Use Less, Love More: what does it mean in the 21st century?

I stumbled across a confession on Facebook recently.

In it, Jeannie Jarnot, founder of the popular monthly beauty subscription box Beauty Heroes, expressed her surprise over finding a quote that she liked on Twitter. Her astonishment was not about the content of the quote, but rather that she herself had written it. It was her own words that she was responding to.

Yet, why am I not surprised? Jeannie has been sharing her hard-won wisdom through quotes and sage messages for years, all while revolutionizing the art of beauty boxes and carving her niche in the market while doing it.

Perhaps why we love her so much is because of her own heroic journey as both a visionary on a mission and a down-to-earth mom who’s not afraid to own her vulnerabilities and learn from them. Her authenticity, enthusiasm, and presence devoted to every label she touches make it obvious why many of the top clean international beauty brands of the day wish to partner with her. A partnership with Beauty Heroes epitomizes a mutually beneficial alliance in every sense.

For those familiar with Beauty Heroes, you already know that the phrase “Use Less, Love More” is much more than a tagline. For Jeannie it is a mantra and a way of life. Her message is a gift to us, and so I am excited to dive deeper into what those four words mean and how Jeannie embodies them, all while imparting them to the rest of the world.

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SC: Your entire mission with “Use Less, Love More” is so layered. How do you define it and how does it support slow beauty?

JJ: The words ‘use less, love more,’ were spoken by me in a meeting a few years ago, when I was articulating my intention for Beauty Heroes to a colleague of mine – when I was first starting the company. It was how I described my ‘Why’ for the company.  The way I was defining it at that time was that I wanted Beauty Heroes to slow down beauty discovery and connect people to what they were using on their skin and bodies by delivering one ‘Hero product’ at a time and educating on each product with a hope that the connection would lead people to use fewer products that they love more.

The term ‘green beauty’ or ‘slow beauty’ usually pertains to the quality of the ingredients used in the products – indicating that the ingredients that they are organic, wild-crafted and/or sustainably sourced from reputable sources. I am not sure these terms have been understood or interpreted to also address how much we beauty we consume.  I know I’ve personally discarded way too many unused or partially used products in my life/career.  And, I’ve purchased a lot of products without being conscious of whether I was would use them and enjoy them.

I also believe that when we are connected to the products we use – meaning we understand how they are made, who made them, where the ingredients come from and their benefits – we have a heightened experience with them.  This is true for me.  When I learn about all the care that’s gone into making a product, I enjoy it more fully.

To me, slow beauty encompasses all this; using products made with sustainable ingredients, being mindful of our product consumption, and taking time to slow down and connect to what we use on our skin and bodies, so we savor the experience more.

SC: What products do you use that allow you to slow down and immerse in the experience? Is it only about products? Perhaps you can share the rituals or moments that enhance a slow beauty experience.

JJ: Without a doubt the best way for me to slow down and immerse into an experience is in the bath. I didn’t take baths growing up in Hawaii because we had the ocean.  I first learned the art and the therapeutic benefits of bathing in the spa industry, when administering Hydrotherapy treatments.  Since then, I have long loved blending salts, minerals and oils into a bath.  No two baths I’ve taken have been the same. And with the bath comes a face mask, a body scrub and a book, and no phone.  A bath is my favorite way to experience some slow beauty.  The only issue is that a bath, at least the way I take them, is a time commitment, and I don’t make the time as often as I’d like.

Through the years I’ve discovered some amazing beauty rituals that have helped me slow down and be present. The In Fiore 4-2-4 Cleansing ritual is one that was a real shift for me. It was the first time I spent real time cleansing – and it turned washing my face into a meditative experience.

Taking Rebecca Casciano’s Sacred Beauty Salon Series online course last year taught me to slow down and set time aside to do my makeup, so that I genuinely enjoy it. Makeup, while fun, was always a bit of a chore for me.  Now, when I’m getting ready to go somewhere, I plan time to apply my makeup so that I am more present and enjoy the moments of applying makeup. It sounds so simple, but for me it is a practice of mindfulness and beauty.

SC: Can you tell us a bit about your background and how that has influenced the structure of Beauty Heroes today? Why is Use Less, Love More a value?

JJ: The idea for Beauty Heroes to deliver healthy beauty one Hero product came to me when I was a Spa Director.  The luxury spa environment, where our clients had a disposable income, spas became a vehicle to push product on clients. I heard clients come into our spa and preface their spa treatment asking the therapist not to ‘sell them’ anything because they just wanted to relax, without the pressure to buy anything. I think we can all relate to that.

