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Wait? What?!

That’s right. How often do we find ourselves replaying old thoughts every single day? I’d bet a lot more than we realize. Those thoughts could be stale as rank bread, yet we still feed those beliefs into our system and keep making them true.

Let me give you an example.

I’ve been eating a lot of sugary snacks lately. Last weekend, as I was putting a sweet into my mouth, I thought, “Wow! I sure have lost my addiction to sugar.” And then I stopped and rewound the tape that I’ve been replaying in my head over and over again.

Who gave sugar more power than me? I’ll tell you who. ME! I’ve been buying into the belief that I’m hooked on sugar and that’s given me the right to indulge in sugar any time I want it. Pause. Take back control. Rewind. Hold on!

Not so, says me. I’m in full command of my body. I’m sovereign over what food I put into my mouth. I don’t have to believe for one minute that sugar can do that to me. End victim mode.

That one moment opened the door to an awareness of other destructive thoughts that have wheedled their way into my belief system—anything from “no one ever listens to me” to “he (of course my husband!) doesn’t get me.” How about: “I am not worthy” or “I don’t deserve” or “I’m not pretty enough.”

stones and flowers

Instead of buying into their message, I am learning to observe them, as I would when finding a stone that I’m about to trip over while walking down a path.

Now I know that I have the power to pick up the stone, to look at its many ridges, nooks, hidden meanings. What signals is it sending? Does it lead to self-defeating or self-sabotaging behavior? Ask it if it’s serving me for my higher good.

If it is not, then take that stone and throw it away. Crush it. Shatter it. It doesn’t have to trip me up any more.

What thoughts have you noticed creeping their way into your daily mind talk? Are there any that you’d like to throw away? How are you being held hostage by them? It is high time to take back command.


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