Clean cosmetic brands do not have it easy. The demands on these companies have changed radically in the last 10 years as the consumer profile adjusts to a wider reach. With green beauty filtering into the mainstream marketplace, eco-savvy shoppers have become increasingly educated and discerning, while still wanting to keep up with the latest trends.

Tantamount to anything else, we require products that avoid harmful ingredients, as well as a company that’s fully transparent. A natural claim that’s not backed by hard facts will not cut it any longer.  At the same time, we want makeup that’s long-wearing, provides high pigmented colors, and stays current with popular conventional brands. If peachy tones are hot this summer (they are!), we must have them.

Welcome NU EVOLUTION Cosmetics

NU EVOLUTION Cosmetics is one brand that nails it in all those categories. It succeeds where many others fall short by using the cleanest ingredients possible while maintaining a fashion-forward beat and incredible wear. That’s not to say they didn’t face dilemmas when choosing certain formulas—and did opt for a couple of ingredients that may raise an eco-brow or two.

However, they’re the first to own their decisions in the name of developing two product categories with greater lasting power (the mascara and the lip glosses, in case you’re wondering—and they’re both fantastic!). That speaks highly to the integrity of the makers and certainly helps build trust in the company.

Meet the founders

nu evolution blush and concealer

It’s no wonder too. While new to the eco-beauty scene, the founders are not new to leading and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Nadine Cormier and Sandra Anderson-Diaz know the world of fashion and clean living well. I’m grateful that Nadine and I met on several occasions, so I got a first-hand peek into this very impressive collection and the context that triggered its development. Their back story rings true for many of us.

Their research into the reasons behind illness began when health issues impacted close family members. In adapting to more holistic choices, they revamped their lifestyles to incorporate nutritious diets but overlooked one essential category—their bath and beauty products.

Once they started investigating, they were shocked and disappointed to discover that many ingredients found in even the most sought-after brands could potentially cause hormone disruption, allergic reactions, blemishes, and cancer.

However, when they surveyed the natural cosmetics scene, they were not satisfied with the products they tried. They found that when it came to eco-beauty, they had to give up too much in order to gain. So they teamed up with each other to launch a line that would suit their demands for style without compromising on cleaner ingredients. From my experience with NU EVOLUTION Cosmetics—they have achieved it and then some!

Effortlessly chic

Both Sandra and Nadine have extensive marketing and advertising acumen, so when they designed the look of their cosmetics, they knew exactly what they wanted: chic, modern, flirty, and portable. They hit the mark on all of these. A case in point: their products passed muster on NYFW (New York Fashion Week) runways and featured prominently in several Fall and Spring shows.

nu evolution foundation width

I find their packaging to be absolutely fantastic and comparable to any brand found in high-end stores, said the former MAC and Makeup Forever user. As someone always on the lookout to help people make sustainable choices, these picks make it easy.

And you’ll be happy to know, in addition to four loose foundation options, they offer pressed powders for blush, eye shadow, and foundation, so when you want to reapply while on-the-go, these couldn’t be more convenient! I adore the thin compact sizes—perfect to slip into a small purse for a night out. Plus the concealer and pressed foundation boast a mirror under the lid (see second photo above).  How exciting is that for quick touch-ups?!

The collection

NU full product shot

In naming their products, these globe-trotting fashionistas drew on influences from pop culture, scenic locations, culinary delights, and drinks that spark the palate. Hello, delicious lipstick in Chianti!

I’m super excited about sharing this brand with you because I’ve been using it for over a month and have completely fallen for it. They’ve introduced a gorgeous array of color options that are priced competitively: five liquid foundation colors in a pump bottle ($47), four loose foundations ($39), six pressed foundations in mirrored compact ($45), four concealers in mirrored compact ($32), three pressed blush colors in universally appealing shades ($28), seven incredibly pigmented and hydrating lipsticks ($30), 16 longer lasting lip glosses with shine ($28), 10 pressed eye shadows ($25), and a smudge-proof classic black mascara that’s possibly my favorite ever ($28).

Here are the products that I’ve tried:

  • Complete Coverage Foundation in 102
  • Pressed Powder Foundation in 201
  • Camouflage Creme (Concealer) in Nude
  • Blush in Cosmopolitan
  • Lipsticks in Chianti and Melon
  • Lip glosses in Plum and Riviera
  • The Mascara

I’ll be gradually reviewing each of them. As blown away as I am by the look of this collection, I’m equally impressed by the performance. Nadine and Sandra are very graciously offering my friends (yes, that means you!) a coupon code too, in case you can’t wait for my write ups (I don’t blame you at all)!  Use SARITA15 at checkout for a generous 15% off.

You can now find Nu Evolution Cosmetics on EcoDiva Beauty* too.

*affiliate link

Let me know in the comments what you’re eager to try. I can’t wait to hear your first impressions. Amazing, right?!



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