I had curated our spa treatments and boutique to feature artisan, independent, green beauty brands – a departure from traditional spa brands – with whom we would co-create exclusive, luxurious and effective treatments.  When asked, we would educate our clients on the carefully selected products we used in the treatment, their ingredients and benefits, the Founder behind the products and the care that was put into making the products.  And we made it a point not to ‘push’ any product on them.  But by the end the treatment, the client would have questions and would want to understand the product that they experienced.  They wanted to take that experience home with them.

I was very hands on as a Spa Director and I had such affection for the brands and products we used that I would transfer that passion to my staff and to our spa clients.  And I fantasized about the service Beauty Heroes now delivers, a discovery of one Hero product a time in this slow, focused and intentional approach.

I never thought I would realizing this dream. As I was approaching 40, I started to realize that if I never tried to follow through with this calling, I would always regret it, regardless of what happened.  So, I decided to start Beauty Heroes, which which was a direct result from my years in the spa environment. Beauty Heroes was named Spa Heroes for the first year because of my background in the spa industry, which I know you remember, because you were a very early adopter of Beauty (then Spa) Heroes.

SC: Of course, you also run a business which thrives on sales. Is it possible to have both a profitable platform and a mission to slow down in our consumption? How are you straddling this seeming contradiction? 

JJ: This has been such a fascinating exploration for me, and has been part of the inspiration for a book that I’m writing. I started writing the book about my calling to inspire conscious consumption. However, the book quickly took a turn to be more about what is going on inside of me and possibly other people. What I am discovering is that the way I consume in the physical world reflects what is going on inside of me.  The book is turning out to be more about how I can slow down consumption of my own energy, quiet my inner critic and practice real self-care and love that slows down the consumption that’s going on inside of me and then reflect out.

I/we know that we, collectively, need to substantially slow down consumption, and that if we don’t do so willingly, we will be forced to, eventually. I’d rather talk about that openly, and support our customers in making conscious decisions in how they buy and discover beauty. We have clients tell us all the time that they are going to take a break from discovering with Beauty Heroes for a few months because they want to use up some of the products they have, and that they’ll be back. And I am always happy when I hear that from our clients. And, it has been especially rewarding when clients write to us that, ‘in the spirit of use less, love more’ they are taking a break from Beauty Heroes, and that they’ll be back. It’s a constant retraining, for sure, to celebrate conscious consumption. But it’s necessary and I hope to talk about this more with other business owners.

Ultimately I believe in balance. I am the last person who wants to give up my beauty products and a lot of my comforts. But I know that I want to continue to enjoy them, and to do so I need to be mindful of my consumption.  I hope that more companies emerge that have a mission –  and a business plan – that helps us consume slower.

And as a company, this means that I need to be realistic about our profits and accept that they may not be as aggressive as other similar business.  But I’m totally fine with that because while I want to run a profitable business, it’s important to me that my work reflects my personal values – for real.

SC: When you send out a box each month, what do you hope recipients will feel and experience with their Discovery boxes or with the products that you carefully curate for the Beauty Store?

JJ: First, anyone who knows me knows I love surprises.  I hope that people are very genuinely happy and surprised with what they receive from Beauty Heroes. I am always surprised with how much affection I can have for a product, and I hope others have that same experience.

Then, I hope that through all the work we do on our visual, printed and digital content, that our clients become more connected to the products and brands that we feature at Beauty Heroes. We are inspired by and connected to each brand we work with, and my intention is to extend that connection to our clients, so they have a heightened experience with each product we deliver.

Last, I hope that our customers experience how much better healthy beauty is than conventional beauty that can contain a lot of fillers and potentially harmful ingredients. Healthy beauty is just so much better – so I hope that is further demonstrated with each new discovery.

SC: Do you find that the industry which you have been a part of for years is on the cusp of change? How do you envision Beauty Heroes as influencing the way we approach beauty?

JJ: I feel like it is a progression.  But we have such a long way to go.  I do not think that anything is changing overnight.  Beauty is a big industry, and healthy beauty is a different business model than conventional beauty. There is a more investment in ingredients and margins are lower. I think traditional beauty is not going away so fast. Therefore, I see it as a slow progression rather than a big change that’s coming or even already here.

When I started Beauty Heroes I decided to set a clearly defined ingredient standard.  It was not an easy thing to do because it meant that I had to do a lot of homework. The nature of the standard defines a narrow, but increasingly broader, number of brands that meet it. Our ingredient standard has supported us in being transparent with our community. I hope that more companies will establish a clearly defined ingredient standard, rather than just create a ‘natural beauty department’ while still supplying their customers with products made with ingredients that could be potentially harmful to them and to our environment.

I hope that Beauty Heroes will continue to empower people to take the time to care about the ingredients in their products and to showcase how luxurious, beneficial and gorgeous healthy beauty is!  It is far superior than the alternative – that’s one thing I know for sure.

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Thank you, Jeannie, for inspiring us with who you are!! You embody your message and that is what makes you a trusted voice in whole beauty.

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