine

Simplified. Elegant. Reliable. Pure. That’s how I like my skincare routine—and finally I’ve achieved it! These are the products culled from a wide selection of leading eco-beauty brands that give me good skin days every.single.day.  My equally truncated nighttime routine will follow soon! Meanwhile, let’s have a look at the products that made the cut—for […]

The acne culprit you’re not addressing yet

  You wash your face, use anti-bacterial toner, dab on spot treatment—um…all over—yet you still can’t shake those blemishes. It’s not even that time of the month! So what gives? As it turns out, you may be overlooking a sneaky factor in breakout-prone skin. And that silent factor may be making the loudest noise of […]

The next issue of Thoughtfully Magazine is available now! Here’s why issue 1 belongs on your coffee table

A magazine that begs to be sipped slowly like a tender cup of tea. That’s Thoughtfully Magazine, the latest enterprise by Brandie Gilliam, founder of Organic Beauty Talk, and a team of talented creatives. Not long after the release of Issue 1 in Fall 2014, Thoughtfully earned a coveted spot in Whole Foods Markets around […]

On the schedge: bookmark these fun green beauty happenings

A lot is going on these days in the world of clean beauty! Here is what’s happening that you need to know about. S.W. Basics hits Target stores—let’s rally in support of this huge achievement for eco-conscious beauty! It seems that Adina Grigore has really hit her stride these days. First, the release of her […]

Hold the presses: I found my HG serum…finally!

It only took me how many years of searching? But I can finally sit on my laurels [BIG HINT], as I proudly share with you the name of my holy grail serum. But first—I know, so cruel—it’s time for me to fess up why it takes me ages to review a product. Experience in testing […]

Get your glow on with de Mamiel and MUN

As you can imagine, things have picked up pace around here ever since announcing my very exciting role as Event Ambassador for A Night for Green Beauty. It has also been rather humbling as most of my family and friends have no idea what that means. But that’s ok. What better way to introduce it […]

In which ANFGB announces brands and green beauty ambassadors–and I get to reveal some big surprises

Drum roll please. A Night for Green Beauty returns for its third—and last [sobs]—extravaganza of beauty, glamour and shopping. This time it’s coming to Chicago, IL on Thursday, August 6, 2015. If you’re unclear about ANFGB (no walk of shame, don’t worry), let’s just say it’s like the Red Carpet of clean beauty, where many […]

What you need to know before picking up another natural beauty product

It happened again and I couldn’t believe it. Another “natural” label had me fooled at hello. At first glance, this line had all the trappings of a natural product including the word Natural in the name. So I carelessly ordered a cleanser and lip volumizer without my due diligence. I should have known better. Any […]

why families need to do puzzles

I forgot about how much fun putting a puzzle together can be. By together, I mean that the kids and I have been enjoying doing this activity together. It takes time. It takes collaboration and skill. It requires team effort. It gets us off all devices and videos. I’m pretty sure it’s doing good things for […]

The Foolproof Guide to Choosing the Right Lipstick Online

  As I was gearing up to splurge on a much-anticipated American release—nudus lipsticks hailing from Australia—a frightful thing happened. I could not decide on a color. It had nothing to do with the beautiful selection. Nudus has that in spades. Nor was it a concern over the wear—I had already seen nudus lipsticks outlast […]

Quick Makeup Picks for Life on the Go

Life can get pretty hectic when you’re constantly on the move. Delegating time to do makeup may not always be top priority and that can be especially true when on vacation with the family. Poor us. We had to travel to Miami Beach last week to enjoy the warmer weather. Le sigh. That also meant […]

Flower essence series part III: My experience using Alexis Smart Flower Remedies

It seems fitting to kick off 2015 with an account of my healing journey in 2014 that was bolstered by using flower essences (please see Part I & Part II with Katie Hess of Lotus Wei here). My journey with bespoke flower essences actually began with the very gifted Alexis Smart, founder of Alexis Smart […]

Green beauty bloggers ‘Happy 2015!’ Giveaway

Part of what has made blogging extremely enjoyable has undoubtedly been the amazing connections that I’ve made in the blogging community.  I’m grateful for this thriving and supportive group of talented people who get as excited as I do about sharing clean products and striving to grow both inside and out. So when Ru (short, […]

The Best Diet Advice I Ever Heard–Seriously!

We interrupt the final installment on flower essences to bring you this awesome insight on the d-word…. Diet is a four-letter word to me—especially at the beginning of the new solar year, when about all I can do is roll my eyes over the many posts touting the latest fad. But when I heard this […]

Flower Power Fuels a Flowerevolution (Part II): Katie Hess, Lotus Wei founder, creates transformation one flower at a time PLUS her beauty and health regime

It’s not every day that you find energy mists encouraging Joy, Love, and Pure Energy on display at your pediatrician’s office. So when I discovered Lotus Wei’s sample collection at The Whole Child Center, I knew my family and I needed to own the entire set. As it turns out, our pediatrician, Dr. Lawrence Rosen, […]

First Aid for the Soul, Part I

With the holidays upon us, I can’t think of a better way to deal with stress than by turning to flower essences. The next time your nerves ignite with sparks, spritz a dose of Bach’s Rescue Remedy under your tongue and take a deep breath. You will discover just how potent flower essences can be […]

A Naturopathic Solution to Acne? An Interview with Botáni Australia Explains the Key Ingredients to Healing

Whenever there are natural alternatives to life’s problems, I’m on it. So when I found out that there was a “3 step” protocol to dealing with acne*, I jumped to discover more details. Where better to learn about Botáni Australia than from interviewing founder and naturopath Barbara Filokostas? As founder of the brand, she has […]

What’s all the buzz about manuka honey and bee venom? Wedderspoon reveals why these are key ingredients in Queen of the Hive

