jenise parris, rejuvapen, $350/session, minimum 3 sessions to see optimum results

jenise parris beauty waterYou may say that Jenise Parris is an unlikely person to make this list. She’s a licensed herbalist and acupuncturist with a successful practice in Manhattan and an overarching mission to teach her patients how to heal themselves. (Love that!)

Recently, however, she began introducing Rejuvapen into her repertoire—and clients have been thanking her ever since. Essentially, Rejuvapen uses a sophisticated micro-needling technology (nine needles to be exact) to stimulate the skin, open channels, and trigger the body’s natural collagen and elastin production.

It’s the addition of incorporating acupuncture treatments during the session that gives Jenise an edge over many dermatologists that use this device. While, a facial numbing lotion took effect on my face (the only part of the process that isn’t “natural” but that you’ll be thankful for), Jenise placed acupuncture needles on the meridians that support the treatment.

I’m among the groupies and will be going for my second round soon. I credit the steady improvement in skin clarity, as well as a restored youthful glow to my first session in August. Plus, she sends you home with her own hand-crafted products that prolong the efficacy of the treatment while also soothing skin. (Full write up with photos to follow!)

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