If you’ve been counting down the days until A Night for Green Beauty, then this is one big day! With over a year of planning, ANFGB has finally arrived. More brands, bloggers, and fans than you can count will be gathering at Venue One in Chicago today—and I’m brimming with excitement and awe. It is no small feat to achieve something of this magnitude!

There is a thread that binds the brands together. We don’t always recognize it consciously but it’s there. It’s longing. Longing to make the world a better, more beautiful place. Longing to bring beauty into this world that has our well-being at heart. These brands embody beauty at their core. So I asked the amazing Osmia Organics, Meow Meow Tweet, Captain Blankenship, Bottega Organica, and Alima Pure how they embody beauty. Here’s what they shared. I think you’ll love them even more after reading their responses—if that’s even possible!


IMG_20150805_062644Sarah Villafranco, Founder of Osmia Organics

“I remind people to see the simple moments of life as exquisitely beautiful, and to extract every drop of love and happiness from even the most familiar patterns, from preparing your tea to reading Goodnight Moon.  When you make the effort to notice every tiny detail and feel it as fully as possible, life becomes endlessly intriguing and surprisingly fresh, even if you’ve done something a thousand times.

Now ask me one way in which I embody ridiculousness – I have a million answers at the ready.”

Mirajana Blankenship, Founder of Captain Blankenship

“I embody beauty by trying to be as simple and honest as possible both inside and out. This includes the food I eat and the products I put on my body, but also my thoughts and actions toward myself and others.”


Tara Pelliter, Founder of Meow Meow Tweet

“We embody beauty by holding close our mantra, “beauty is in the spirit”. That may sound cheesy, but we practice this everyday in the foundational ethics of our business, in our products, in the workplace that we’re building with our team, in the food we eat, and in the way that we treat others. No amount of oils, creams, sprays or serums can do what an open, truthful and healthy spirit can. After all, there’s nothing as anti-aging as a smiling face!”


Kate O’Brian, Founder of Alima Pure

At it’s core, beauty is an aspect of self-expression. We all have our good days and our off days (or am I the only one with off days?). In those moments when we are comfortably, confidently expressing our essential nature we are most beautiful. I love those moments both when I experience them for myself and see them in others. When everything comes together and we are in the flow, in those moments we truly embody beauty.”

IMG_20150805_062048Mary Ahern, Head of Production Formulation for Bottega Organica

We can embody beauty by making positive choices in what we put in and on our bodies and minds.

With gratitude to Josefina Ballesta of Pistol PR

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Top photo courtesy of A Night for Green Beauty