It did not take long for Queen of the Hive Face Contour Cream to prove its weight in golden honey goodness. It contains not just any honey but rather the crème de la crème of anti-bacterial, healing, skin-soothing honeys—organic manuka honey. Lately, only select creams are my friends. I can not use many of them […]

Why Shopping Small Is a Big Deal + Upcoming #GivingTrueBeauty Event

Can it be that time of year again? If Thanksgiving didn’t already turn into a mass market sales frenzy (there’s a rant somewhere in there!), then December certainly does. Regardless of the buying bonanza, it’s still important to keep things real, wholesome, and meaningful—even when shopping. One of the ways that I do that in […]

Can Yogurt Save Your Skin? Fermented Beauty Ingredients Show Promise

A recent trend in beauty may be growing right out of your yogurt container. Fermented foods show fantastic results for gut health—but would you use them on your skin? Several cutting-edge skincare companies say that fermented ingredients like those found in yogurt are just the thing your skin needs to treat it from the outside […]

Creams vs. Balms: 8 skin pros weigh in on why creams win

My two previous posts about balms here and here weighed heavily in favor of balms. Actually the compelling reasons to use a balm made most skin creams look like a ploy to get the consumer to shell out money on a product that contains empty fillers. That is clearly not the case. I’ve still been […]

Pure Eye Candy: Do Appearances Influence Your Decision To Splurge?

What is it about Sundays that hurl me into that time-warped, computer-trapped zone where I spend meaningless hours scouring the internet for who-knows-what? (OK, let’s face it, you know what!) After these mind-bending explorations, I bang my head wondering how the time lapsed with little nothing accomplished. Been there too? Then I reassure myself that […]

Will Toxic Ingredients in Beauty Products Kill You?

As a green beauty blogger, I face this question daily. Will the toxic ingredients that I spend so much time avoiding actually kill me? My initial answer might surprise you. I don’t really think so. Do I think toxic ingredients are a good idea? Definitely not. Generally, a series of events, emotions, and toxicity build […]

Why I Stopped Using Coconut Oil On My Face

Coconut oil does not work for all skin types. Find out why.

Four mouth-watering pumpkin beauty picks

Call it the influence of the season but I sure do love pumpkins and anything with this powerhouse ingredient in it. Here’s why it’s a ‘WOW’ ingredient. Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil has a high content of zinc, potassium, magnesium, omega 3, 6 and 9, and is packed with vitamins such as A, beta-carotene, B2, B3 […]

{never underestimate the girl in the corner}

To all people who feel like wallflowers at some point in their lives. You know who you are. You know the one who blends into the wall, even though it’s painted grey—and you’re wearing moon beams. You’re the one who mixed paisley and polka dots long before it was in vogue. If ever it was. […]

Get your green JAVA fix

Do you ever wonder what you’re actually drinking in those ubiquitous coffee shops? No one knows better than coffee aficionado, Stephanie Additon. For Stephanie, coffee is a household word. Inspired by her husband’s artisan roasted coffee shop, Updike’s Newtowne, in Rhode Island, she knew that coffee boasted high antioxidants and decided to marry beauty with […]

Twenty Ways Toners Prove Indispensable

If it isn’t already abundantly clear that I own a rather large amount of products, this post will blow my cover. To be fair to my skin care affinity obsession—ahem, I am drawn to different brands and types of products at different times, so I really do switch them up a lot. This applies to […]

Feed, Nourish, Beautify on October 23rd!

Wouldn’t it be absolutely awesome to play with FALL’s most coveted beauty releases? Well, now you can!! You are invited to a fun and pampering green beauty  + wellness evening on Thursday, October 23rd at Yarok Beauty Kitchen in NYC called: Feed, Nourish, Beautify Indulge in the latest product releases from leading natural beauty brands […]

Minerals + Balm = Flawless Foundation

On really bad skin days, I must use foundation to even out my complexion. The Catch-22? I can’t stand adding fuel to my already inflamed skin. Even when the ingredients are natural, a liquid foundation must reach a certain consistency that demands the use of emulsifiers, water, and some type of preservative. By the end […]

Balms vs. Creams: why balms go wrong + how to make them work for you

It’s the last thing in the world that I would have grabbed to help my breakout-prone skin. Yet it didn’t take long to realize that something I was using this summer was totally transforming my skin. Because of my constant battle with the blemish, I had discontinued using several oils and creams that seemed to […]

Balms Vs. Creams⎯The Experts Weigh In, Part I

It seems I’m not the only one who’s hopping on the balm bandwagon. A trend is surfacing among skincare lines that’s placing these solid but creamy emollients center stage—for good reason! I started using balms this summer and saw a real turnaround in the condition of my skin—as in fewer breakouts, diminished scars, and an […]

How To Grow a Mystical Garden

Treat children like a mystical garden. Plant seeds of wisdom. Cultivate kindness. Sprinkle joy like raindrops. Shower rays of sunshine. Offer shelter from the storm. Feed with miracles and magic. Encourage sprouts of exploration. Ignore it and it may run wild. Watch it and it blooms and grows. Give it rainbow colored love. Embrace the […]

For Parents Who Hate Homework (And It’s Only the Start of the School Year!)

My first day of elementary school, something incredible happened. I felt big. I felt strong. I felt empowered. I was no longer a member of the early childhood clan—and boy, did it feel liberating! Of course, soon after the year began, another new and unexpected twist sprang up with it. Homework! I figured that it […]

My Signature Summer (into Fall) Look with Video {Tag}

Thanks to Nath at Beautycalypse for tagging me to do this “Signature Summer Look” post.  At first, I admit to laughing because style kinda went out the window with my first child. Before kids, I paid closer attention to my clothing. After kids, I’m happy to wear something without any deviant stains. Few life events […]

Instagram: Behind the Shots

Since my latest obsession this summer has been Instagram, I thought it would be fun to share some of my adventures with photography as a total beginner with no training and no fancy camera. In fact, all I’ve been using has been my cellphone, the Samsung Galaxy S5, and an eye for beauty. If you […]

Huckleberry Mask Giveaway on Instagram and Demo Video (my first!!)

