More than ever we need a FLOWEREVOLUTION

I’ll never forget watching a video about Cleve Backster’s groundbreaking experiments with plants.  He was not a botanist by profession, in fact, he probably didn’t think much about plants at all.  His job with the C.I.A. focused on conducting lie detector tests with the polygraph—though he himself preferred to call them “truth detector” tests.  His biggest breakthrough happened in 1966 when on a whim he connected the polygraph to a Draecena plant and it began to decode the plant’s emotions. The plant even showed signs of higher intelligence by producing a readout that proved it could read his mind.

His experiments attaching the polygraph to plants marked the first time that someone measured the higher intelligence of plants through scientific means. Though many people discredited his work, those attuned to the plant kingdom know for a fact that plants are intuitive, even psychic, and each one carries its own vibrational frequency. When a flower appeals to us, we are picking up on its beauty but we are also calibrating to its unique resonance, its life force energy.

That is the work that flower alchemist, Katie Hess, has been fascinated with for decades and what comprises her gorgeous new book Flowerevolution: Blooming into Your Full Potential with the Magic of Flowers. Though I do not own the book yet, I can not wait to dive into it!

By tapping into flowers and their elixirs, we have a method at our fingertips that helps us be our happiest, clearest, and most loving selves. With this book I invite you to catalyze your own personal Flowerevolution and create a worldwide ripple effect of positivity—transforming the world from the inside out.” ~ Katie Hess, Author + Flower Alchemist

Here’s what I’ve read about it thanks to Flowerevolution:

In this book Katie & her co-creator, award-winning filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg, open us up to a fresh new world of magic & possibility. By choosing the flowers you’re most attracted to from 48 different profiles, you discover what your favorite flowers reveal about you – with insights, reflective questions & actions to magnify your true self.

Learn about the transformative power of flower elixirs: how they remove the everyday static of life created by electronics, lack of nature time, stress + other energy-draining influences that we can’t see.  Discover how they inspire joy, help us sleep better, enhance confidence, uncover hidden talents + accelerate personal growth.
Flower elixirs are like liquid chi ~ containing the energetic life force of the flowers; they travel through the acupuncture meridians, bringing us into balance (like an acupuncture treatment without the needles).

More than ever we need a FLOWEREVOLUTION

What sounds amazing is that this book promises to be interactive. It’s full of exercises, reflections, rituals, recipes, and projects, including flower baths, elixirs, mandalas, body oils, desserts, and more.

Why is interactive important? Because it takes the words of the book out of the ether and brings it into the actionable. It is only with inspired action that we can make a difference.

Many of you may already be familiar with Katie’s ever-expanding collection of essences, mists, tinctures, perfumes, and more through her company LotusWei. At pivotal moments in the last 20 years, I have sought the healing power of plants and flowers. Unlike with aromatherapy, you can use flower essences safely. There are no known contraindications and only benefits.

I’ve been taking one of the elixirs for a while: the beautiful purple Lilac.

I chose Lilac. What does that mean?

More than ever we need a FLOWEREVOLUTION

If you had a chance to stop by the LotusWei booth at Indie Beauty Expo or if you’ve ever worked with flower essences, Katie asks you to choose the flower that you’re most attracted to from a variety of photos. Once you’ve chosen the flower, she helps you understand the healing vibration that flower brings. For me, Lilac called me to greater flexibility—an aspect of myself that, until this election, I didn’t relate to its relevance. But now I do!

Here’s the explanation of the lilac.

Activate: Flexibility
Message: Adapt quickly to changes.
Lilacs only bloom for a short time in the early spring, when the days are finally growing warmer after the cold winter and excitement of springtime is in the air. If you’re attracted to the Lilac flower, you may be clinging to things being a certain way. There may be areas in your life in which you’ve become controlling, or rigid in your ideas. The Lilac flower elixir is all about embodying flexibility, freedom and non-attachment in all areas of your life, including relationships, career business, dreams and life in general. It helps you embrace change and discover how freeing it is to let go and/or let everything be as it is without wishing for it to change. By releasing control, rigid ideas and attachments, we are more open to bigger and better opportunities.

The book lists questions with each flower that invite us to delve deeper into the flower’s message and healing potential. These are the questions associated with lilac:

  • In what situations do I find myself becoming controlling or rigid in my beliefs and ways? 
  • In what areas of my life could I be more flexible?
  • How does having expectations lead me to disappointments?
  • What might the outcome be of not having any expectations at all?
  • When has spontaneity and being open to surprises worked in my favor?

As the outcome of the election unfolded, I found myself surprisingly able to move forward and not linger within fear consciousness for long. I will not share my political philosophy because it’s not for this blog, however, I noticed myself easily moving into love and open to seeing the gifts, lessons, and inquiry hidden within the present moment. It was in this experience that Lilac’s subtle essence emerged, as I could see how five drops on my tongue a few times a day aided my transition from expectation to appreciation (to quote Tony Robbins must-see video here. So many life nuggets!). I was able to remember that even though the current climate is dark and chaotic, those are the very times preceding the breakthrough.

I’ve also been moving out of a place of stagnation in my exercise and diet routines as well as in my spiritual growth. Taking this elixir has dusted off some really stuck energy! It’s funny that I resisted seeing the changes…hmm…flexibility, eh?

We’ve got treats in store for YOU!

More than ever we need a FLOWEREVOLUTION

In the link below, you’ll head right over to an intro video and then loads of goodies:

  • Free Sneak Peek of Flowerevolution ~ featuring the first 2 chapters + stunning photography
  • 10 Free digital *special message* flower wallpapers ~ curated by Katie to inspire more confidence, fearlessness, abundance & peace.
  • Free download of visually healing *Magic Flowers* App by Louie Schwartzberg

Anyone who purchases the book now through November 18th will receive…

  • Exclusive invite to LIVE webinar gathering with Katie on December 7th, 5pm PST to explore the book together.

…and be eligible to win:

  • 1-on-1 consultation with flower alchemist Katie Hess + personal transformation program with flower elixirs
  • 6-month transformation program ~ exotic new flower elixirs shipped to your door
  • Over $1,000 worth of LOTUSWEI flower essences
  • 2 tickets to see Katie + Louie speak at amazing 2-day event at the Naples Botanical Garden in January 2017
  • 2-night stay at 5-star resort + spa in Sedona, AZ
  • And so much more!

I am so blessed to be able to share another beautiful post that shares the experience of someone whom I admire very much as a beauty hero herself.  Jeannie Jarnot, the wise and talented founder of Beauty Heroes, describes her insights here.


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