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Do you find mascara removal to be a real drag? The problem with finally discovering a fabulous mascara is taking it off.  It may adhere to lashes but resist a solo cleanse. Too much tugging will weaken those delicate hairs—and that’s clearly a no no.  Luckily at this event in May, I found an easy solution.

Om Aroma’s Coconut Pre-cleanse Oil is as lightweight as can be, but this powerhouse sweeps off mascara in a gentle and soothing way while nourishing lashes. Bonus: it doesn’t sting those delicate peepers, wipes off easily, and the soft jasmine and lavender scent smells divine.

I love the idea of a cleansing oil that doubles as a lash conditioner too. But I wanted to make sure that I was using it in the best way possible to maximize its benefits. So I reached out to the wonderful staff at Savor Spa who are always ready to dish on product tips and tricks. Here’s what I learned.

Tips & tricks

You don’t have to wait until you’re ready to take off your makeup to use it!

Jessica Arnaudin, Brand Development Director of Om Aroma & Savor Spa, a.k.a. @axisartistry on Instagram, likes to use the Coconut Pre-Cleanse for eyeliner and mascara touch-ups throughout the day.

“I find that around 3 pm my mascara has shifted and a few small flakes often dust my upper eyelid,” she told me in an email. “I love to use one drop of Coconut Pre-Cleanse on a Q-tip to clean & refresh my look on-the-go.” That’s a great idea that I’m going to have to try.

Jess added a bonus brow fix, as well.

She said, “For PM, I use it as a brow treatment by applying one drop onto a small disposable mascara wand. I use the wand coated with oil to vigorously brush my brows from root to end. This is great because the brush exfoliates and the oil conditions!”

By the look of this gorgeous lady’s brows, her beauty advice is working. Plus Harper’s Bazaar recently quoted research dubbing brows to be the most important facial feature, so there’s that to consider!

For stubborn mascara, lead trainer and senior Savor Spa esthetician, Elizabeth Perez recommends lightly massaging the oil into the lashes to allow all the pigment to soften and easily come off. She then suggests soaking a soft cotton round in warm water and using that to lift off all the mascara by gently passing it over the eye area. Following that step, you can then continue your regular facial cleanse as usual.

As I get older and seek to keep my skin supple, I discovered that loosening makeup with a cleansing oil, plus giving my face a few moments of massage at night is one optimal way to preserving skin’s integrity. Depending on variables in your water and environment, cleansing and aggressive water exposure can wreak havoc on the pH balance of skin. The oil actually helps it retain a balanced state and shields it from moisture loss.

Of course, the next step for me is my go-to cleanser for sensitive skin that effectively removes all traces of makeup without ever leaving my skin dry and uncomfortable. Expect a clean, hydrated face after this simple two-step process. Bonus: you won’t wake up in the morning looking like the zombie apocalypse.

How do you remove mascara? What are your favorite tips?

*This post contains affiliate links for products that I recommend and enjoy already.

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