jillian wright lumifacial with enzymes, $250

Though she may now be recognized as the woman who initiated the indie beauty movement, Jillian Wright is first and foremost a skilled esthetician with a loyal following of A-listers. You’ll find my full write-up about Jillian Wright here. The Lumilift is not your typical facial. From the moment you lie back on the table, you will be cared for and pampered. Jillian Wright recognizes the delicate nature of skin and adheres to her motto to treat it like a baby.

The treatment incorporates LED technology that addresses several layers of skin concerns including collagen production, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, improving texture, minimizing puffiness, inflammation, and redness, and diminishing acne. Unlike lasers, there is no wound response or redness, so you leave looking radiant with no downtime. Your skin will be exfoliated based on its optimum needs: enzymes for clogged skin or more delicate types, microdermabrasion for rough and non-sensitive types, extractions, polarized current, and a deep penetrating mask complete the treatment. Follow up treatments lead to enhanced results.

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