When it comes to green beauty, there are a few buzzwords that automatically catch my eye. Clearly, the word “organic” carries more weight than the oft-used and abused “natural.” And then there’s a less obvious term: “small batch” that implies something inexplicably enticing.

It conjures up images of real people—no conveyor belt assembly lines or heavy machinery—carefully preparing herbs, flowers, and wholesome ingredients for steeping in apothecary jars or bottling into hand-made formulas that are freshly blended before shipping immediately. HANA Organic Skincare wears both titles like a badge of honor.

It’s also a brand that’s prepared to assume the responsibilities of stepping into the limelight without compromising its ethos. HANA OS will be attending A Night for Green Beauty in less than one month {{SQUEEE!}} and recently earned Small Batch Expert Selection by Spa Heroes.

However, thanks to its hand-crafted nature, the founder and certified herbalist, Karen Ries, will not be able to leave Bainbridge Island, WA, where the products are made, to travel to Chicago while in production. She’s sending two worthy reps instead: the brand’s namesake and Karen’s daughter, Hana, and Chief Operations Officer, Natalie Berry.

Nor will you find the two selected heroic products—the lavender grains and the gentle cleanser—in a Spa Heroes subscription box, for the same reason. However, you can buy them in the shop and Spa Heroes members can use their exclusive 15% off coupon code. Membership has its benefits, that’s for sure.

More about the Gentle Cleanser & the Lavender Grains

Spa Heroes Founder, Jeannie Jarnot, graciously sent me the HANA Organic Gentle Cleanser and Lavender Grains to try.  You’re probably getting the idea by now that I’ve been testing out quite a lot of products and my skin is having a hard time juggling them all. Not surprisingly, when it started feeling rough and grubby, I knew that it was time to exfoliate.

Right away I reached for the Lavender Grains, $36, and I’m so happy that I did! The grains triple as a cleanser, exfoliator, and mask.

hana lavender grains

A quick look at the vegan and gluten-free ingredients will show you why my skin felt instantly smooth, soft, and renewed. When I say instant, I mean it.

White clay; *oats; *+almonds; *poppy seeds; *rose centifolia (rose); *lavendula officianalis (lavender); *calendula officianalis (calendula); *lavender & rose essential oils *certified organic ingredient +Demeter ® Biodynamic ® ingredient

The white clay gives the powder absorbency, sweeping away excess surface oils, sweat, and grime and soaking up toxins when left on as a treatment mask. The formula gets its grittiness from the almonds and poppy seeds. While these offer excellent scrubbing action, it has not been irritating in any way.

Reviews that I’ve read concur that even most sensitive skins can enjoy this product without any irritation. I’d say credit goes to the inflammation-taming rose, calming and soothing oats and lavender, and healing calendula.

How cute is that ceramic scoop found in every jar?! I can’t get over it. It surely helps someone like me who tends to be clumsy with powders keep a mess under control.

The Gentle Cleanser, $28, holds equal appeal. For anyone seeking a straight up gentle, castile-based cleanser, this is it without the over-drying tendencies of some lathering cleansers. Don’t let the merely five ingredients fool you. (FYI: certified organic rose hydrosol; certified organic castile soap; certified organic jojoba oil; certified organic geranium, and neroli essential oils.) You will get a thorough cleanse that feels wonderful and leaves skin clean and comfortable.

Plus I love this Spa Heroes tip that it doubles as a brush cleaner too!

After enjoying the products within a few uses—honestly, it doesn’t take long to see results with these—I asked Karen some questions about HANA OS to give us all a window into this small-batch company with a big batch heart.

Interview with founder Karen Ries

 On being part of ANFGB:
We are thrilled to be a part of ANFGB! It is so motivating to be surrounded by like-minded people. We’re honored to be included with so many wonderful brands.
We read the term “small batch” but can’t always picture what that means. Can you tell me a bit about what that looks like from your end and what advantages it offers your customers?

Here at HANA, our batch size is a maximum of 12 units of any product (although we do make approx. 36 lip balms at a time). We want to make sure our products are as “fresh” as possible when we ship to customers.

We never have inventory collecting dust on our shelves.

What inspired your partnership with Spa Heroes?

We love working with Jeannie, and love everything Spa Heroes stands for. Spa Heroes has a lot of integrity, and they really believe in true green beauty.

What do you consider Heroic about you? What’s heroic about Hana OS?

We stand by the purity of our products. We don’t skimp on the ingredients, and only purchase from ethical vendors who share our beliefs re: sustainability, organic farming, and fair trade.

Do you have any cool tips and tricks for using the products?

I personally love mixing either the Renew or Everyday Crème, with a few drops of the Luxe Serum. I also use the toner several times a day, if the weather is hot and drying. That would be a real “cool” tip. 🙂

What’s your vision for HANA OS going forward?

To continue to grow with the green community. Getting the word out to people that they can truly have a wonderful and satisfying skincare regime—without sacrificing their skin to harmful chemicals. We plan to always remain a somewhat small business, because quality control is really important to us. Every single batch we make is tested either by me or Natalie.

What would you like more people to be aware of when it comes to beauty? What about skin care?

Again, it would be getting the word out to people that they can truly have a wonderful and satisfying skincare regime – without sacrificing their skin to harmful chemicals. There’s an old adage, “You are what you eat,” and this applies to skincare products as well. Our skin is an organ, and what we apply to our skin on the outside, eventually ends up inside.

How do you embody beauty?

I believe that when a person takes care of themselves—eating healthy (skincare products apply here!), exercising, relaxing/meditating, taking time out for family & friends—their true beauty shines through. Be true to yourself, and your beauty lasts forever. It doesn’t stop at some arbitrary age.

Amen to that! You can find HANA Organic Skincare in the Spa Heroes shop where members get 15% off every time they shop. Use LOVESPA to get $10 off your first subscription box. You can find the rest of HANA OS here, as well as on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.


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