For all mamas…who gave up their jobs, who think they aren’t doing enough, who feel undervalued by a society that places high-powered careers in the limelight, who juggle it all.

When I was young, I wanted to be a Teacher.

Teachers reveal the mysteries of the world.

They guide and challenge and give us tools for survival.

When I was younger, I wanted to be a Teacher.

But then I saw the Healers.

Healers make people well.

They deliver relief and comfort and hope.

When I was younger, I wanted to be Healer.

But then I watched the Actors.

Actors help us escape into another world.

They excite and spark our imaginations.

Boy, did I want to become an Actor!

But then I noticed the Lawyers.

Lawyers advocate for the people.

They protect and defend and assist the innocent.

How cool would it be to become a Lawyer?

But then I discovered the Artists.

Artists create masterpieces.

They adorn and decorate and beautify our world.

How wonderful it would be to become an Artist.

But then I observed the Presidents.

Presidents lead with integrity and dignity.

They stop wars and sign peace treaties.

When I was younger, I aspired to become President.

But then I witnessed the Philanthropists.

Philanthropists support the needy.

They give aide and funds and sustenance.

How incredible would it be to become a Philanthropist?

But in the end…

I became a Mother.

And in becoming a Mother I became a Teacher, a Healer, an Actor, a Lawyer, an Artist, a President, a Philanthropist, and even, on the good days, I became something I never asked for.

I became Myself.

Baby Ray and finger


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