Beauty Heroes sure knows how to kick off the new year.  You already know how much I love Maya Chia’s The Super Couple, right? In case you missed my raves, you can check them out here and here. But I’m going to share with you some basic reasons why I love it now that I’ve been using this rich orange serum for a while and a way to save big with an incredible deal through January’s cosmic super hero box valued at $97.  You really don’t want to miss this offer!

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Love that message!

New to Beauty Heroes: in lieu of the mask, Beauty Heroes will be focusing on inspirational quotes like the one from Founder Jeannie Jarnot in January’s box that says: “What if everything we did, every decision we made came from a place of deep, instinctual self-love? How would we choose differently?”

Words to live by!

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That color [*sighs]

Can we just talk about this gorgeous color? I’m blown away by it every time I open the bottle. Chuck it up to a megadose of astaxanthin, an antioxidant that has been gaining popularity as a powerful way to protect skin from UV rays and oxidative stress. The Super Couple’s astaxanthan is harvested from micro-algae.

Studies show that when used topically, as well as taken as a supplement (6 mg per day), astaxanthin derived from micro-algae helps boost the skin’s resilience, plus offers numerous improvements to crow’s feet, age spot size, elasticity, moisture content (reduced transepidermal water loss), and overall skin condition after eight weeks in both men and women.  That’s nothing to wrinkle your nose at!

As if that were not enough, the blend also includes carrot seed essential oil that lends its bright orange color to the mix with a high dose of vitamin A known to regenerate cells and soften lines.

Real results

In this topical treatment, astaxanthin marries supercritical chia seed oil, Maya Chia’s signature ingredient, which makes The Super Couple a match made in heaven.  That’s thanks to the unique extraction method of the chia seeds which preserves omega fatty acids, antioxidants, and minerals.

You can feel this potent serum sink right in. It is completely greaseless and weightless. It vanishes so quickly on application that moments later I forget that I have it on, other than my skin feeling softer, smoother, and deeply moisturized.  It is a perfect addition to my morning and night routine, though I tend to reach for it in mornings mostly because it’s a wonderful invisible, yet functional layer under makeup.

With continued application, the company says you can expect diminished hyperpigmentation and brighter skin, which I find to be true from my experience with it. My powers of observation [think: hours staring up close at my pores in the mirror] have not detected much hyperpigmentation to my skin, though I do notice increased clarity and luminosity, as well as less depth to my lines.

I find the scent to be very soothing and each of the active botanicals offers its healing properties to The Super Couple as well.

The Waterless Wonder Balm makes an awesome sidekick, especially during the freezing weather we’re suddenly experiencing in NJ. OUCH! It is biting cold, so a balm that smells like an orange grove is the perfect solution. Balms seal in moisture and hydration so they don’t escape, and the Wonder Balm shields skin beautifully from inclement weather.

Thanks to This Organic Girl (@thisorganicgirl) for sharing to Instagram Stories about the many different ways she uses it (think: cracked elbows, knees, cuticles, and even lips!). Personally, I’m vigilant about applying balms to anything exposed to the elements like knuckles (if I forgot my gloves), my forehead, upper lip, and around my nose. It also contains supercritical chia seed extract for optimum penetration and moisture.

The limited edition size (5 oz.) makes it perfect to slip into a purse for reapplication during the day. The regular size is 2 oz. and priced at $42.

Get ’em while you can!

You will be seeing a lot more of Maya Chia as more and more people get to know the line.  This range is a total win and I’m equally enamored by the rest of the products. Don’t miss out! This deal is available until January 20th so act fast. (This isn’t a line from Crazy Eddie commercials, I totally mean it!)

To snag these two gorgeous products valued at $97 for about $39, click the box below.  Membership includes 3-,6-, or 12-month options plus a whopping automatic 15% discount in The Beauty Heroes Store.


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