Urban skincare that fights pollution and let's skin breathe. Only de Mamiel could do it!

It should come as no surprise that within hours of launching a groundbreaking new pollution-busting collection—aptly named atmosphériques—de Mamiel sold out of one of the products.

When I sat down with the brilliant Annee de Mamiel, esthetician, acupuncturist, and founder of the eponymous de Mamiel Skincare, at the Axis show in NYC last February, she handed me a little package of the two glass bottles and jar that you see in the photos. I gave her a puzzled look over the unlabeled contents, but when she told me she has spent years creating this triage of pollution-fighting heroes and one of them is a tinted BB cream with SPF, I nearly leaped out of my seat! Of course, that’s the product you’ll want to go pre-order, um, like now.

The “atmosphériques” collection begins yet another triumphant journey for this UK-based brand and surely establishes Annee as the “Boss” of urban skincare. In true de Mamiel fashion, the latest additions derive their power from meticulously sourced ingredients that are then handcrafted in small batches. Adherence to total efficacy and integrity are fundamental to this niche brand. That is the unparalleled quality that De Mamiel offers.

But there’s much more than meets the eye in the de Mamiel line. It’s something that transcends a mere ingredients list or a rundown of product performance. Anyone who takes the time and attention to connect with a De Mamiel product will know that an unseen dimension courses through this line like water through a river. It’s the part that is felt that imbues the brand with an intangible force—an energy that you can’t quite label with words, but pulses with its own beat. This is not an imagined sense but rather a healing and high vibrational intention infused into every batch. (Metered dose of woo woo ends here.)

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The real achievement of the atmosphériques collection lies in its ability to protect skin from the elements while allowing skin to breathe. There’s no sense in suffocating the largest organ in the body, after all! But since it is the part of us that interfaces with the environment on a daily basis, a collection that targets environmental stresses seems somehow as obvious as food and water to the body. These products will easily become basic necessities. (I have gourmet requirements for my skin food!)

Annee went ninja on environmental gook with this protective and dynamically created set. Ironically, she does so with the most peaceful intentions. She says on the website:

“Our skin is under constant attack from everyday, invisible aggressors in the environment: sun, smog and electromagnetic radiation. I developed the atmosphériques range using the cleanest, most powerful ingredients nature has to offer in order to help cleanse, feed and repair the skin and support the natural, breathable shield protecting us from the harsh environment of today’s modern world.”

According to the website, the goal of the atmosphériques range is to deeply calm inflammation caused by pollution and UV radiation, while intensely hydrating and boosting skin cell metabolism. Annee accomplishes these feats with the inclusion of powerful natural antioxidants, marine & phyto-nutrients, skin firming phytoceramides, and essential oils that counteract emotional toxicity.

The sample sizes that I tried and tested lasted me for a few weeks of daily use. I’ll go over each one and let you know how they performed for my temperamental skin. Based on the sizes shown in the photos, you will understand why I can not speak to the long-term effects of use.

Pure Calm Cleansing Dew, £50 (≈$66)

A calming emulsifying cleanser with the purest ingredients in true de Mamiel fashion

I have a confession to make. I don’t love oil cleansing. I realize that’s akin to blasphemy in the natural world, but there you have it. I find that when I’m in a rush or completely exhausted, oil cleansing is too slow a process and doesn’t always efficiently remove makeup in one fell swoop.

Granted, an authentic, self-loving beauty ritual entails spending time inhaling the tranquilizing aromas and giving myself a moment to breathe and melt off the day’s tensions along with ridding the skin of environmental pollution. Contact with the Pure Calm Cleansing Dew gives me pause, effortlessly—even with kids calling me from beyond the bathroom door. I’d attribute that to the subtle aromas of Cypress and Blue Tansy that awaken the senses to instant lightness of being.

What distinguishes this antioxidant-rich formula as a powerhouse cleansing treatment is that it turns into a milky emulsion when you add water. I much prefer an emulsifying oil that doesn’t require continuous applications of a warm/hot cloth or a follow-up scrubbier cleanser, I can’t even tell you!