The #MaskOff hashtag on Instagram took off as a fun—slightly scary—way to connect with other skin care aficionados and share their favorite masks…while wearing them. More than a few beauties pampered their faces with every colored mask imaginable. The hashtag had the added bonus of introducing me to Joyce Chow, the gracious founder of Huckleberry, […]

ZWEENA Launches Two Luscious Rose-Infused Products and Goes PINK

If you are a lover of roses, then you are going to want every single product that ZWEENA Argan Beauty offers. The line’s signature ingredient is organic argan oil, known for its wrinkle-reducing, frizz-taming, and skin-balancing powers. It’s no wonder that multi-tasking argan oil has become ubiquitous in the beauty world. But what takes ZWEENA […]

Follain Launches Online Shop! Who Else Is Excited?

Follain has come to represent the crème de la crème of natural beauty brands for those who frequent the two brick and mortar stores in Nantucket and in Boston. Now consumers who have not been lucky enough to indulge in the Follain experience get to immerse in their curated selection, as the store opens the doors to a new […]

37 extreme actives: a story with a twist

Once upon a time, the very helpful ladies at Ayla recommended that I try a luxurious cream for my misbehaving skin. Its name is 37 extreme actives. It was love at first use, for this cream is beautiful and touted in the land as nothing short of miraculous. It is supercharged with 50+ active ingredients. […]

Why ‘It’s all for the good’ Just Doesn’t Cut It

A while ago, I began telling a friend about something that happened to me that really upset me. Her answer to me was: “It’s all for the good.” Um, really? Because in that moment, I didn’t see much good in what was happening at all. In fact, her answer made me feel worse about myself […]

Why We Stopped ‘Movie Time’ For Our Kids

Recently we stopped all weekday “Movie Time” for the kids. “Movie Time” was a dedicated hour (or inevitably two hours) of watching whatever G-rated shows they could find that were streaming on Netflix or some other computer generated rerun machine. My kids looked forward to that time like bees zeroing in on a succulent flower. […]

Self-care Sunday: What do you do to nurture your body, mind, and spirit?

This is a facial steam that I make that is simple to do. It calms my spirit, purifies the skin, as well as increases cellular hydration. Add a handful of dried herbs and flowers. I used this gorgeous blend: FIG + YARROW Spring Herbal Steam bought on BEAU.TEA.BAR. Add boiling water. Throw a towel over […]

The Surprising Upside Of Anger

  Anger used to confound me. Most of our attitudes about anger begin when we are children through the way we were taught and through the ways we were reprimanded or punished. To that end, anger scared me, whether it was my own or someone else’s. I also interpreted my own anger negatively. Until recently, […]

THE Serum for Summer

the carrots After reading kimberlyloc.com’s stellar review of Carrot con Leche, I knew that I had to bite into this brand fast. Let’s just clear something up right off the bat—I’m cwazy about this wascally carrot infused line by Jacq’s Organics. The lovely founder, Barbara Jacques, knew what she was doing when she created her […]

nyl Skincare founder reveals the wonders of watermelon seed oil

nyl Skincare is one of those product lines that I just love everything about—from the branding to the formulas. So when founder Carol Sondesky agreed to give us the lowdown about one of the unique ingredients that she uses—watermelon seed oil—I knew we were in for a feast of the senses. Thank you so much, […]

New Muse: The Lip Balm That Had Me at Coconut Butter Rum

I’m hereby committed to a luscious lip balm. Ok, ok. I still love some other ones too. But a girl can never have too many lip balms, right? When they’re stashed in different compartments around the house, car, and other hiding spaces, it’s as though you only own one. Maybe two. And we’re not even […]

Does Anyone Else Think This Could Be Their New Favorite Water Bottle?

This item is one of my latest discoveries from the Green Festival in NYC yesterday. It’s called “Wherever Water” made by Full Circle Home. The brand is new to me and only five years in the works, but it looks like their products are going to be a staple in my home from now on. […]

This Mousse Spares Me Many a Bad Hair Day

Mordechai Alvow blows me away. This native Israeli—yes, we shmoozed in Hebrew for a bit at the W3LL People event last fall—makes time to study Kabbalah, which is pretty darn awesome in its own right. But that’s not all. He also offers a full-blown sensorial experience at his cutting edge NYC hair and beauty salon, Yarok […]

Founder of Tastyface Organics Shows Us Her Savvy with Tamanu Oil

I absolutely can not contain my excitement over the next guest post for The Savvy Naturalista. Kelly, the awesome founder of Tastyface Organics, gives us the deets about one of my personal favorite ingredients: tamanu oil. More gushing after she tells us why we NEED this crucial ingredient in our skincare…(and after she uses a […]

The Secret Whim of Writers

  If I could categorize my life into phases, I would call this stage the ‘Writing’ one. It was preceded by several others, namely: the ‘Growing Up’ one, the ‘Life Experience’ one, the ‘Acts of Service’ one, the ‘Having Babies’ one. While many of those themes overlap into this time period, with one tumbling into […]

10 Natch Sunscreens You Will Love

With spring in the air—at least that’s what they keep telling us!—the hunt for the perfect sunscreen commences. Of course, sunscreens can be used year round. The discussion about safe sun runs the gamut all over the internet. At the end of this post, I share some helpful links so that you can decide what’s […]

The Post I Didn't Write But Really Wanted To

Did you ever find yourself married to an awesome blog post title? Sometimes you’re so committed to the name, yet somehow, the words to back it up don’t flow. That’s what just happened to me. I came up with this fantastic question. Do you want to know what it was? It read: “Does marriage have […]

My life didn’t stop after I got married and had kids

A recent blog post called “Having Kids Is The Worst” alarmed me. In it, single blogger Andrea Eiken says she’s completely repelled by marriage and kids thanks to all the complaints she fields from peers. And she wants to stop being scared off. I can sure see why she lost any desire to become a […]

Let’s call divorce what it really is, shall we?

