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Few things say autumn like pumpkins (obvi!), mulled cider, lush golds and crimsons, and acorns plunking down everywhere. With the barrage of tough New Jersey winters for the past few years, I tend to overlook this gorgeous season in anticipation of winter.

This year, I’m attempting to recapture the present moment, since it truly is a magical time of year that’s rich with abrupt outbursts of leaves wherever I turn. Then just like that they’re gone with a blast of northern wind. So now I’m paying attention and not allowing the dread of the cold to weigh me down. I may even play in a pile of leaves or two! (Try and stop me.)

Along with the leaves this year, I’ve also gathered a collection of products that caught my fancy and are particularly suitable to nurture you through this transitional time of year.

In Fiore Cleansing Ritual, regularly $88, but with this October offer, $39

Two gorgeous additions to my routine include the In Fiore cleansing treats that I received this month. You can still snag them for $39 (instead of $88) here, or use code LOVESPA for $10 off your first Beauty Heroes box. But hurry because this deal is ending by October 20th.

They’re the perfect duo to keep skin from getting dry in the cooler temperatures, plus they’re easily two of the most elegant cleansers that I’ve ever tried. (For more info about Beauty Heroes, formerly Spa Heroes, and why I love this subscription box, head on over to read this.)

FEZ Perfume Oil, $78

FEZWhen Kahina Giving Beauty launches a new product, they don’t mess! I fell hard for this warm, spicy scent at A Night for Green Beauty in August, where a bunch of us bloggers got a whiff of it on our wrists. What struck us was how different it smelled when it mixed with our individual body chemistries, equally evocative and enticing as the lingering scent shifted notes throughout the evening. One major coup: it does seem to last longer than many other natural perfumes.

Inspired by FEZ Body Serum, this roll-on perfume oil masterfully blends rose and orange blossom with spicy notes of cumin and clove and melds them together with patchouli, vetiver, and ylang-ylang.

Mind you, this is no sweet, floral rollicking-in-the-fields kinda scent, but rather a perfume that’s redolent of a visit to a colorful Moroccan suk—which is what Founder Katharine L’Heureux hoped to achieve with the unisex fragrance. It’s a warm, zesty, and exotic mix that’s ripe for fall.

Brioche Baby Nail & Cuticle Repair, $28

brioche baby bath saltsHonestly, with all the dishes that I wash and other hazardous cleaning or cooking jobs, who has time to focus on the state of my cuticles? Brioche Baby does! This company wants you to use your hands for everything you need to, but make it look like you’ve got the staff at Downton Abbey waiting on you hand and foot.

My only issue with this product is remembering to use it! But when I do, my nails look incredible: healthier, fewer hangnails, improved nail growth. That’s because the oils are designed to sink in, not sit on top of the nail bed.

The unique combination of organic, antioxidant-rich jojoba and argan oils absorbs deeply to mend splitting nails, adds moisture where there’s an arid desert, and repairs some serious damage.

The founder would know. After having her first child at 39, Lisa T. Levy found her whole body changing, especially embarrassing were her splitting nails. When no OTC product worked, she put her background in biochemistry, biology, and business to good use. Brioche Baby was born and finally healed her parched nails and skin on her hands too.

Perfect timing for the dehydrating indoor temperatures that will soon hit us (not that I’m thinking about that now or anything).

Stark Skincare “EV” Everlasting Calm + Smooth Infusion, $70

Stark EVI really jumped the gun on telling you how much I love “EV” without giving you a full post about it first. But I have got a lovely review in the works, with a few questions for Founder Jess about why she created this state-of-the-art product.

Like all the other Stark skincare products, the scent is unbeatable. It’s simply light and divine much like the infusion itself. I think there could be a new beauty book about the art of layering skin care products because that is the way to go. Sometimes skin needs different types of hydration or treatment ingredients that can’t be found in one product or texture.

I’ll be writing lots more about these topics and “EV” soon, so check back to read more about them.

Curious about that tiny jar of Autumn Gold Moisturizer by Lalun Naturals? Please head over to my post about why seasonal skincare makes sense. It’s a hand-crafted cream that contains colloidal gold and turmeric, which gives it that gorgeous golden color. It belongs in a seasonal skincare regimen (it’s in mine!) and in a post about fall.

Tomorrow we will continue with my take on Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant Stick, followed by the pumpkin goodness in Apoterra’s soap and Wild Honey Apothecary’s mask.

FYI: I’m working hard at editing my overly long posts. In the name of brevity, I’ll be posting separate reviews of the products in the photo above each day, rather than all of them at once. (A few of you seemed lost when I attempted to divide up the post into pages here, so I’ve nixed that idea and hope you like this new and improved post better. Why I can’t simply write about one product at a time is beyond me. What can I say? I like product roundups.)

What are you trying and loving for fall?


 Props used in photos:
*Some products I received to try and some I bought myself. Always an honest review.





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