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Now that Thanksgiving Day is behind us, it’s a full throttle countdown to the next big vacation. So I figured it would be the perfect time to introduce you to Charlotte.

She’s ‘Carrie’ and ‘Samantha’s’ sleeker counterpart and may become your new best friend. But don’t let her simple looks fool you. She’s a sharp one. Never a dull moment with her. You’ll want to take her with you wherever you go because she’s a fabulous travel companion.

If you have not read my post introducing Oui Shave, then head on over there because that’s where I tell you all about how you’ve been shaving wrong all these years and that finding the right razor is the key to ending those ingrown hairs and red razor burns for good. Plus those embellished gold and silver handles put the sexy back into shaving for women.

Check this out!

Oui Shave has been getting some great press lately from tastemakers in the beauty world—and I’m not surprised. My friend Kasey Lum, writer and blogger extraordinaire at Plein Vanity, named ‘Carrie’ her product pick of the season in the third issue of Thoughtfully Magazine and it made it to Elizabeth Dehn’s Spring “Love List” on Beauty Bets.

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Unlike the heftier ‘Carrie’ and ‘Samantha’ razors, ‘Charlotte’ is designed for life on-the-go, whether you’re hot tailing it to the gym, doing a little landscaping right before a date, or slipping it into your suitcase on the way to Hawaii. (A girl can dream, right?) Also unique to Charlotte is the double blade versus the single sharp blade of the original razors.

A set of one Charlotte razor + your choice of either a Neroli or Santal Shave Oil costs $48. Even with shelling out $17 for a ten-pack of razor refills, it is still more cost effective than disposable razors and way more environmentally sound. Think: no more plastic handles in landfills.

Shaving with a luxurious oil has been groundbreaking too. Who knew how smooth and sleek legs could feel? The scents of both Neroli and Santal are fabulous, while the sweet almond oil, castor oil, and rosehip seed oil provide a slick surface for a seamless glide and optimum skin protection to keep nicks and cuts to a minimum.

Worried you’ll be stranded without a razor refill? Fear not. Oui Shave provides an easy subscription service that delivers refills based on how often you shave. (Don’t worry, we swear we won’t tell!)

I think the concept is as brilliant as a gilded razor.

Confidentially, between us girls, the only thing that should feel like a pineapple while you’re lying on the beach is the one sitting in your piña colada.

You can begin your Oui Shave experience here PLUS, if you’ve got other things you need to stock up on, the Charlotte Set, refills, and Shave Oil are now offered on Eco Diva Beauty too.

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*Charlotte Razor kindly provided to me by the oh so lovely Karen, founder of Oui Shave.

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