So now we are “consciously uncoupling,” are we? It’s the latest euphemism for a couple who decides to call it quits—only this time, they’re doing it with awareness. Hmm… The term stemmed out of the announcement on Tuesday that Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin have decided to terminate their union. The words made me think […]

Thank you for what is

When my husband and I first got married, I made a big mistake. He surprised me by washing the dishes after a big meal when I was too tired to look at the kitchen anymore. The next day when I walked in expecting a pile of dishes in the sink, I lit up at the […]

Writing As Catharsis

It took me many years to find my voice in a group of people. Often I’d have something to contribute to a class discussion but was too shy or embarrassed to have all eyes burning into me. My mouth would feel like I’d sucked a lemon. My heart would thump so loudly that my ears […]

When the Past Sprouts Wings… (Part II of Packing Up a Life)

All endings are but new beginnings disguised. I almost don’t dare go back to see my childhood home now that it’s no longer the same. It’s like seeing a loved one in a hospital bed. You don’t want to remember them looking hollow and emptied of life, for it is the final, lingering impression that […]

Blissed Out Over Blissoma: Interview with Founder Julie Longyear

I’ve been enjoying Blissoma skin care products for well over a year and absolutely loving them. What distinguishes Blissoma from many other lines are the complex herbal blends that mark the skill of someone who knows what they’re doing. Enter Julie Longyear, founder and creator extraordinaire of Blissoma Holistic Skincare & Apothecary. This is no […]

Packing Up a Life

My parents finally found a buyer who wants my childhood home. It shouldn’t really matter. I don’t live there anymore, nor have I for the last 20 years. But it does. Because packing up my life into boxes has been like unraveling a story, bit by labeled Polaroid bit.  This week I traveled through a […]

It's Orange, It's Ripe, and It's in Your Skin Care: Lollique Beauté Founder Extols the Virtues of Pumpkin Seed Oil

The lovely Veronique Breuning of Lollique Beauté puts a lot of care into her formulas. Thankfully she tells us all about pumpkin seed oil here. What are the skin-loving benefits of PUMPKIN SEED OIL? Pumpkin seed oil (Cucurbita Pepo)—Organic Pumpkin seed oil is rich in essential fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6, vitamins A, B, C, […]

Isn't It Ironic?

When we are little, we resist naps like the plague. When we grow older, we can’t get enough of them. As children, we refuse to take baths. As adults, we refuse to get out. A baby sucks his feet and nibbles his toes. An adult puts his foot in his mouth. A child is considered […]

How Angelina Jolie and Audrey Hepburn Taught Me about Serving the World

“All of us would like to believe that if we were in a bad situation someone would help us.” ~ Angelina Jolie Weird fact about me: For a long time, I had recurring dreams about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. I don’t really know why. I’m not an avid fan or really care much about […]

No Bull Blemish Blaster

There’s nothing like seeing something that we need to get rid of and tackling it head on. No cr*ppy excuses. No bull.  Like this zit-zapping product. It’s from No Bull Beauty, a label with the motto “No Bogus Ingredients. No Chemical Crap. NO BULL!”. (Don’t ya just love that?!) Check out some of the incredible […]

How To Know You're Making an Impact

[Disclaimer: In the name of making an impact, I use one not-so-nice word. Please excuse this departure from the norm.] What makes someone stand out?  What makes them unique? And how does anyone know if they are bringing their truth? I decided to scan the internet to see if there was a common thread among […]

Dear Chaz Dean, WEN Will You Clean Up Your Cleansing Cream?

Dear Founder, Chaz Dean, WEN, O’ Wen will you go green? Much as I love your Cleansing Cream, It’s got ingredients that make me scream! If it didn’t work like a dream, It ne’er would be part of my routine. So here is where we break rhythm & rhyme, It’s what happens every time Because […]

Is Your Cup Half Empty or Half Full? Ask Yourself These Defining Questions To Find Out

We can celebrate each moment when we gain awareness of the words that we choose to say to ourselves. Celebrate Waking Up This morning, when you woke up, did you thank your body for a good night’s sleep? Did you send it gratitude for refreshing and rejuvenating itself while your dreams took you to far […]

Founder of Authentic Skin Remedies Explains the Therapeutic Benefits of Rosewood and Seawater

The inspiring Amy Rueda, founder of Authentic Skin Remedies, discusses two stellar ingredients: Seawater with Rosewood essential oil. First, I want to preface this interview with my opinion on the most important difference in skincare when comparing natural plant derived ingredients vs. man made, chemical synthetic ingredients—”mimicking plants.” “Many times, all our body needs to […]

Founder of Schmidt's Natural Deodorant Explains Why Hops Extract Keeps Us Odor Free

Jaime Schmidt, founder of the popular Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant, adds hops extract to her formulas.  For those of us who must know more, she tells us why. What are the benefits of hops extract? Oil and resins extracted from the female flowers of the hop plant are highly antibacterial, meaning they prevent the growth of […]

Six Reasons Why Breaking Up Doesn't Have To Be Hard To Do

“One is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do.”  ~ Three Dog Night We don’t get much encouragement on being alone, do we?  It’s further compounded after a breakup when feelings of loneliness seep through like a soaked cloth. We feel exposed.  Vulnerable. We tell ourselves that if this person—someone who knew me so well—can […]

What's in this Wonderful Eye Cream that Keeps Your Eyes TAUT?

