Screenshot_2015-10-01-00-00-47-1October’s Beauty Heroes box is a treasure!

This month, I received two sumptuous products from the much celebrated line In Fiore. If you have not heard of this luxury brand yet, then please head over to The Hermes Hippie who will indulge you in a description that will likely have you coveting the entire line—or is that just me?

Until then (that is, acquiring the entire product line), let me introduce you to the two seductive products that I received in this month’s box: Treate Cleansing Emulsion, our hero product, and—not to be diminished by the title—its sidekick, Lustra Illuminating Cleansing Essence.

There are some skin care lines that invite beauty rituals. In Fiore is one of them.

These rituals punctuate our lives with meaning and depth. They ask us to pause from the daily grind and become aware of the moment.

How often do I forget to do that when I cleanse my skin? Yet it’s prime time to dig deep into the wellsprings of self-love and have that heart-to-heart conversation with myself—the one that’s not so easy to muster when first I want to analyze every clogged pore or new line that appears on my skin.

But no. It is like a prerequisite to applying In Fiore cleansers to be mindful of my inner dialogue and savor the indulgent moments.

These are moments of tenderness when the golden Lustra oil warms in my palm with its heavenly scent of  jasmine flowers wafting to my nose. Then begins the massage ever so slowly onto my face as it offers a homeopathic bouquet of ingredients to the skin—the mighty arnica flower to combat congested pores coupled with soothing chamomile to restore skin’s suppleness.

“Healing begins with an aromatic daily massage.” ~ Hippocrates

in fiore oils and chartIn these moments, In Fiore teaches the 4-2-4 cleansing method—may I call it ritual?—of dedicated self-care time: four minutes of massaging in Lustra to allow the lipophilic remedy to penetrate deeply and remove impurities, followed by two minutes adding in Treate, a milky emulsifying cleanser that preserves the skin’s delicate pH.

Treate blends a biodynamic medley of beloved aloe vera, taming rose water, and a delectable herbal infusion that includes jasmine blossoms, biocompatible echinacea, dandelion, and burdock root to detoxify skin gently and thoroughly.

Once the skin enlivens to the touch and the fusion of these precious formulas, the ritual concludes with a four minute water cleansing starting with two minutes of warm water, then two minutes of cold water. The combined steps stimulate the lymph and circulation and revitalize skin. (As it takes about 4-2-4 minutes for the water to heat up in my house, this timing works out perfectly.)

The lovely and surprising part of ending the ritual is that a whisper of jasmine lingers like a delicate perfume. Its sweetened breath reminds me to embrace its floral offering throughout the day. Mind you, it is the softest and most enticing of scents and I’m very particular when it comes to fragrances. I could embalm myself in it.

So is it the loving thoughts and intentions or is it the wonder of these two products that gives my skin an uplifted and awakened glow? (Methinks it’s both!)

Luckily for all of us, you can find out for yourselves. These delights are valued at $88 but of course Beauty Heroes will send them to you for $39 or for 15% off in the Beauty Heroes Clean Beauty Shop for members. It’s truly an experience not to be missed.

I know that I’m hooked and will be invoking these beauty heroes in my daily ritual for many moons to come.

In Fiore Lustra + Treate

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