With Indie Beauty Expo just three weeks away, I thought that this post—originally published on Facebook—would be relevant to share on my blog too….

Recently, I received a backhanded compliment from a friend. She congratulated me on my online success and on doing work that is “so meaningful to me.” But rather than focus on the compliment, I immediately heard the quantified statement between the lines and thought to myself, “My friend, if what I’m doing isn’t meaningful to you too, then I need to convey my message better.”

Many of my readers know that I care a great deal about green beauty products because I often write about them and because I’ve been a supporter of venues like Indie Beauty Expo from the start. But I’d like to think that my message extends further than products.

Beauty Heroes

Jeannie Jarnot, founder of Beauty Heroes, at iBE 2015

Being a part of iBE is so much more than about showcasing individual brands. It’s also about collectively influencing the beauty industry through this platform. The more natural brands and the more supporters of clean living that lend their presence to Indie Beauty Expo, the more impact we make on the entire industry.

I found this quote on The Vibrant Kitchen and it expressed the message perfectly.

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete”. ~ Richard Buckminster Fuller ←Click to Tweet this!

On my end, I’d like to think that in supporting clean indie businesses, I’m building a culture of sustainability—and that has far-reaching implications. When we use our purchasing power to send a message that the current production model isn’t working, a ripple effect happens.

An insider peek at Indie Beauty Expo

Lotus Wei greeted attendees with flower leis, a photo with Katie Hess, and a flower analysis to see what elixir would serve you best.

When I shop from a small, green beauty company versus a large manufacturer, I sense somebody’s life song in every bottle. I hear the resonance of plants—a numinous hum that’s brimming with vibrant energy. That’s not something that I get out of a jar of Lancome or a bottle of Chanel.

The artisans of today take power back from heavy machinery and assembly line merchandising. That means more jobs for people who need them and greater economic abundance. That means the human touch infuses every lotion, increasing the healing potential and fueling the formula. Using a product that was made consciously puts me in present moment consciousness too. I become more aware of the way I’m using a product, how it feels on my skin, and the loving attention that I’m giving myself in those moments.

MUN founder showing latest body serum at Indie Beauty Expo 2015

Munemi Imai, founder of MUN Skincare, proudly introduced latest launch: The Body Toning Serum

A label “handmade in small batches” actually means that someone is overseeing exactly how fresh and how vibrant the herbs look, feel, and smell before they are selected over others. It means that someone is standing over hundreds of bottles and painstakingly filling each one.

I also know that these hard-working folks likely gave up other careers to pursue a dream of building a vision from the ground up. The vision isn’t only about furthering themselves in the world, but about creating a healthier and safer planet by utilizing the best that nature has to offer and giving back to it with conscious creations.

Osmia Organics at IBE 2015

The beautiful Osmia Organics display at IBE 2015

I see Sarah Villafranco, M.D., founder of Osmia Organics, who gave up her practice as a doctor because she discovered a passion for making soap. Because she turned the untimely passing of her mother to cancer into a mission of creating safer, healthier personal care products that would make people feel so good that their stress would melt away.

Then she turned her skills into making specialized products that mitigate symptoms of perioral dermatitis, an issue she has suffered from that’s now in check thanks, in part, to her natural cleansers and creams. These products all come in fully recyclable containers to continue the cycle of good. So Indie Beauty Expo is about Sarah and her heart song.

Blogger love at the SkinOwl table at IBE

New York’s savviest bloggers can’t get enough of SkinOwl! Shown here L to R: Yeiza from Boho Chic Meets Organics, me, Kasey from Plein Vanity, Katie from Green Product Junkie, Annie founder of SkinOwl, and Abby from Green Reverie (Sorry! I don’t know the other woman in front)

Or I see Annie Tevelin, founder of SkinOwl and a popular makeup artist, who tried every commercial brand to clear up her own cystic acne. She left her successful career to study cosmetic chemistry in order to make blends that would work to heal her skin and that of others. The outcome of her efforts: acne gone thanks to her simple, yet effective formulas. So Indie Beauty Expo is about Annie and the way she’s helping people clear up their skin, one mangosteen fruit at a time.

By choosing to buy clean indie brands like Osmia Organics, Skinowl, Innersense Organic Beauty, MUN, Bottega Organica, JAVA Skin Care, Pour le Monde Perfumes, Beauty Heroes, Skincando, Modern Minerals Make up, Isa’s Restoratives, Lotus Wei, NU Evolution, and so many more, those dollars in turn support farms that treat our land with respect and without toxic pesticides.

As a result, organic agriculture gains a stronger foothold. The demand for genetically modified food diminishes and crops in their sacred origin bloom again.

These businesses make it a priority to reuse, recycle, and revere their resources as much as possible, which leads to a significant reduction of harmful chemicals in our environment, a reduction of waste, and a return to nature.

When small businesses thrive, there is a greater distribution of wealth among the people. Mom and pop stores dot the neighborhoods and increase the location’s value. The expansion of conscious businesses means that we collectively create a lasting impact that affects the next generation.

Sometimes, all it takes to propel this movement is an opportunity to endorse the people who care about those core values: the indie businesses and the people who listen to the siren’s call to start one. To me, Indie Beauty Expo is all about celebrating the small, hardworking brands and their makers that are ushering in the new wave of conscious consumerism.

An insider peek at Indie Beauty Expo

Jillian Wright and one of her closest friends who flew in to support her at the inaugural iBE

If anyone embraces this dream, it is founders Jillian Wright and Nader Naeymi-Rad, the visionaries behind Indie Beauty Expo, and their dedicated team of beauty and wellness experts. Sometimes it takes a person to experience something themselves to truly understand and Jillian knows first-hand what it means to build a business from the bare elements.

An insider peek at Indie Beauty Expo

Jillian paid so much attention to all the other brands that she didn’t have much time to share her own line!

It means taking a seed, planting it, and nurturing it like mad—and then sitting and waiting for the roots to sprout and the plant to bud. Only there isn’t much sitting when growing a brand, and there may not be much growing at first either. Her own eponymous skincare line took years to take root and she had little help in cultivating it.

Fast forward to 2014. Jillian wanted to offer small brands the opportunity that she never had—a chance to exhibit their creations before a wider audience, people who could take them to the next level—like consumers, the press, and buyers scoping new and exciting companies.

And like that Indie Beauty Expo (iBE) was born of a dream, a vision, and a hope for the future. It caught on like a catchy tune, but it’s no one-hit wonder. This year will offer brands even more solid gold hits—guaranteed.

Anyone who talks to Jillian walks away knowing that iBE is her life song and now she gets to sing it loud and clear. But going beyond that, Indie Beauty is our song because it has the potential to alter the face of the planet for the good.

To receive updates and grow the clean living movement, head over to the Indie Beauty Expo website. Plus check out my guest post about iBE and why we are craving indie beauty on the Beauty Heroes blog.

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