  The lovely and knowledgeable Elisha Reverby, founder of Elique Organics, explains why she incorporated Cistus Ladaniferus—or for us laymen (as in me)—Rock Rose, into her formulas.  I’m so glad she did! What are the skin-loving benefits of Cistus Ladaniferus, a.k.a. Rock Rose? Refined and softened tone. Cistus beautifies and plumps the skin and is […]

Ellovi Founder Talks about Marula Oil

Kelly Winterhalter, founder of Ellovi, explains why she’s head over heels over Marula Oil. In fact, it’s one of six ingredients in her velvety body butter and lip balm. What are the skin-loving benefits of Marula oil? The Marula tree is considered sacred for good reason. The oils from the fruit it bears have been […]

The Formula for Lasting Love

Sometimes, when I look at couples who are head over heels in love, there’s a twinge of longing to feel that way again—especially after 15 years of marriage.   Is it envy?  Remembrance? I think of the times that I loved—and lost.  And the searing, singeing pain that came with letting go. Because when you start […]

Why I Stopped Being Cynical Even Though Love Sucks Sometimes

Not long ago, I admit that I did something I’m not proud of doing. I left a snide comment on someone’s Facebook post. It’s not my fault really.  It was begging for it.  Or so I thought. The post showed a video of a young couple who were performing a duet for American Idol.  The […]

Does Faith Still Matter in 2014?

I am Jewish. I even practice the Orthodox Jewish faith. Does this make a difference? I feel like I’ve gotten to know many of my wonderful readers through social media channels and this has not come up. Part of me felt like I was hiding something important about myself and it felt sort of…dishonest. Yet […]

Guest Post on Eco Steps: The Three R’s: REUSE, REUSE, REUSE

A guest post by the lovely and creative Maggie Mahboubian of Lalun Naturals. [Check out Maggie’s gorgeous line of products that she created to support your skin through the needs of each season.] When Sarita posted her first Eco Steps article, “One Small Green Step in November,” she really struck a chord that inspired me to […]

I never expected to see THIS on the day my father died

As it turns out, the Genesis post was not the beginning of my spiritual awakening after all. It hit me—as I was comforting someone in an email over the loss of her father—that my family witnessed a miracle years ago. Thirty-four years ago, my father died in our New York City apartment. My two sisters, […]

Why It's Fun Being 40-something

I really don’t know what all the fuss is about aging. Let me tell you something. There are loads of advantages to aging. As I’m creeping into my 40’s (I’m a proud 43 year old), I revel in the changes going on. When you look at them the way I do, you will too. Guaranteed. […]

A DIY yogurt mask to overhaul damaged skin

If seasonal changes wreak havoc on your skin—reach for some yogurt. But whatever you do, don’t eat it all. Turn it into a treatment for your skin. That’s what leading skin care brands are doing. Some are creating entire product lines based on the benefits of probiotics. And this is no passing trend. These beneficial […]

Genesis of a Spiritual Awakening

Genesis—a beginning or origin of anything; the coming into being of something* The question that has been boggling my mind is where to begin. I can only imagine God having this inner dialogue before committing the Bible to parchment: “Well, if I start here, people will wonder what happened before the flood.” Or: “Can I […]

Please Unfollow My Blog

Now that I got your attention, please allow me to explain. I’d like you to unfollow this blog. But before you press that “Unsubscribe” button, let me tell you why. When I started this blog, I had greener than green intentions like posting lots of reviews about natural products and such. While I’m still determined […]

Discover Aloe Vera Gel: A Signature Ingredient in BFree Organics

The lovely Cassandra Davis includes a hefty amount of aloe vera gel in BFree Organics, her range of handcrafted, naturally formulated products. She explains why this gooey green stuff is great for skin. What are the skin loving benefits of Aloe Vera Gel? Oh there are sooo many benefits, I don’t know where to start! […]

Blemish Blasting DIY Bentonite Clay and Honey Mask (Video)

Did you know that you should not let a Bentonite clay mask dry on your face? Here’s why. Bentonite clay has some pretty cool properties. The edible form has been traditionally used by indigenous cultures to heal mineral deficiencies as it’s rich in silica, calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron, and potassium. Clay also binds to bacteria […]

DIY Holiday Spice Mask and Scrub

Your calendar lists the many holiday parties to attend this year. How does a girl get her skin in gear? Try a nutrient-rich exfoliating mask and scrub to prep you for the big night out. Or, if you’re like me, any skin treat creates a fun night in too! Prepare this DIY formula to use […]

Wild Honey Apothecary Sweetens Our Knowledge of Honey

The super cool and spirited Kat Davis of Wild Honey Apothecary offers a heaping spoonful of honey in her products and tells us why you’d want to take it—inside and out. Thanks so much, Kat. You rock! What are the skin-loving benefits of Honey? Oh, so many. Especially if using raw honey. Tons of minerals […]

Discover the right oils to use for your skin based on Ayurvedic wisdom

It’s no secret that most skin types can benefit from the use of oil. Oils: imitate the skin’s natural sebum are emollient create a protective barrier offer healing properties, like enhancing skin repair My wise mom draws a comparison between leather and our own skin saying that using oil keeps leather supple and looking new, […]

Move Over Red! How To Choose The Perfect Nude Lipstick

  I love the flexibility of a nude lip. It can take you from day wear to evening wear seamlessly. At the same time, nude can often be hard to pull off. Pale lips and makeup in the wrong tone can create a washed out look. Lora Alexander offers her expert advice on achieving your […]