This cleanser is designed to calm the senses, lift away impurities with ease, scavenge free radicals, and soothe signs of redness and irritation with a potent blend of 14 organic herbs with essential fatty acids, phytosterols, and gamma oryzanol, which is extracted from rice bran oil, not some psychedelic nuclear rays (though it wouldn’t surprise me if Annee found a way to channel those to our benefit either). It’s kinda unreal what goes into this deceptively simple looking cleanser.

I can’t speak to how many pumps remove makeup since the sample bottle pours the product into my palm. In order to remove my daily face that has on it the treatment serum-du-jour, sunscreen, foundation, blush, and maybe a finishing powder, along with the inevitable environmental nasties, I do love to use a little bit extra oil so that the massage digs up dirt and makeup like a magnet. My skin feels clean after washing and unbelievably comforted and soft.

The ultimate test follows the cleanse when I use a toner to see if there is any residual makeup on the cotton pad. When I use the oil as directed and work it in well, not a trace of grime is left.

The bottom line: This is a zero-irritation product that removes makeup efficiently, leaving clean, supremely soft and hydrated skin in its wake.

Intense Nurture Antioxidant Elixir, £80, (≈$106)


Discover this aerated elixir to defend skin against the elements + allow skin to breathe


The cleanse is followed by a drizzle of the pale blue lotion/serum, Intense Nurture Antioxidant Elixir that locks in antioxidant protection, boosts cell renewal and oxygen levels, and brightens the mood and the complexion. This is achieved with a mellifluous cocktail that includes Superoxide Dismutase, the gemstone Malachite, marine extract Samphire, Quercitin, and a bespoke blend of Rose, Myrrh, and Vetiver.

It does contain fractionated coconut oil that I’m wary of using, since I do tend to break out from coconut oil and its derivatives. However, I didn’t link any new breakouts to this serum, so I’m cautiously optimistic. In concert with the many other outstanding ingredients, a small percentage of coconut oil doesn’t seem to affect my blemish-prone skin as much either.

One minor issue came up whenever I layered this serum over my favorite Jordan Samuel Hydrate. As soon as I would start applying foundation, the skincare layers would pill for some reason. Annee explained that the added product is unnecessary with the Elixir because it’s designed to be used as a first line of defense against urban grime, so it will protect skin and combine seamlessly with the oil serum layer to lock in moisture levels already. Without any extra layers, it does work sublimely and feels absolutely weightless. My skin seems to breathe easier with it on.

The bottom line: This airy serum can be layered prior to an oil serum to provide the ultimate skin armor. Its soothing scent will melt away stress on contact and protect skin from environmental stressors day and night.

Exhale Daily Hydrating Nectar SPF30, £75, (≈$99.55)

De Mamiel launches a tinted BB cream--and it is as incredible as you'd imagine

My favorite of all, at last, is the tinted BB cream with SPF 30, Exhale Daily Hydrating Nectar, currently sold out—of course!

This product is all you could hope for in a BB cream of the de Mamiel caliber. As its name indicates, you will exhale deeply in relief after applying it, as it’s more like a lilting lotion that rests comfortably on skin and blurs discoloration. For me, a tinted cream is never enough coverage, sadly, or I’d say this could be the final step in preparing to face the day. However, I still need to follow up with an opaque foundation (my faves are this one, raved about here, this one—briefly mentioned here—and this one with SPF for summer, as well as this new-to-me brand, shown here).

Natural mineral UV filters of Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide shield skin from both UV A and B rays and prevent oxidative stress and cellular damage. These are blended with a supportive blend of antioxidants and free-radical ninjas like raspberry seed oil, prickly pear seed oil, quercetin, and tocopherol.

The bottom line: The superior purity and performance of Exhale catapults it above and beyond any other BB creams on the conventional market. Buh-bye Tarte, Lancome, MAC, and NARS tinteds. Your chemicals will not be missed!

I’m counting down the days when atmosphériques arrives stateside. According to The Hermes Hippie on this IG post, they will first gain entry at goop and Net-A-Porter, followed by CAP Beauty, Seed to Serum, and Integrity Botanicals. (For more stockists, check out this list.) Until then, I’ll be going Miracle Whip on all my jars and scraping the last remnants like a crazy mama. Yes. They are that good and de Mamiel once again proves a virtuoso in the field of healthy skin.

How de Mamiel instantly dominated urban skincare...in a day

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