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In 2009, International esthetician, Julie Lindh was actually the first to import Dermapen to the US for use in her treatment rooms. Always one to push the envelope when it comes to innovative and effective skin care breakthroughs, Julie says Dermapen continues to top the list as her most requested treatment due to outstanding results.

“As of now Micro-needling is still the strongest treatment to help scars, deep lines, sagging skin,” Julie said.

I will warn you, she does not use numbing creams the way Jenise does. Her reasoning? She finds that the client needs to feel the pain in order to heal well.

She explained in this interview: “Without the numbing cream, I’m able to see the response to the skin right away and determine if I will do an additional pass or go a bit more aggressively.” While the pain was a bit hard to take, the results speak for themselves. My skin looked lifted and luminous—and the effect lasted longer than usual.

Not one for the pain? Julie’s number two request: Natural Growth Factor (NGF).

Julie said, “Why we call it natural is because it doesn’t come from animals. It’s from harvested human fibroblast—a cell that exists in our skin tissues that produces collagen so that we have a barrier.”

NGF has an important role in rebuilding and thickening skin, so it is used to help burn victims, increase the speed of wound healing, and much more. This is one treatment that’s high on my radar to try.

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