Osmia Organics Founder Dishes about King Tut and Cleopatra—Oh! And Black Cumin Seed Oil

Osmia Organics Founder, Sarah Villafranco happens to be an MD, a totally funny lady, and, incidentally, brilliant at formulating natural skin care products.  That makes me EXTREMELY excited to get the lowdown on Black Cumin Seed Oil from her—especially since she uses it in one of her products. What are the skin-loving benefits of black […]

Eco-Steps: One small green step in November

Once again, I’m launching a new category on Edible Facial called Eco-Steps. For a blog largely focused on green topics, it’s time to relate some eco-friendly changes that I’m implementing in my own life. Aside from sharing my own changes, I’d like to turn this into a guest blog spot for anyone who wishes to […]

Eco Lustre: Jewelry with a Conscience

Gifts with purpose make the ultimate presents. I couldn’t be happier to have the founders of Eco Lustre write a guest post about the value of buying jewelry that is recycled and makes a positive impact. Not only do I love their mission, but I also find their jewelry downright AWESOME! Thank you Natalia and […]

The Giving In Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving today and I’ve read dozens of articles about gratitude and ways to be thankful. Gratitude allows us to receive all that comes our way with a state of acceptance and grace. Yet Thanksgiving doesn’t begin and end there. It seems that the “giving” part of Thanksgiving gets lost in the holiday sales racks. […]

cecilia wong reveals the secret of black currant oil

If you don’t know Cecilia Wong, you’re missing out. You’ll find this talented esthetician at her salon in NYC giving decadent facials to celebs and repeat clients like me. Or she’s covering her face in food—not due to bad aim—but because of food’s skin-loving and therapeutic properties that helped her heal teenage acne and balance […]

Is Green Beauty Losing Its Ground?

Navigating the world of green beauty used to be fairly simple. When I was growing up, there were only a few natural brands that were decent but nothing to celebrate. Zoom in on today’s green beauty scene, and we encounter a very different story. The market is saturated with new labels all the time. Green […]

All That Glitters Is Green: Gifts to Please Every Hostess

Leave it to Bellashoot.com Bellas, Gee Kaur and Saje Sandhu, to come up with a fun beauty topic related to hostess gift ideas for the holidays. What better way to treat a hostess than through giving her a present that is good for her and respectful of the environment. Here are some naturally fabulous gift […]

DIY Recipes You Might Want To Lick Off Your Face!

Herbs transform skin care into fragrant, potent skin food that you might be tempted to eat. Actually, some of these recipes ARE edible and work as therapeutically internally as they do externally. Face masks can bring skin into balance by delivering healing levels of nutrients to the skin. Creating your own recipes allows you to […]

Is Bite Beauty as edible as it claims?

Bite Beauty earns high marks in my book as one of the first clean brands to stake a claim at cosmetics retail giant Sephora. With enough colors to make a girl swoon, this brand boasts several different formulas from high gloss lacquers to long-lasting pigments. Shades run from nudes to deep purple vinos, so there’s […]

Elique Organics Founder Spills Her Purse (And We're So Happy She Did!)

Elisha Reverby, founder of the line Elique Organics, gives us the low down on what’s in her purse (because we must know what this organic beauty carries around!) From top: My sunglasses. Can’t live without a pair—they are like lipstick. I never leave without them. These were a treat from The Row. I tend to […]

GREENBODY Founder Focuses On Rice Bran Oil

Thank you, Kristin Jones, founder of GREENBODY, for telling us about Rice Bran Oil. What are the skin-loving benefits of Rice Bran Oil? Rice Bran Oil (Oryza Sativa) is expressed from germ (inner husk) of the rice grain.  It is considered to be hypoallergenic, so it is suitable to most everyone. An anti-aging secret in […]

W3LL People Hosts Supernatural Sessions at NYC's Henri Bendel

“Oh what a night!” That’s the song that keeps replaying in my head over the awesome green beauty event at Henri Bendel’s in NYC last night. Yes, indeed, oh what a night it was! The event hosts were: W3LL People‘s brilliant team, including creative and color director, Shirley Pinkson, and James Walker, treehugger The dynamic […]

Organic Beauty Talk Launches Holiday Shop (So Excited!)

Thanks, Brandie Gilliam, Organic Beauty Talk founder, for sharing this awesome news just in time for holiday season. Organic Beauty Talk has launched an online curated pop-up shop this holiday season full of hand-crafted, high-performing, made in the USA beauty favorites. Find skin, body, hair and makeup must-haves from over 12 years of testing all […]

On Gunshots, Unity, And The State of Our Country

My five kids and I went to Garden State Plaza last night in what would end up being a life altering chain of events. We parked outside Macy’s, walked from the carousel all the way to the Gap where we shopped for a bit, and then headed to Nordstrom. The mall was pretty quiet and […]

I Love Fall Tag

Here I am, tagged again, this time by the lovely Eco Diva who picked me alongside some fabulous other bloggers: Kasey of Plein Vanity, Joanna from JoannaLoves, and Caitie from NaturallaBeauty. I think after this one, I’ll have to retire the TAG and get back to some pending reviews. Got lots to cover! Favorite Fall […]

5 Healthy Ways To Bring Beauty To Cancer

As part of the last day of breast cancer awareness month, I felt that it was time for some inspiration. A while ago, I asked to interview a few women who stood out in the beauty industry because of the good that they were doing with their talents. Kristen Arnett is one of them. Leave […]

Green Savings While Going Green

Going green does not have to cost a fortune. Here are a few of my favorite websites to save green when buying greener fashion, beauty, food, and more. What they say: Green Deals is a flash sale site that features products from certified green businesses from Green America and the Green Business Network. All deals […]

The Products That Totally Improved My Skin

My skin reached an all-time low this summer with breakouts like I haven’t seen in years. I figured it would take an arsenal of products to pull it back together again Humpty-Dumpty style. Nothing was working and worst of all, I had to stop using all my gorgeous oils and serums. GASP! I know. At […]

Four steps to beautiful skin and the first one is free

  This is probably the best skin enhancing advice I ever got, and I’m not exaggerating! You’re not going to believe how simple and obvious it is. And I’m certain it will improve your skin and health. First I’ve got to give you a little bit of info so you don’t get lost. (For those of […]

Is Green Beauty A Trend?

