Discover the 'Kind of Clays' + visit blog for discount code to @bluelabelle

Discover the 'Kind of Clays' + visit blog for discount code to @bluelabelle

Discover the 'Kind of Clays' + visit blog for discount code to @bluelabelle


I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m easy prey when it comes to a gorgeous photo on Instagram. I took one look at the elegant Moroccan Spa Set on the Blue Labelle Skincare Instagram feed and decided to buy it. I’m also familiar with Blue Labelle Skincare for several years and know how meticulous this company is when it comes to sourcing ingredients and purity.

At $65, it was hardly a splurge, as the spa set not only includes Moroccan Rhassoul Lava Clay, known as “the King of Clays,” but also comes with a beautiful, hand-painted ceramic bowl, an Argan + Rose serum that’s divine, a wooden spoon and mask brush, and Blue Labelle’s signature organic hemp washcloth. The designs—a departure from other Blue Labelle branding—remind me of traditional Moroccan tiles known for their colorful, geometric patterns.

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Rhassoul clay is exclusively found at the foot of the Atlas mountains in Morocco and has been in use for 1400 years, hence its packaging reminiscent of Moroccan culture. Its location has contributed to its unique mineral content being formed in desert caves.

I chose it over other clays because it is ‘King of Clays’!” explained Pascale Labelle, the founder of Blue Labelle Skincare in an email. “It has a higher skin-benefiting mineral content than other clay including Magnesium and Silica; yet it is also non-irritating and more gentle than other clays.”

Pascale continued that it can be used on all skin types, even sensitive, since its alkalinity isn’t as high as that of bentonite clay and not as drying either. That makes Rhassoul clay a high-performance player in the minimalist, slow beauty ritual that can go from sink to shower with excellent results. It’s no wonder, then, that Rhassoul clay features prominently as a treatment in the celebrated Moroccan Hammams.

I sell the clay neat because this is what they use in the Moroccan Hammam; your skin is cleansed with soap, then you’re coated in straight Rhassoul clay paste/mud,” Pascale said. “It is proficient enough of an ingredient to be used on its own—drawing toxins and dirt out whilst replenishing minerals. Selling it neat also means it’s at its most versatile, you can just use water to activate it into a paste and apply straight on skin and hair as wash, mask or scrub; or you can add any number of ingredients to make it something different.”

Blue Labelle’s other serums mix well with the clay and boost results. A pump of the Chamomile & Avocado Cleansing Oil or Petitgrain & Tamanu Cleansing Oil amplifies the cleansing power of the paste, or a few drops of the other enticing face oils make it an antioxidant or nutrient-rich mask.

For skin

What’s cool is that unlike other clays that can get clumpy when mixed, Rhassoul clay activates with water and doesn’t require much stirring to make a paste. The clay and water mixture combine easily in the bowl and turn into a mousse-like texture that’s lighter and creamier than would be expected, more like a cool mud than a powdery soup.

While I don’t use any powder cleansers to remove makeup (they’re frankly not effective at makeup removal at all), the clay does lift impurities exceptionally well and provides mild exfoliation when used neat. However, its super power shines when left on as a mask. Scars and blemishes heal much faster after use, and my skin feels and looks clearer as clogged pores and blackheads are sopped up in its wake.

Like other clays, Rhassoul clay must be removed before drying on the skin because results will be counter to those desired (possible dryness, redness that dissipates easily, mild irritation, plus once it has dried it loses its toxin-drawing potency). Timing is usually 5-10 minutes for sensitive/dry skin and 15-20 minutes for oily skin when applied once a week.

The Argan & Rose Serum

For drier skin types, Pascale recommends mixing in a couple of drops of the Argan & Rose Serum to infuse skin with its nourishing properties. I love this addition and find that it allows the mask to work better.

Incidentally, the serum is perfectly versatile and can be used on its own as a facial cleanser to remove makeup and impurities, and as a leave on treatment to support skin. It’s lightweight enough to absorb seamlessly and impart a silken feel. The ingredients are a symbol of minimalism too, as it contains argan oil blended with a delicately scented rose absolute essential oil and a stabilizer to extend shelf life (a combination of rosemary leaf in sunflower oil). That’s simple yet effective skincare at its best.

For Hair

If hair needs a product detox, Rhassoul clay is perfect because it removes silicones and additives from hair—ideal when transitioning to natural hair products—though it can make your hair look dry or more prone to tangles for the first couple of uses, according to Pascale.

For use on hair, Pascale recommends adding the Argan & Rose blend into the paste so that it becomes a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner, then follow with an apple cider vinegar (ACV) hair rinse to balance out the pH, to prevent the tacky hair feeling from too much alkalinity, and to increase shine.  Aloe vera can also be added to the paste for added benefits.

The hemp cloth

In my excitement over the clay and serum, I almost forgot to write about the hemp cloth that has earned itself a quiet cult following. The honeycomb knit cloth is unexpectedly soft and made from 100% organic hemp which makes it one of the most eco-friendly fabrics available, since hemp requires very little watering, and no chemicals to grow or process the fibers into cloth (unlike cotton muslin which requires a considerable amount of water to manufacture, and most bamboo cloths that are processed with toxic chemicals that are harmful to the workers and the planet). The supplier that Blue Labelle uses guarantees no sweat-shops, child labor, or under-waged labor, and prides itself on purity and environmental sustainability.

I love it for its ability to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells, as well as residual makeup and oil from cleansing, while leaving my skin super soft and smooth.

Where to find it

Let’s face it, minimalist beauty like this only comes around once in oh, a thousand something years, right? But here it is, waiting for you to enjoy it. I love using this clay so much. You can shop anything in the Blue Labelle Skincare store. All products ship internationally.