summer must havesAh Summer…I wait for you all Winter and now you’re here. It’s always fun to switch up a beauty routine and indulge in a few new products to keep things fresh—especially with all the juicy Fourth of July sales going on!

In this case, I decided to ditch the ubiquitous SPF list, mainly because Julie Longyear of Blissoma did such a stellar job researching some really, really important info that you’ve got to watch regarding melanoma, your skin, and what’s hype and what’s not about sun protection. She also shares her recs which are indeed excellent.

I posted some favorite sun products last year (don’t look at the photos! They’ve changed a bit in a year) and more recently on Instagram, so you can check those out too. They’re all the same picks with the addition of Josh Rosebrook’s Nutrient Day Cream (can I insert Dream in place of Cream here?), Consonant The Perfect Sunscreen, Keeki Pure & Simple, and—don’t neglect that pretty pout— Hurraw! Lip Balm with SPF.

What I’ve put together in this post are some other fun summer essentials that defend and repair from head to toe. So let’s start from the top.

Your hair

Summer sun, chlorine from swimming pools, and extra washing can be brutal to your tresses. The first step is feeding hair vital nutrients that may be depleted. I’ll be grabbing Yarok’s Feed Your Sunshine ($28.60) to prevent and heal damaged locks with reparative aloe vera and black currant seed oil which is high in Vitamin C. This is a ten minute leave-on treatment that is meant to be used prior to shampooing and conditioning.

After washing, I’ve been keeping my mane in shape with this irresistible duo: Reverie’s CAKE ($72) + MILK ($42). You won’t even know these lightweight treatments are in your hair other than the unbeatable health and improved texture that you’ll start seeing! Plus the sophisticated scents won’t overwhelm the senses. Yes, you can have your cake…

Seal that pout

lip service

Why struggle with chapped, flaking lips—ever. Scrub off the excess with this adorable Lip Service set in different flavors from RIPESHOP on Etsy. How cute is that pouch by Apple White? Make sure to check out Monday’s giveaway and a special bonus prize from Apple White!

For long-lasting color while in the sun, I’m really loving NU Evolution Cosmetics and will be posting a full review asap!

For the body beautiful

Organic Bath co

Scrub away dead skin cells before shaving with ‘Carrie,’ my favorite, eco-friendly razorOrganic Bath Co.’s Zesty Morning ($27) puts a little zing in my day while leaving my skin smooth and hydrated. The sugar is grainy enough to slough off rough, flaking skin, while a medley of almond, sunflower, and apricot kernel oils leave a silky and protective layer on the skin. Plus I love the new packaging!

Meow Meow Tweet’s Tangerine, Basil, & Poppy Seed Soap ($10) contains poppy seeds that exfoliate skin while cleansing. I don’t know about you but I adore the scent of orange citrus fruits and can inhale basil all day. Really! Like stick my nose into the plant and sniff away. So you can imagine how long my showers take with this bar. Ahhh…

bottega organica chili pepper


For the rest of the body, Bottega Organica’s Body Contour Formula with Peppermint & Chili Peppers ($125) is designed to increase microcirculation and keep skin firm and supple (still testing, so I’ll let you know!).

Calm it and cool it mists

I think ALL the CV Skinlabs products are absolute staples, and for summer the Rescue + Relief Spray ($34) is unbeatable for soothing parched skin and calming down any inflammation or burns.

Currently, the ultimate cooling mist by R.L. Linden is not available (I think it’s in the summer box so keep your eyes peeled for it—it’s a super effective instant chill-down spray for the entire body in a bottle!) Another heat-reducing option would be Fawn + Lily Sage, Mint, & Yarrow Facial toner ($17). I make sure to spritz often on a hot day. The mint cools on contact and leaves a light mist to keep bringing down the heat.

Pit protection

While a natural deodorant post is long over-due, let me start you off with a couple of add-ons that are indispensable when combating summer odor. Bubble & Bee’s Organic Pit Primer ($7.99) swipes away bacteria that lead to odor and preps pits for deodorant. When you need a quick pit refresher during the day, this will do the trick.

Along with pit primer, you’ve got to keep a purse spray handy for quick touch-ups during the day, if necessary. R.L. Linden’s Close to Me ($15) is equal to the task and will refresh instantly and keep you free from B.O.



[M] Botanicals Hydrating Beauty Balm ($30) is the perfect après-sun nourishing treatment. This all-over balm is gentle enough for the face and contains stunning ingredients like rosehip seed oil, borage, sea buckthorn, and frankincense that restore prematurely aging skin and repair damage.

If you’re looking for a lighter treatment for after-sun, Blissoma Amend Antioxidant Lotion ($32.99) contains pomegranate extract that’s a powerhouse when it comes to healing skin after the sun and preventing further damage.

For a budget friendly pick to throw into your beach bag, steady fan fave Waxelene ($7.60) will be your new BFF. This all-over non-petroleum jelly will lock in moisture from head to toe. Though it may sound and work a lot like Vaseline, that’s where the similarities end. Seriously, it’s that versatile and contains ingredients you’ll never have to worry about ingesting.

I hope that you enjoyed these picks. Have you tried any of them? Monday, I’ll be writing about some skin care duos that I’ve got my eye on to enhance your summer glow in Part II of this post, plus an INCREDIBLE giveaway that’s worthy of fireworks! It will also help a great cause, so I’m really excited to share it with you.

Have you checked out this awesome essential oils class that’s coming up? Right here in NYC! My readers can use code THANKYOU for 10% off.

Have a fun weekend! My husband is from the UK so we keep the celebrating on the down-low. LOL.


* I chose these products independent of any affiliate links but added in links when available. Thanks for using them to help this blog become a sustainable place for all of us!
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