A trend can be defined in several ways according to the Thesaurus: Style, Fashion that is in favor. Synonyms: craze, cry, fad, furor, in-thing, latest thing, look, mode, newest wrinkle, rage, thing, vogue Flow, Current. Synonyms: aim, bearing, bent, bias, course, direction, drift, inclination, leaning, movement, orientation, progression, run, swing, tendency, tenor, wind If you […]

Inspiring Teen Shares A Universal Message

I am SO excited to have the honor of connecting with Maya Penn for my blog.  She’s got my kind of eco-style! Maya Penn, 13, exemplifies the message of empowerment. At age eight, Maya founded her company, Maya’s Ideas, an online shop that sells unique handcrafted, eco-friendly, sustainable, and often upcycled clothing and accessories. This […]

A Bold Lip For All Seasons

I used to think I couldn’t wear bold lipstick. At least I thought I couldn’t—until I worked with Lora Alexander, makeup artist, image consultant, and founder of Pretty Your World (PYW).  She helped me figure out that I’m a “Soft Autumn”—after thinking I was a “Summer” for so long!—just from looking at my pictures on […]

7 Ways To Determine If Your Lifestyle Changes Are Working

Sometimes when converting to a greener lifestyle and holistic wellness, a common question arises: What happens if I’m not feeling a difference? How do I know these changes are working for me? In my experience of going to energy healers, most of their work can’t be seen—and sometimes I don’t even see the healer because […]

Spicy, Luscious Autumn—Here's What I'm Craving

Cinnamon spice and everything nice—that’s what Autumn is made of. The leaves are just beginning to glow with flecks of gold, orange, and red. With the welcome return of a certain spice latte (don’t tell anyone!), everything’s coming up pumpkins, cinnamon sticks, sugared ginger, and crispy red apples baked in the sun with a sprinkling […]

Etsy Makes Shopping an Organic Experience

There’s a bit of a “rebel with a cause” in me that theoretically shuns fast fashion and chain stores. Practically speaking, I do shop there but not without some compunction. I have an affinity for fine craftsmanship, homemade wares, and artisanal lines. It would be a shame for smaller niche brands to be lost to […]

The Wisdom of Ancient Skin Care

There is no denying it—ancient wisdom still prevails today, even in the ways we care for our skin. Beauty regimens from long ago have lasting power for one simple reason—they work! Yet some of these skin care rituals may surprise you. With all the fancy ingredients in skin care products today, these uncomplicated and cost-effective […]

Do It Now

If in 25 years, you will look back and find… That the furniture you were afraid of ruining was not worth the fun everyone could have had jumping and playing on it……then stop caring now. That the wrinkles you were worried about getting would happen anyway and that they would be called Laugh Lines… …then […]

Green Beauties Bare All (Sort of)

What is it like posting naked photos on the internet? NO—You Scoundrel!—not fully naked, just fresh-faced, no makeup naked! Us green beauties are all about natural and organic yet rarely—if ever—do we post photos of ourselves sans makeup, even the non-toxic kind, to reveal our natural, beautiful selves. One exception who comes to mind is […]

AMAZING Back to School Eco-Friendly Giveaway

You want to hear something scary? I don’t either. But I’m going to share it with you anyway. Last year, I wrote an article called Back to School Eco-Style for the Epoch Times. Relax. That’s not the scary part. In the article, I cited some frightening statistics. OK, here comes the scary part. “The average […]

Simple Ways to Refuel When You've Had Enough

“Learn to appreciate what you have before time makes you appreciate what you HAD.” Shared by Inspiring and Positive Quotes on Facebook Wow! I was about to write this post when I came across the quote above. It’s so perfect. It essentially captures the concept of experiencing each moment and valuing it for what it […]

Will Toxic Ingredients in Beauty Products Kill You? Via Natural News Blogs

Here is my first post on Natural News Blogs. With so many people blasting skincare companies for using certain ingredients, it was time for a closer look. Toxic ingredients in your beauty products can be deadly, but only when part of a fuller picture. via Will Toxic Ingredients in Beauty Products Kill You? » Natural News […]

Seven Ways to Go on a Family Vacation without Going Crazy

Family vacations are wonderful and essential…but if you want to still love each other by the end of the trip, there are a few things we have to set straight about them. Number One is a biggie. Stop thinking of a family vacation as a getaway where you’re going to relax and unwind. SERIOUSLY? If […]

I'm Gonna Wash that Chlorine Right Outa My Hair!

A friend of mine recently asked me how to reverse chlorine damage on the hair after a summer of swimming and fun in the sun. It’s a FABULOUS question to answer as summer winds down and pool days come to a halt. It also reminded me about this lovely exchange that I had with Margie, […]

How to Turn Your Camping Trip into a Spa Getaway

When a friend of mine (and you know who you are!), asked—nay—begged me for some ideas about face masks while camping, I knew she needed some help through a thorny situation. The gauntlet was thrown and I was up for the challenge! So here is my attempt at turning a trip under the stars into […]

What Happens When An Esthetician Spills Her Secrets?

