Before I begin talking about Max and Me and this month’s Beauty Heroes Discovery Box, I wanted to say something about the agreement I have with Beauty Heroes and how I choose the products that I review.

I’m aware that there are a number Beauty Heroes Ambassadors now and that anyone scrolling through their Instagram pics or blog feed may be inundated by photos of the monthly subscription service. There have been times that I considered leaving the role because maybe it looks/feels too promotional. However, from the start, Jeannie Jarnot, the company founder, and all the ambassadors have an agreement that if a product doesn’t deliver for us, we don’t have to share it. And quite frankly, the Beauty Heroes selection is one that I look forward to every month because it has rarely been off the mark.

I was a paying customer way back when Beauty Heroes was called Spa Heroes and before I became a Beauty Heroes Ambassador. I simply loved the boxes so much and loved Jeannie’s integrity and heart that partnering with her was a no-brainer.

That said, there have definitely been discovery boxes that I did not cover on my blog because I simply didn’t get excited about the product or because I didn’t have enough time to spend with it in order to evaluate its performance. Sometimes the selection didn’t do anything for my skin or it had an off-putting smell or texture. Of course, that’s highly personal and subjective, and one person’s disappointment could be another person’s delight, which is why having many people review the products gives a fuller profile.

Since starting my blog, I’ve maintained a policy of honest reviews with a focus on sharing the products that I wind up loving, not the products that are just meh. I do this for several reasons: time constraints and choosing a point of focus, consideration for the people behind the small brand, and inspiration. When I try a worthy product, I feel excited to spend time describing it and sharing it. In my life, though it’s not always possible, I prefer to focus on what I love and feel thankful for. This is my “circle of protection” and where I set my standards and my boundaries.

My Full Disclosure statement is here. I wrote it to honor the transparency that I have with you more so than for the FTC requirements. I invite you to read it to get a better understanding of the way I do things, including the message that I communicate to brands that I partner with. Thank you for putting your faith in me and for your support over the years. It’s an honor to serve you.

And now, back to Max and Me…

Where to begin describing Max and Me’s Circle of Protection? I think when I love something very much, it is harder for me to talk about because it comes out as one big gush: thisoiliseverythingandIcantgetenoughofit. Like that. Yet I can’t help feeling all the feels about this body oil!

The experience is all about ritual and presence when it comes to Max & Me and it begins with the brand founders. I think this is where I got my first inkling that I was about to embark on a magical journey. Tanja and Max Gruber pour love into every batch and it is palpable.

The artwork is exquisite and sets this brand apart from so many others. I always feel as though opening the box is an invitation into an enchanted land where fairies and elves roam freely. To reassure you, this is not a regular occurrence on my part and unique to this brand.

I’m thrilled that Beauty Heroes handpicked Circle of Protection as the Hero for May. Out of all the Max and Me products that I’ve tried (pretty much all of them), this one stands out to me the most and is also the one that I keep on hand for when I want to indulge in its rich and evocative blend. I am not just saying that because it’s the chosen product. I’m saying that because I fully agree with Jeannie’s choice of Hero product.

Here’s the scent profile and description from Beauty Heroes just to give you an idea of its decadence: “Delicately fragrant vetiver, bourbon geranium, brightening magnolia, uplifting jasmine and  shielding manuka envelope the aura while high vibrations of litsea and silver fir, attract cosmic protection and white light.”

It contains a plethora of “superpower ingredients” the Beauty Heroes way:


  • Argan – nourishing, protecting, repairing, softening
  • Marula – calming, hydrating, nourishing, protecting
  • Rosehip – hydrating, nourishing, protecting
  • Magnolia – regenerating, repairing
  • Manuka – protecting, regenerating, repairing
  • Jasmine – brightening, centering, uplifting, stimulating
  • Litsea – balancing, protecting
  • Vetiver – grounding, protecting, soothing, toning
  • Silver Fir – balancing, protecting, strengthening

This serum oil has become an elemental part of my weekend rituals. It is dedicated to those times because I’m less rushed and can truly relish the full sensory experience of applying it to my torso, with special focus on my heart chakra—or any part of me that is calling for extra attention.

On application, the ambrosial scents are what tickle the mind first and pull me into present moment. It would be hard to miss this aroma that is both grounding and soothing, unmistakably romantic without being cloyingly sweet or floral. What lingers is a delicate fragrance (longer than most others that dissipate quickly), satiny soft skin, and a glowing awareness. Since our sense of smell carries the longest memory, having the scent with me throughout the day is restorative as it reminds me of my quiet moments and returns me to center and focus.

I believe that everyone will encounter their own “circle of protection” and it will be highly individual, yet unifying. It would be a beautiful oil to use as a couple or on children when a warm embrace is needed.

My one caveat: the top is not a pump but has a plastic insert to prevent over-pouring (when you’re not me). Kind of joking, but not. I think a pump top for all oil-based products is best, and in this box, the mini version of this body oil has it.

About the Sidekicks

I’ve been steering clear of face oils for now, so I have not given the small sample size of Enchanted Face Oil a fair trial. It did earn a coveted award as Winner of Indie Beauty Expo’s 2016 Best In Show for Best Oil. Considering the competition, that speaks volumes about this oil.

You’ll also find a companion-sized Circle of Protection so that you can carry the oil with you at all times or share with a companion as a gift of peace and light.

You are invited!

Sit with Jeannie and Tanja for a guided meditation to be practiced with Circle of Protection body oil (the fourth video on the page). You can play this video as often as needed to support you in your meditation practice.

Circle of Protection is truly an inspired creation that is infused with so much love that it is palpable. If you haven’t yet experienced it, I really do hope you take advantage of this one-of-a-kind offer. It is magical.

May’s Beauty Discovery is valued at $95 and can be found here — but hurry! May 20th is the last day to purchase this set for the cost of subscription, which is about $38 per month.

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