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Wild Honey Apothecary Pumpkin Cacao “Mud” Mask, $25

pumpkin cacao honey maskWhen Wild Honey Apothecary creates a product, I sit up and take notice.

I love this small company and its cosmic founder Kat. Rarely have I found the same products on the website consecutively, though they do repeat seasonally. If there’s one thing that a rotating list of products reveals, it’s that every sustainable glass jar or bottle is as fresh as can be.

Nearly everything that I’ve tried has worked beautifully on my skin—and you know I don’t throw that statement around lightly nor is that easy to find in a single brand.

When it comes to a hand-crafted honey mask with cacao (hello, chocolate, my love!) and pumpkin in it, well, I basically need to hyperventilate in a brown bag. I am not even exaggerating. This stuff is sooo good, thick, and rich like sticky pudding and sweeter still.

The key to easy application

It is a rather jam-packed formula. It is honey, after all, and there are no thinning agents to water down the mix which is awesome. But it does make the mask a bit challenging to spread on the skin if you haven’t learned the trick of applying sticky honey masks.

Here’s the simple key: water! Spritz your face with toner so that it’s damp. The water helps the mask soften and yield, so you won’t have any issue dragging it across your face (undesirable).

I vouch for honey as a definitive face saver that’s amazing at fading scars, detoxifying skin without drying it, as well as clarifying and brightening facial tone. You can credit those impressive results to honey’s numerous properties. It’s a natural humectant (drawing moisture to the skin), antimicrobial, and wound healing (it produces hydrogen peroxide when the sugars interact with water, thus creating a beneficial healing environment).

Knowing Kat, the pumpkin cacao mud mask won’t be around for long if the ingredients are not in season, so nab this confection while you can from Wild Honey Apothecary (link in heading above), Etsy, or Birchbox.

Gem Honey LUNA Bath Salts, $3

I’m a huge fan of taking salt baths. Whenever I feel burdened by someone’s energy or if I sense the tell-tale signs of a cold, I throw a cupful or more of Epsom salts into the tub to cleanse my aura and ground me. I’ve warded off many an illness by taking detoxifying salt baths. The key is catching it early on before the bug gets too comfortable in your body.

Wild Honey’s Luna Bath Salts takes bathing in salt up a whole new level—literally. These are no ordinary salts, but rather a psychedelic blend of quartz charged sea salt, epsom salt, organic Manuka honey and organic essential oils and resins. Luna also contains a cool shot of spearmint, ginger, and eucalyptus that is perfect for clearing up any congestion, physical or mental.

In case you don’t already know, along with Wild Honey Apothecary, Kat curates a monthly subscription box that I’ve been enjoying called The Cosmic Box, $27, that weaves together artisanal skincare lines and specialty items to inspire the body, mind, and soul.

12 Herbs Gypsy Toner is a game changer!

For the last few months (it launched in June), I’ve received meaningful crystals, jewelry made by conscious brands, and numerous other treats from Wild Honey Apothecary as well as other brands that uplift and enhance the spirit. (One recent favorite: Wild Honey Apothecary’s 12 Herb Gypsy Toner, $42, with raw, organic apple cider vinegar, witch hazel, a drop of honey, and an infusion of 12 herbs that takes months to cure!).

That concludes my fall beauty picks roundup. I hope you enjoyed it.

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Of course, I’ve got lots more goodies in store for you that I’m excited to share, so stay tuned…

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