Few things still make me squeal like a little girl. Peaking into someone else’s purse is definitely one of those secret pleasures! I picture myself trying to avoid the owner as I delve into the goodies to see what the mysterious contents reveal. Don’t you? So here’s my first post about “What’s in your bag?” […]

When Positive Messages Make You Feel Worse

Do you ever have those days when you want to shove some of that positivity mumbo jumbo up someone’s—well, we won’t go there! But I think you know what I mean. It’s those days when you open a motivational email and it makes you feel like a failure. It’s like they knew every word and […]

Husbands and Tolerance

Marriage is an adventure—particularly when you’re married to a green beauty blogger. Here’s why. Husband (as he is fondly known on this blog) never knows what he will come home to each day. Sometimes it’s honey and cinnamon dripping from my face. At other times, there’s a mad scientific experiment going on—all over me— with […]

Interview with Founder of Osmia Organics Dr. Sarah Villafranco

Please pinch me now! It’s hard to believe that I had the FANTASTIC good fortune to do an email interview with a woman who embodies so much of what I’m about!! It’s going to be hard not to gush here, so allow me the liberty…. Sarah Villafranco, M.D., is a doctor with a holistic bend, […]

Aura-clearing bath recipe that really works

Wouldn’t it be great if we were all given a manual on self-care rituals that nurture the heart? My manual would definitely include this one: the Clearing Bath to help let go of energies that no longer serve us or that we picked up from someone else. I don’t know about you, but sometimes a […]

8 Divinely Delicious Ways to Use Roses in Skin Care

As one of the most beautiful flowers, roses offer some outstanding, beautifying properties. Specifically, roses can defend the skin against aging, balance redness, and lend an overall feeling of equanimity. “[Rose oil] is known to bring happiness, harmony, opportunity, comfort, and patience to those who wear it,” says the website for Fresca Natural, which uses […]

Easy + healthy breakfast recipe that kids will love

I’m always on the hunt for nutritious foods that will prepare my family and me for our activity-filled days. It’s also important for the food to supply sustained energy and enhance (or at least not detract from) concentration levels. My recent food infatuation is kasha, a.k.a. buckwheat. I already wrote about it here, as a […]

Get Your Chocolate Fix with This Recipe—Great for Breakfast or After a Workout!

You make the big decision to eat for wellness not just for weight loss.  This means adhering to a diet largely consisting of plants, quality proteins, good fats and oils, lower sugar intake, and other nutrient-dense foods. Not too long into this radically enormous lifestyle change, the unthinkable happens—you begin to crave chocolate!  What’s a […]

The 10 Rules for Being Human

1. YOU WILL RECEIVE A BODY. You may like it or hate it, but it will be yours for the entire period of this time around. 2. YOU WILL LEARN LESSONS. You are enrolled in a full-time informal school called Life. Each day in this school you will have the opportunity to learn lessons. You […]

How to build a delicious smoothie

Whenever I plan my menus, I think in terms of color. The same goes for smoothies. If you can’t eat them all, then blend them! My smoothies are usually so random.  Absolutely no measurements are required to make a delicious health cocktail. For the Base Liquid Often—if I feel like cleaning the juicer AND the […]

Cecilia Wong Skin Care and Salon Review

Taking time out of a busy beauty schedule to get a facial treatment means that it must be results-oriented.  If I can accomplish the same thing at home, it is not worth my while.  Let’s just say that slathering on a few masks and blasting humid air at my face is just not going to […]

Buckwheat: our family’s surprising secret weapon to settle upset tummies

When my sisters and I were growing up, there was only one food that cured our upset tummies—buckwheat groats, also known as kasha. That’s right, plain buckwheat stops nausea right in its tracks. Not all throwing up is bad. Vomiting is the body’s way of eliminating toxins from the body. Sometimes that’s encouraged. However, at some […]

Ambre Blends: my signature scent

Discovering a signature scent took me years. In college, I went through bottles of Joy, Fred Hayman, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Prescriptives Calyx—and I’m sure there are more that I’m forgetting. I knew when I hit the right fragrance by the amount of comments that I’d get on smelling good. After leading a more natural […]

My family used a reflexologist and were amazed by the results

My family and I discovered first-hand how reflexology is not just another feel-good massage—but rather a powerful therapeutic treatment. The proof was easy to see through the amazing healing experiences that I’ll be telling you about in this post. How it works Reflexology is an Ancient Chinese technique that uses pressured massage to open blocked energy passages […]

How much water should we really be drinking?

We all know that we need to drink water to stay hydrated. Not only does it flush toxins through the system, it also keeps our skin plump and glowing.  But how much do we really need to drink to maintain optimum hydration levels? If we’re still thinking along the 64 oz. a day rule, we […]

Amazing DIY mask with turmeric–the spice that tames inflamed skin

  Turmeric seems to be everywhere these days—with good reason. This bold kitchen ingredient with the bright yellow color and pungent flavor is chock full of body and skin benefits with a 2,000-year-old history as a medicinal Indian spice to boot. Anti-cancer benefits Curcumin, the compound that produces turmeric and gives it the yellow color, has been shown […]

Chinese face mapping reveals hidden messages in your skin

I just watched a commercial of a woman eating something that did not agree with her. Out popped the antacid tablet to save the day.  The 30-second commercial sends the message that now she can go on enjoying the very food that her body was telling her to stop eating. Skin works the same way.  […]

An A-HA Moment in a Milk Bath

Tonight I indulged in Cleopatra’s secret to beautiful, hydrated skin—a milk bath.  It was as simple as turning on the water and pouring in two pints of heavy whipping cream that I picked up at Trader Joe’s. Skim milk is a good choice for oilier skin, while whole milk is better for dry skin.  The […]