What makes Leahlani Skincare irresistible? #MermaidMaskMondays

Mondays are made for mermaids—on Instagram, at least. These are not ordinary women with fishtails and strategically-placed, budge-proof shells, but rather savvy women indulging in one extraordinary sea green mask: the Leahlani Skincare Mermaid Mask. Sworn Mermaid Mask groupies agree: this active treatment is vibrant superfood that leaves skin smoother, glowing, and clarified and has become a staple in their beauty kit.

The mask even has a signature hashtag: #MermaidMaskMonday, and so does the Leahlani brand. Both #infusedwithaloha and #AlohaFriday are totally a thing now. You could say the week begins and ends with magical Hawaiian vibes. And that’s just the way founder Leah Klasovsky intended it.

Since launching six years ago, Leahlani Skincare has earned a loyal cult following. I first discovered the products in November 2014 on Etsy and have been using them (between testing other companies) on and off since then. Within a short time of use, I realized that I would not want to go long without these stunning creations—even taking measures to save them for dedicated self-care moments in order not to run out. (Yes, another word for that would be hoarding. Unabashedly, I might add.)

If recent press proves anything, then this indie brand is just getting its feet wet and won’t be dropping anchor any time soon. You can ask InStyle and Thoughtfully Magazine—two popular mags that recently featured the line.

Infused with Aloha

What makes Leahlani Skincare irresistible? It is infused with aloha

Leahlani Skincare is the heart song of Leah Klasovsky, an experienced esthetician and spa director from Hawaii. She left hands-on skincare to concentrate her innate healing abilities into formulating this eponymous range of serums, elixirs, masks, body butters, and toning mists. And she never looked back.

The products started selling on Etsy in 2010 and skyrocketed to popularity within a short time. Leave it to a well-edited Instagram feed to catapult the brand to insta-fame. In 2016, the company polished its look with the prettiest watercolor labels ever, designed by her talented sister, Hali Mason, and upgraded the packaging to elegant frosted glass jars with gold lids. Leah also ushered in the new year with the launch of her own website at LeahlaniSkincare.com.

Expect to see Leah’s products on many a skincare maven’s top shelf. Here’s why.

The magic is in the alchemy

What makes Leahlani Skincare irresistible?

The line is a radical departure from earthier eco-conscious companies. If you’ve missed the sensual fragrance of conventional lotions, you will adore Leahlani’s evocative blends that lure in its users like the irresistible song of the sirens—minus the synthetic ingredients. They pay homage to the lush Hawaiian landscape where most—if not all—the ingredients are ethically sourced and handcrafted. Open a bottle, inhale, and you’ll know what I’m talking about in a whiff.

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At first, the strong scents actually concerned me because of my sensitive, breakout-prone skin. I usually steer clear of heavy fragrances—even natural ones. When I asked Leah about it, she reassured me that there have been no complaints of skin sensitivity while using the products.

Leah’s own bout with cystic acne led her on the path of holistic skincare and taught her the value of treating skin gently, without skipping out on the powerful ingredients that can turn around troubled skin. Where Leahlani Skincare excels is in the alchemy of transforming these fragrant, exotic ingredients into magically effective blends.

KOKOLEKA (Hawaiian word for chocolate)

What makes Leahlani Skincare irresistible? Kokoleka

Take this key ingredient, Bohemian black fango clay, as a prime example. The mineral-rich clay contains humic and fulvic acids that, according to the website, help slow aging, balance hydration and mineral levels, and increase enzyme activity.

This unexpected ingredient can be found in the cocoa confection Kokoleka, an indulgent, lick-your-lips mask that’s more like chocolate pudding. (How often I wish it was!) It is incredibly effective at both drawing out toxins from the skin—thanks to the coconut charcoal—as well as infusing skin with antioxidants like açai and cacao. My face never feels dry after use, but purified and soft.

What makes Leahlani Skincare irresistible? The Mermaid Mask

The line also harnesses sea treasures, like micro algae to boost cellular energy and promote new cell growth. It can be found in the delectable Siren Serum (I can’t get enough of the heady fragrance!). You’ll also find superfoods like chlorella and spirulina in the sought-after Mermaid Mask.

When used topically, spirulina is extremely high in antioxidants and helps prevent premature aging, acne, redness, uneven skin tone and dryness, according to Leahlani. Chlorella contains high amounts of vitamins A and C and will deeply cleanse and renew the skin. The real achievement—other than pristine sourcing—is that there is not a trace of pungent odor anywhere, despite the water-derived ingredients.

