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When a brand blows me away, I sit up and take notice. That’s what happened the first time I used Ursa Major’s Hoppin’ Fresh Deodorant, $18. After trying nearly every other natural deodorant available, this is the first stick that glides on the way conventional drugstore versions do. That means zero clumping, crumbling, softening, or leaving unsightly stains on clothing or anywhere else. Plus, it’s a powerhouse that wipes out odors for 24 hours. I’d know because it passed my stringent sniff test many, many times in the toughest conditions.

Ursa Major Deodorant

I’ve been using this deodorant daily for a few months. As you can see, it lasts a really long time, AND I never have to wipe off the edges due to excess product. The surface looks as good as the day I started applying it.

Then this summer, Ursa Major went ahead and knocked me off my feet again with the latest launch: Force Field Daily Defense Lotion with SPF 18, $54. This SPF is one of the lightest sunscreens around, hands down. It feels like a lotion and, if I were to compare it, the texture feels lighter than Josh Rosebrook’s Nutrient Day Cream, a slightly denser formula that’s ideal when you want more moisture.

hand with sunscreen hand with sunscreen demo hand vanished sunscreen

The founder and beauty curator at Ayla, Dara Kennedy, shared her thoughts about it in an email to me:

I got the SPF in stock and it’s awesome. I actually use it on top of a hydrating serum and an oil, since my skin tends to be dehydrated, but I think oily skin types might be able to use it on its own. I’m just excited to get a non-white, COMPLETELY non-greasy SPF with such clean ingredients.  And I think it’s great that they get the SPF 18 rating with just one pump of it (which is unusual!).”

I’ve been using it for several weeks now and really enjoying the easy application that leaves absolutely no shine or white residue. It offers barrier protection with non-nano zinc oxide, which protects against both UVA and UVB rays, but you can’t feel it sitting on top of skin, that can often be the case with broad-spectrum sunscreens.

About Ursa Major

Join The Hub of Clean Living to win this prize!

To me it seemed like this small Vermont-based company had a meteoric rise—one day I had never heard of it and then suddenly everybody was buzzing about it all over social media. Maybe it makes sense for a brand that’s named for a constellation. Of course, I’m sure it looked very different from the company’s perspective. I did reach out to the company for more information about them, but have not heard back yet, so I can’t share much more about their background in skincare and how they develop their products.

However, Dara gave us her impressions of the brand having evaluated them for inclusion in Ayla’s well-edited site:

I’m really impressed with Ursa Major’s formulas and their value.  Unlike a lot of other brands in the green beauty category, the textures are very lightweight and refreshing, which is perfect for the dog days of summer, and actually quite hard to achieve with a clean formula.  The SPF is a great example.  I honestly can’t think of another mineral-based SPF that feels so light aside from MD SolarSciences.”

She added that based on her vast experience with brands, their prices are incredibly reasonable for what you’re getting.

What’s up with SPF 18?

You may be scratching your head and wondering about the unusual rating of SPF 18 versus the standard SPF 30 or more. Leave it to Ayla’s team to ask and answer this question too.

SPF is actually one of those really confusing numbers in which the higher the SPF number, the more it creates a false sense of sun safety. Firstly, SPF only measures the ability to block UVB rays, the type that cause “B” for “burning;” it doesn’t measure the way a product shields us from UVA rays, the type that cause “A” for “Aging.”

Secondly, the difference between SPF 18 and SPF 30 is negligible in terms of protection. In fact, an SPF of 18 blocks over 93 percent of incoming rays, while an SPF 30 would block 97 percent.

Ursa Major’s Force Field Daily uses non-nano zinc oxide, which provides the best and safest coverage possible across both UVA and UVB.

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Full disclosure: I received the Force Field Daily Defense Lotion for consideration and review. I bought both the wipes and deodorant myself. Affiliate links in post for products I recommend.

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