Lina Hanson reveals the secret of Global Beauty

If it were possible to describe Lina Hanson’s mission in one word, the one that comes to mind first is celebration.  This makeup artist turned skincare entrepreneur celebrates beauty in all form and color with the launch of her newly rebranded line called Global Beauty.

Beauty is diverse. Beauty is authentic. Beauty is in all of us. Beauty is being comfortable in your skin. This is our celebration of Global Beauty.” ~ Lina Hanson

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I think we are witnessing a long-awaited pivotal moment as the beauty and fashion industries begin to embrace diversity on the runways and in photo shoots, with Lina Hanson as a forerunner in the movement.

The well-edited skincare range is created for all skin-types and ethnicities in small batches using celebrated ingredients from around the globe—such as thanaka used by Burmese women and ricebran well-loved in Japan.  Lina graciously sent me her products to try, and I give you my impressions of each one below.  She also answered questions about what global beauty means today, a few of her favorite ways to use the products, plus, you will discover some of her global beauty secrets.

Discover Global Beauty

The range consists of six luxurious products including two serums that can be used on the face, a versatile balm and cleanser, a gorgeous scent inspired by her travels to the Far East, and a body serum.


Lina Hanson reveals the secret of Global Beauty

The Global Body Serum, $63, makes skin supple and locks in moisture—especially when applied right out of a shower while skin is damp to seal in hydration.  What stands out is the intoxicating natural fragrance of vanilla and citrus that gives it a sweet sophistication. Apricot kernel oil from Pakistan, argan oil from Morocco, and brazil nut from Peru blend seamlessly in this formula for a weightless oil that soaks right in and leaves skin silky and softly scented.

Lina Hanson reveals the secret of Global Beauty

You can’t miss the delicate aroma of the Global Baby/Sensitive Serum, $50, that derives its scent from the naturally sweet Kalahari melon seed oil harvested in Namibia. It contains no essential oils, so it’s safe for use on all ages and skin types.  For anyone looking to pair down their beauty regimen, this universally skin-friendly serum would suit the entire family and is the one that I gravitate to the most.  I find it irresistible!

 I love using the Global Baby/Sensitive Serum as a makeup remover and cleansing oil. It also works amazing as a face oil when your skin needs a break from essential oils. ~ Lina Hanson

The signature treatment serum of the line is the Global Face Serum, $85, comprised of high-antioxidant marula oil, harvested by a women’s collective in South Africa, rejuvenating baobab oil, ethically sourced from Southern Africa, and camellia seed oil, the ancient Japanese secret to youthful, porcelain skin.  You can’t miss the exquisite fragrance of this serum either, though it is entirely unlike the other blends.

Neroli, mandarin, palmarosa, and frankincense offer beneficial properties for the skin, as well as an intoxicating and uplifting aromatherapeutic escape.  This blend must be inhaled often. My favorite way to experience it is to warm a drop or two in my palms and take a moment to breathe it in before patting it into my skin.  I massage any remaining oil into my hands, and they are lookin’ good these days!

 Global Face Serum is a wonderful hydrating serum for all skin-types to use both morning and night, but I also love applying it instead of a makeup primer. It absorbs into the skin really fast, makes makeup go on so much smoother leaving it with a healthy glow. ~ Lina Hanson

Lina Hanson reveals the secret of Global Beauty

Lina Hanson reveals the secret of Global Beauty

Lina Hanson reveals the secret of Global Beauty

Who doesn’t love a versatile beauty product that’s customizable? That’s what the Global Face Trio, $70, is. With less water, the kaolin clay-based powder turns into a detoxifying cleanser that I love using when I’m not wearing makeup or in the mornings. It doubles as an exfoliating treatment that sloughs off flakes and debris. Mix with more water to make a paste, and the powder morphs into a mask that tightens pores and brightens the complexion with thanaka, ricebran, lemongrass, and ginseng.