When I find myself gravitating to beauty oils during the day, it’s Leahlani that beckons to me. If I’ve already got on a face full of makeup, I’ll even douse my hands, arms, and neck in the serums and elixirs just to breathe them in and feel how satiny soft my skin gets. To discover the difference between elixirs and serums—which are more like skin boosters—head over to read Leah’s wonderful “Talk Story” blog where she offers her intentions and insights on using the products, including tips on how to increase their benefits.

KALIMA (Hawaiian word for cream)


What makes Leahlani Skincare irresistible? Kalima Coconut Cream Cleanser

What makes Leahlani Skincare irresistible? Kalima coconut cream cleanser

Not only are the scents tempting, but also the textures. Kalima’s pink powder froths when you add water, like the top of a strawberry milkshake, then turns into a dreamy, creamy cleanser that exfoliates gently without damaging the surface of the skin (often an issue with harsher exfoliants). I love it as a morning cleanse to slough off dead skin cells. My skin is left baby-soft and primed for my Leahlani Mocktail (recipe below).

Meli Glow and Honey Love 3-in-1


What makes Leahlani Skincare irresistible? Mahina & Meli Glow

If I’m heading into the shower, then I’m covered in Meli Glow to wrap my skin in antioxidants and fruit enzymes or Honey Love 3-in-1 to exfoliate with corundum microdermabrasion crystals. Sure they’re a bit sticky and gooey, but in the delicious way you’d expect from honey-based products. That’s why I love how the steam from the shower melts them into my skin, so that I absorb the harmonic blends. Raw honey has helped my skin through some tough spots (literally!), so I love seeing it used often in Leahlani’s blends. It can also be found in the Mermaid Mask.


What makes Leahlani Skincare irresistible? Bless Balm

Can we just say: PINK! In my opinion, healthy skin begins with the precious Bless Beauty Balm. It is a pivotal product of the line that serves the dual purpose of cleansing and sealing in moisture, even on lips, without water, wax, and emulsifiers—only 100% concentrated goodness.

The balm is a fusion of every A-lister ingredient in one dynamic, neroli-laced product: argan oil, camellia seed oil. shea butter, cocoa butter, maracuja passionflower oil, moringa oil, marula oil, orchid extract, blue tansy oil, neroli oil, rosehip fruit, rose clay (and love, naturally). The calming aroma comes from the blue tansy and neroli—and I can’t get enough of it.

But I love the surprising addition of rose clay. According to Leahlani’s site it helps reduce inflammation, tighten pores, and fade hyper pigmentation. It can also be found in Honey Love and Kalima for mild exfoliation and cellular regeneration.

Because this balm is so concentrated, I use the tiniest dab to anoint my skin or to mix in my Mocktail, and I’m good to go, as far as moisture.

The irresistible Leahlani Mocktail

What makes Leahlani Skincare irresistible? Citrus + Citrine Toner

When I put together this mocktail, I was shocked to see how well it worked! Scars on my skin vanished within two nights of use. I use it mainly at night, but also by day under sunscreen and makeup.

  • In the palm of your hands, mist a few sprays of either Toning Mist (both Bohemian Ruby and Citrus and Citrine are utterly addictive and contain a tiny, energy-infused crystal)
  • Add a tiny bit of Bless Balm (less than a pea-sized amount)
  • Add one pump or even half a pump of Aloha Ambrosia by day or Mahina Elixir by night
  • Optional: add a drop of nutrient-dense boosters, either the Champagne Serum, ideal for calming inflammation, or the Siren Serum, for enhanced glow

Warm this happy concoction between palms and then pat into your lovely face (usually prepped with a spritz or two of toning mist).

This creates an emulsion that infuses skin with optimal hydration and enormous benefits. You’ve got to see how my skin looks after applying it to believe it. Rejuvenated would be one way to describe it, but I’m really thinking “sparkly” would be a more apropos term. If ever you see me glowing, I’ve probably used this mocktail first.

The fun of this line is experimenting with the many options to create the perfect skincare treatment for you. Leah is full of suggestions and will be chiming in with some of her recommendations coming up soon!!

Have you tried Leahlani Skincare yet? What are you excited to try or what are you loving?

You can find this delicious brand at Leahlani Skincare | Twitter: @LeahlaniSkin | Instagram: LeahlaniSkincare | Facebook: Leahlani Skincare | Pinterest: Leahlani Skincare

What makes Leahlani Skincare irresistible? Bless Balm

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