The letter all women should read; and so should the men who love them

My darling Daughters,

As you embark on this journey into womanhood, may these words journey with you.

Sometimes you will be asked to rise up and do more than you feel capable of. We as women are asked to rise up even when our bodies resist and tell us to hide under the covers. Once a month our cycle dictates. Our emotions unravel. Our bodies double over. We don’t always recognize who we become. Those are times when we are called on to evoke compassion for each other and for ourselves, to show our resilience, our ability to bend into the pain, not from it.

It is a time of allowing our bodies to move into the flow of life, to listen to what our bodies are asking of us and sometimes, yes, it does mean that we need to pause from our busy lives to go inward. Be tender with yourselves as you tend to yourselves. Envelop yourselves in warm drinks, warm baths, and deep love that will enfold you in the wonder of your womanhood. Bask in the design of your body that’s created to be life giving.

The cycle can be a time of embracing the abundant life force energy that brims with potential: fertility, expansion, growth, the miraculous, the co-mingling of divine creation and earthly flow. The more comfortable and at ease we are in our own bodies and with this sacred birthright, the more we grow into that vibration and pass it on to the next generation. It all depends on how you look at it. Know that life ebbs and flows too and that the turning inward circles back into a time of production and reproduction.

It is those times of facing inward that we must learn to ask for nurture and to draw on mother energy from the people who love us. It is part of the life experience, and we women are called on to grow deeper into understanding our bodies and our precious needs. You can not be overlooked. You matter too much. Master this without ego, my kind-hearted Daughters, and you have mastered much.

Remember: giving in is not giving up. It is not weakness; it is allowing. It is giving yourselves permission to receive as your bodies release and cleanse. It is learning to ask for what you need and get in touch with what feels good and what does not. It teaches you how to be loving to yourselves and then, in turn, be loving to others.

Receiving is not a selfish flaw, as so many women across the ages have been taught, it is an integral part of giving. Our bodies are biologically created to give and to receive. So too, both are essential in a sacred exchange. Both must be in balance for you to feel fulfilled. I waited over 40 years to own this understanding, so that I could pass this lesson on to you. I hope you don’t have to wait one minute to realize it.

Giving in is not weakness; it is allowing. It is listening to your needs, not denying them. Click To Tweet

It’s also a time of early imprinting. The messages you say to yourselves now get stronger with repetition, so take a moment to notice what they are. It’s easy to get caught up in hating on your bodies when you’re suffering and in pain or feel embarrassed and want to hide. This is a time to work through those feelings—not by denying them, but by being open to another way. Hating on this normal life process does not benefit anyone and only invites the often vicious condemnation of our own bodies. We can not expect others to honor us when we do not respect ourselves. Tread softly on your self-talk.

We can not expect others to honor us when we do not respect ourselves.

Though today’s media may send confusing messages about your period, look at our ancestors who kept the female tribe close to them during their menstrual cycles. Some cultures even now pay homage to the menstruating woman and engage in sacred ritual surrounding “that time of the month.” In Ghana, a woman is treated like a queen when she is menstruating. She relaxes under a gorgeous umbrella and receives gifts and reverence from others.

One religious leader affirmed in this interview, “Menstruation is like the flower of a tree. You need the flower before the tree can fruit.”

Be in truth with your beautiful, flowering, blossoming, ever-changing body. Do not gloss over the hurt, but also internalize that this discomfort brings the greatest of all fruit and that pain is sometimes (often) part of letting go. There is strength in living into your innate essence, not resenting it.

Menstruation is like the flower of a tree. You need the flower before the tree can fruit. Click To Tweet

On a practical note, empower yourselves, beautiful Daughters, so that you are prepared wherever you go. Life doesn’t have to catch you unaware when you value your needs.

Yesterday, I put together a Period Preparedness Pack for you (or maybe let’s call it “Goodies for the Goddess” ). We can also carve special time for choosing together what feels right for it. For now, the one I’m bestowing on you contains both the useful and the uplifting:

Everything fits into this bag imprinted with the word LOVE.

So take these little gifts with you like a traveler takes supplies before a journey. This is your journey now and I am passing my wisdom on to you. You can read this letter whenever you need to and know that you are loved. Always.

What every woman needs to carry in her purse

heart Love, Mommy

*Full disclosure

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