Lina Hanson reveals the secret of Global Beauty

Lina Hanson reveals the secret of Global Beauty

Lina Hanson reveals the secret of Global Beauty

Dip your fingers into this gold-laced goodness and you won’t want to come out! Global Treasures, $105, is another treasured treatment product in this minimalist range and, like the rest, is anything but minimal in its inclusion of luxurious ingredients.

Global Treasures is an eye/neck treatment but it works great as a night treatment for the face too when your skin feels dull and uneven. It’s the ultimate brightening treatment. ~ Lina Hanson

Matcha green tea lends its hue to this balm, in addition to its anti-inflammatory and cellular stimulating properties.  Coupled with coffee, you get a powerful duo to counteract dark under eye circles.  Pearl’s beautifying gifts are sought after to produce collagen and accelerate new skin growth and repair scars.  Plus, you can’t miss the 24K gold that laces the top.  This ancient powerhouse reduces the appearance of fine lines, improves blood circulation, brightens the skin and is a powerful natural antioxidant and rejuvenator.

What’s Lina’s global beauty secret?

Right now I’m really loving pearl powder. The women in China have been applying pearl on their skin for centuries to attain a luminous complexion. It contains healthy minerals and protein that regenerates collagen and softens the skin. You can find it in my ultimate skin treat—Global Treasures. ~ Lina Hanson

Lina Hanson reveals the secret of Global Beauty

Global Beauty embraces diversity

Satori Perfume Oil, $90, is utter sophistication. This perfume is no fruity and fresh plaything, but a seriously sexy and spicy fusion of warm vanilla, grounding sandalwood and notes of crisp, refreshing yuzu and ginger.  It wears like a little black dress with heels, cocktail in hand, and a sarong casually draped over the shoulders. The Southeast Asian influence is unmistakeable and transporting.

Q & A with Lina Hanson, creator of Global Beauty

Please define what global beauty means in 2016.

Global Beauty is an all-inclusive approach to beauty. It’s about being compassionate and understanding of people and cultures different than our own. It’s about diversity and the celebration of our unique differences.

How has the face of beauty transformed or stayed the same over the years?

There has definitely been a stereotypical idea of beauty for a long time. We often see a certain type of beauty shown in numerous media platforms, and I don’t believe it’s very representative of our society. I think it’s more important than ever to accurately show various types of beauty, be it ethnicity, race, age, shape or sexual orientation because beauty truly does come in many forms.

What needs to happen to create a more eclectic vision of beauty?

I think it’s ultimately up to us as a society to come together, recognize and embrace the beauty in ourselves; to not buy in to the idea of what’s being told to us or what’s being shown as “beautiful,” but to make our own decision. I think the more we empower ourselves and each other, the more companies and media will have to follow suit.

What role does Lina Hanson have in changing the conversation around beauty?

I feel a certain responsibility because of what I’ve learned working in the beauty industry for so many years. Celebrating global beauty and diversity is something I find very important and that will always be the main focus of my company. I hope to inspire women to educate themselves on the products they are using, embrace their own unique beauty, and hopefully change the perspective of how people in different parts of the world are being viewed.

How can bloggers and media support the changing vision and shift the current beauty focus?

I think media and bloggers would benefit from being truly authentic and all-inclusive. The world is changing as we know it. Everyone has a chance now to express their beliefs on various platforms and what we put out in the world carries a certain responsibility. I believe it’s important that we use it to empower the way beauty is being perceived.

What’s next for Lina Hanson?

We are expanding in more ways than just skin care soon. For example, I’ll be launching a marketplace soon where I’ll be offering one-of- a-kind, artisanal items from my travels around world. I’m constantly inspired by exotic ingredients on these travels, so there will of course be more skincare and beauty products coming in the near future, too.

You can find this gorgeous line on the Lina Hanson website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and at these fine retailers:

Throughout the weekend, U.S. residents can automatically save 20% off sitewide with code: STANDTOGETHER from Friday to Sunday (11/25-11/27).

Lina Hanson is  also donating a portion of all proceeds to Standing Rock’s official account. All donations go directly towards providing water, food, and blankets for the camp.  They can really use the support!  If you don’t know what’s going on, see this link.


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