Things have gotten incredibly busy around here lately, so much so that I’ve hardly had time to write my own blog posts.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, Green Beauty Team just featured my exposé on Johnson & Johnson’s baby products that’s a real eye-opener. It’s an especially timely post now that there’s a $72 million fine hanging over the company due to the link between their talcum powder and ovarian cancer. I wish it didn’t take a family’s loss to recognize the need for cleaner ingredients in our personal care products (more about that on the post!).

My articles for Savor Life and for Thoughtfully Magazine’s Issue 4 also came out several months ago, so I hope you get to check them out too.

Plus I’ve been taking some pics for this awesome new company with a novel, eco-friendly approach to cleaning your house. It’s so simple and clever you’ll wonder why you never thought of it! You’ll see more #saritacorenpics for favorites Stark Skincare and Organic Bath Co. that have been really fun to do.

With all the extra jobs, I’m working hard to hold it all together, but I have to admit to being somewhat overwhelmed and stressed out. You can bet there will be some posts soon about time management and learning how to say no to energy depleting activities (looking at you, Facebook). If you’re a brand and waiting for a review, please bear with me.

It’s busy times like these that lend themselves perfectly to sharing what other bloggers are doing, and I’m so grateful to Jacqueline Staph Jones, the beauty behind The Beauty Proof, for connecting with me about collaborating on a post.

A bit about The Beauty Proof

Jacqueline Staph Jones is a consumer advocate and green beauty fangirl. She loves to help women find clean, effective skincare and makeup. Because she lives with chronic illness, an autoimmune disease called Hashimoto’s, she has developed a sensitivity and wisdom that comes from doing the trial-and-error research for products and lifestyle changes that work to ease her symptoms. Her blog shares her discoveries, including her top picks for skincare, makeup, and hair.

My interview with Jacqueline is already up on her site. You can find it here. I loved her insightful questions that lent themselves to deeper answers. For this post, I decided to find out more about Jacqueline by asking her to come up with the questions she’d like to be asked.

Here are her Q & A.

Q: How did you first get into green beauty?

My obsession with clean makeup and skincare was born out of a lifelong passion for women’s health.

I believe that, at a minimum, cosmetics should never undermine wellness. Ideally, they should support the health and vitality of the person using them.

Whenever I find a great product that’s effective and has a clean ingredient list, I get so excited! That high of discovering something share-worthy never gets old.

Q: How is green beauty a women’s health issue?

Here’s the thing: the use of questionable ingredients in personal care products affects everyone, from babies to the elderly. But the issue skews female because, as women, we use more products on a daily basis than other groups.

For me, choosing clean, quality cosmetics is one part of a healthy lifestyle I actively pursue. I have an autoimmune disease called Hashimoto’s. I’ve regained my quality of life through diet, natural therapies and mindful choices about the products I use on a daily basis, from laundry detergent to nail polish. It’s taken a lot of effort to “go green” but it’s been well worth it in the end.

Like many other women contending with chronic illness, I’m not just looking to manage my disease, but to thrive in spite of it.

Q: What advice would you give to someone struggling with their skin because of chronic illness?

Did you know that the CDC now lists autoimmunity as the third biggest category of disease after cancer and heart disease? And 78% of those dealing with autoimmunity are women. That’s insane! There’s so many people struggling out there. I do hope that what I’ve learned through the ups and downs of illness can be helpful to other women in similar situations.

First thing, I’d encourage her to find love and gratitude for her body, as it is. In illness, our bodies can seem like the enemy. But that mindset can also stop us from reclaiming our well-being. Figuring out how to best live with chronic illness is an ongoing process.

You can’t be too hard on yourself as you figure out what does and doesn’t work for you.

The other piece of advice I’d give is to avoid spending a fortune on expensive skincare products while in the midst of a skin crisis. Instead, start simple.

At The Beauty Proof, I write a lot about luxury products. I love that stuff! But I’ve found that when skin is unusually inflamed and reactive, it’s best to temporarily switch to very simple and relatively inexpensive options.

Whenever I switch into crisis mode, I rely on things like raw honey and organic jojoba oil for all my skin care, even cleansing. I call them my single ingredient wonders! They may not work for everyone, but they’re a great place to start if you feel like there’s no hope for your skin.

I’m so inspired by the emails I receive from women who bravely face chronic illness. Through pain, fatigue and frustrating diagnoses, they aren’t throwing in the towel. They want to look in the mirror and feel good about what they see. Don’t we all?! Their illnesses don’t define them, nor does mine define me. It’s just another part of my story that gives me the drive to make The Beauty Proof even more helpful for all women on their individual wellness and beauty journeys.

Thank you so much, Jacqueline, for taking the time to write and answer these questions and helping us get to know the beautiful person that you are!

You can find, follow, like and connect with the lovely Jacqueline on The Beauty Proof, Facebook (new page, please like!), Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest.